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A Big Round of Congratulations to 2013 Yahoo Contributor Awards Winners!
 After the end of every calendar year, we look back on twelve months of published content and highlight the very best contributors and content. This year, you helped us make the choice by nominating over 700 pieces of content and more than 400 contributors for these prestigious honors! Yahoo Contributor Award winners are an exclusive club of writers who have used Yahoo Contributor Network in unique, enlightening, and compelling ways that struck a note with readers, peers, and editors.

First, let's recognize our Yahoo Contributor Award winners for Contributor of the Year. For this award, we looked at an entire year's library of content. We asked: Was the content well-written? Were story ideas unique and creative? Did readers come back to this writer? Were the writer's peers inspired by her or his work? Did he or she rise to the challenge when given difficult or unusual assignments? Does the library of content, overall, stand out as some of the best we published in 2013?

Three prolific, expert, fascinating writers received this high-value award, which comes with a $1,500 prize and a limited-edition, single-use YCA 2013 profile badge. And the winners are... Read More »
YCA 2013 Nominations Start Tonight!
At midnight tonight (12:00 AM Mountain time 12/15/13), nominations open for the 2013 Yahoo Contributor Awards!

You'll see nomination buttons appear on your profile, next to each piece of content on your profile, and on every piece of Yahoo Voices content published in 2013. Buttons won't appear directly on non-Voices content, but you can nominate that content from the contributor's profile page.

Like last year, we'll be giving out a total of eight prizes.... Read More »
Happy Holidays to November Spotlight Award Winners
Welcome once again to the Spotlight Awards! In this holiday season edition, we're recognizing one exceptional contributor and five pieces of content that exemplify the quality, flexibility, usefulness and expertise which editors love to see. In November, we honored veterans, remembered JFK, and celebrated Thanksgiving, as well as enjoying fall sports and following political happenings. Our Content Spotlight Award winners addressed these hot topics with their compelling voices and a personal flair.

But before we get to the winning pieces of content, it's time to first recognize our Contributor Spotlight Award winner. This relatively new writer joined YCN in August 2013. As an adjunct English professor, he hit the ground running and quickly racked up 50 pieces of intriguing, unique content, with more than half of that library published in November. He's tackled education, parenting, cooking, holidays, and even jury duty in a diverse library that hints at even more interesting content to come.

And the winner is... Read More »
Giving Thanks for October's Award-Winning Contributor and Content
Happy Thanksgiving! Today, we are thankful for the many talented, creative, thoughtful, and skillful writers who choose to publish with Yahoo Contributor Network. What better day than today to honor a top contributor and some of the best content published in October? 

This month's Contributor Spotlight Award goes to a writer who joined us in 2010 and has since published on nearly every one of our partner Yahoo sites. She's a page view millionaire four times over, enjoys a Clout 9 rating for her Yahoo Voices content, and has nearly 350 pieces of content in all. She's as comfortable writing about baseball statistics or personal finance as she is prospecting for original news stories around her hometown. And the winner is... Read More »
September Spotlight Award Winners Are a Treat (No Tricks Here!)
Happy Halloween, YCN, and welcome to another edition of the Spotlight Awards! This Halloween, we're recognizing September's most exemplary five pieces of content and one contributor. First, our Contributor Spotlight Award winner, a writer who might have had a little bit of trouble choosing his Halloween costume this year, because he's such a super fan of TWO sports teams that he's taken on Yahoo Sports publishing privileges for both. Of course, because he's a baseball fan, he might have forgotten Halloween entirely this year, with an exciting World Series to occupy his attention.

Congratulations to... Read More »
August Spotlight Awards: Back to School, Back in the Spotlight
August brings school supply shopping lists, late-season trips to the outdoor pool, and, at YCN, another set of Spotlight Award winners. This month, your honorees include one exceptional contributor who is devoted to and passionate about his topic, as well as five great pieces of content that combine powerful writing with information readers need. Let's start with the Contributor Spotlight Award, presented this month to a writer who is consistently full of great topic ideas that feed readers' interest in his subject. In fact, this might be the first person ever to win the Contributor Spotlight Award in his first month publishing!

And the winner is... Read More »
Jewels of July: Spotlight Award Winners!
Welcome back to the Spotlight Awards, where we recognize one contributor and five pieces of content each month that exemplified the best of Yahoo Contributor Network! This July brought warm temperatures and hotter news, with one Content Spotlight Award winning piece discussing a globally impactful story. There's also a great idea for cooling off in one of our winning pieces... if you have a convertible and like to feel the wind in your hair, that is. We'll get to those in a moment, but first let's cheer the contributor in July's spotlight!

He's a triple threat, writing expertly about politics, sports, and local news. This impressively versatile writer uses the measured prose of an educator, with just enough dry humor to keep even the most serious pieces interesting. Without further ado, the winner is... Read More »
Joyful in June: Spotlight Awards!
It's time once again for the Spotlight Awards, where every month we recognize one contributor and five pieces of content exemplifying the best of Yahoo Contributor Network. For June, we're delighted to recognize a contributor who took a major national news event intersecting with his area of expertise and ran with it, providing unique angles and a first-person perspective on headline news. Real passion and talent drive this contributor's coverage, and an interest in history helps this contributor develop a deeper, broader library of content. With nearly two million page views already accumulated, the sky's the limit for this writer.

And the winner is... Read More »
May Flowers in Bloom: Spotlight Awards for May!
Yahoo contributors were in full flower this May, rising to new challenges and opportunities with grace and aplomb. We are delighted to recognize a set of monthly Spotlight Award winners for May who are united by their original, poignant, detailed, and compelling work. As always, Spotlight Award winners receive the Spotlight Award badge and a cash prize: $500 for Contributor Spotlight winners, and $100 for Content Spotlight Award winning articles.

All of the month's winners went the extra mile to give their original content the personal touch. However, the Contributor Spotlight Award recipient for May went many extra miles, traipsing all over her troubled hometown to deliver original local reporting. As an optimistic voice speaking for a community whose positive stories rarely get the national spotlight, our winner has drawn thanks and praise from community members. Meanwhile, she still finds time to maintain a library of evergreen, helpful Yahoo Voices articles on topics like parenting, health, and fashion. 

And the winner is... Read More »
Three Silly Writer Tools and Two Serious Ones
Hello from Yahoo's Sunnyvale headquarters, publishers! In honor of an incredibly inspiring and productive place to spend a few days (seriously, it's just amazing to work next to so many driven and intelligent people! I've gotten so much done...) I thought we'd try something new on the blog today. If you've been feeling like this, you might need a new tool or app to spark your productivity:

So, here are three of my favorite silly writing tools, and two serious ones. I hope you'll find one that helps you get through today's writing to-do list!

Silly (but Useful) Writer Tools:

They may be silly, but these free tools pack a productivity punch. Sometimes a laugh provides just the kick you need to get through a hefty project. My three (and a half) picks always help me work with a smile, even on long, difficult days. Read More »
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