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Steve Jobs, Apple, and My Relationship with Technology

Wednesday was a sad day for many in the tech world, due to Apple founder Steve Jobs' passing at the age of 56. It didn't necessarily come as a surprise, because Jobs had been fighting a well-publicized battle with pancreatic cancer for several years, but the tragic news led to a widespread outpouring of grief and rememberances both online and off.

For many, the death of Steve Jobs truly represents the end of an era.

YCN helped Yahoo! celebrate the life and career of the tech pioneer with a collection of memories and reflections from our contributors, all focusing on the role Jobs played in contributors' own technology use. The roundup was featured on the Yahoo! front page last night as part of their obituary package, and made later appearances on both Yahoo! News and Yahoo! Finance.

Read the whole article here.

Yesterday wasn't a happy news day, to be sure, but this package is yet another example of how the YCN community contributes to Yahoo!'s coverage of breaking news events. We are proud to have played a role in remembering a truly visionary leader and iconic figure in the technology world. Our thoughts remain with the family of Steve Jobs as they grieve the loss of a remarkable individual.

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  • Opeyemi Fadeyibi  11/9/2011

    apple is a very nice product

  • Mr. OptimiZt (One Opportunistic Optimist)  11/6/2011

    I whole-heartedly agree with Daniel Cunningham. I'm nowhere near a "successful" businessman, yet I can see things that most people cannot. Steve Jobs was an exception. He is being compared to Beethoven and Mozart! I hope to even aspire to half of his level of ambition, knowledge, and awesomeness. This Capitalist knew technology inside and out. Jobs is greatly missed, and will continue to for the unforeseeable future:)

  • navaram shrestha  10/17/2011

    Steve Jobs, really a great man having wonderful mind, he might should not dead for few more years.
    missed him a lot 3

  • Fred A. Fleet  10/15/2011

    I miss you already.

  • David Bryan Bolick  10/15/2011

    His "visions" was mostly taken from other people's ideas. Any visions he had was from his days of doing LSD. I have worked in the computer industry since 1979 and proud to say Apple never got one cent of business from me. Apple could have never existed and no one in the computer would have noticed or been lesser for it.

  • Lavonne Annette Gaddis  10/12/2011

    thank you mr. job i miss you

  • M.G. Hardiman  10/11/2011

    A real innovator and visionary. His legacy lives on, for sure.

  • Mukroni Casmad  10/9/2011

    Goodbye Mr. Steve you are the creative person :)

  • Cassandra James  10/8/2011

    Have to agree with Michael Segers :) He was definitely a visionary, very talented and created incredible things which impacted many people on the planet, whether they bought Apple products or not (I don't). But......many people say he treated his employees like dirt and wasn't a particularly nice person, so I don't think I'd be elevating him to god-like status just yet.

  • v dom  10/8/2011

    I believe Steve Jobs was a free thinker. His thoughts were respected and honored.
    as a result he was able to steer us in a direction of acheivement and progress in our
    own lives.

    To the family and friends, we are sorry for your great loss.

    We will miss you, Steve Jobs.

    God Bless you.

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