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Introducing Yahoo Voices

We’ve got some big news!

I’m proud to introduce Yahoo! Voices: a new online home for millions of pieces of content created by our community of experts and enthusiasts.

Yahoo! Voices ( replaces Associated Content as the official digital library of Yahoo! Contributor Network, encompassing the best content we’ve published over the years, and continuing to grow with new articles, video, and slideshows submitted by you.

Joining the Yahoo! family

Less than six months after Associated Content became part of the Yahoo! family, our publishing platform was reborn as Yahoo! Contributor Network. We began publishing content to some of the world’s most visited sites, like Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Sports, omg!, and more. Meanwhile, our digital library continued to grow with more than 30,000 new publications each month.

Now our digital library is finally ready to take a huge step forward onto a domain, where your content will stand alongside leading websites in virtually every digital media category.

We have worked hard to make this transition as seamless as possible for contributors and visitors. Associated Content URLs will automatically redirect to the same content on Yahoo! Voices, and there will be total continuity in page view tracking. Those of you who have already published to our digital library of content will find “Associated Content” replaced with “Yahoo! Voices” sections on your profile page, Account page, and Content menu. Other features, including the Clout system, will function just as they always have.

We are also expecting some short-term challenges, including a temporary decline in page views while search engines and other traffic sources adjust to the new domain. Rest assured that we will be monitoring this closely, and that we will continue to focus on increasing exposure for the excellent content you create. Ultimately, the benefits of bringing this library within the walls of Yahoo!, the world's premier digital media company (a true feather in your cap!), will outweigh any temporary setbacks.

To learn more about how this launch may affect you, click here to read our special FAQ.

New Submission Guidelines

Today we are also releasing revised Submission Guidelines that clarify what we’re seeking: unique, authentic perspectives from experts, enthusiasts, and citizen journalists, to complement Yahoo!'s broader editorial offerings. These guidelines will be the new acceptance criteria for all new submissions and existing content that does not meet these standards will eventually be retired or returned to the original author for editing.

You can read the new Submission Guidelines here.

Raising the bar

We're sharpening our focus and raising our standards, and we hope you'll do the same. Though many of our contributors are freelance writers who can write eloquently on just about any topic, we ask that you focus primarily on topics you are especially knowledgeable and passionate about. Use our platform to amplify your voice. Wear your personality on your sleeve. Raise the bar! We want to publish content that can't be found anywhere else on the Web, because only YOU could create it. That’s the spirit of Yahoo! Contributor Network, and that’s what Yahoo! Voices is all about.

Our new Submission Guidelines apply to your existing library, in addition to your submissions moving forward. I ask that you take this opportunity to review your library and identify content that doesn’t meet our new guidelines, is outdated, or simply isn’t something you’re proud to stand behind any longer. To support this, we've added two new options to our content flagging tool. Check your Yahoo! Contributor Network private message inbox for further instruction.

While you’re at it, keep your eyes open for content that is especially great. Nominations for our 2011 Yahoo! Contributor Awards are now open!

Get your free copy of the Yahoo! Style Guide

The Yahoo! Style Guide is the ultimate guide to best practices in online content creation, and it has already become an invaluable resource to many contributors. We've sent style guides to hundreds of contributors so far this year. To celebrate the launch of Yahoo! Voices, we're spreading the wisdom further.

If you haven’t already received a style guide from us, you’ll soon receive an invitation to claim a free copy if you have more than 10 articles in your library and if you publish a new article before the end of the year. Don’t miss this chance to get this amazing resource for free!

Taking your voice further than ever

When we created Associated Content back in 2005, our mission was to empower individuals with specialized knowledge and experience to create original content, share it with an audience of millions, and often earn a portion of the revenue it generates. I'm proud to tell you that, through our community-powered publishing platform (Yahoo! Contributor Network) and its new digital library (Yahoo! Voices), Yahoo! is not only upholding the spirit of Associated Content, but massively expanding the scope of our ambitious mission.

Our community has millions of important stories to tell, and we're thrilled to provide an even better place to showcase your unique voice. Welcome to Yahoo! Voices!

-Luke Beatty
Founder, Associated Content
VP, Yahoo! Communities

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  • Johnbee  4/30/2014

    Everything thing sounds good.

  • Houseofcards  4/17/2014

    If Katie Couric is assoiciated with Yahoo Voices, I'm not interested. Good bye!

  • Patrick  11/23/2013

    Katie Kouric has been going down hill for years - What logic behind Yahho hiring her?

  • Buck Johnson  8/29/2013

    More is coming as I learn and enjoy fellow contributors and the Yahoo family!

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  • Cliff  7/23/2013

    Thats good...

  • PCAl oanz  7/23/2013

    Very nice

  • Goofy Mammoth  7/23/2013

    Its astounding :)

  • Clairvoy Antzone  7/23/2013


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