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Yahoo Contributor Awards: Entertainment, Lifestyle, and Sports

It should come as no surprise that the winners of our first-ever monthly Yahoo! Contributor Awards embody all three hallmarks of the  new Featured Contributor program—expertise, enthusiasm, and eloquence—in their respective fields. 

In fact, we were so impressed by the caliber of our finalists, and especially this trio of honorees, that we decided that the $150 prize we announced simply wouldn't cut it. We've very pleased to announce that each of our Yahoo! Contributor Award winners will receive a $500 bonus (!) as well as a shiny new badge for their profile page. Please join us in celebrating these Yahoo! Contributor Network superstars!

YCA: Entertainment - Victoria Leigh Miller
For more than six years (!), Victoria Leigh Miller has remained one of our most prolific, accomplished, and entertaining writers. In addition to more than 800 A&E articles published on Associated Content, Victoria's personal brand of entertainment commentary has now been featured on three of Yahoo!'s leading entertainment websites, with her byline appearing regularly on the pages of both Yahoo! TV and omg!. Whether she's delivering round-ups of her favorite TV shows or a unique angle on the latest celeb news, Victoria's work is always informed, engaging, timely, and distinct. Here's the latest from omg!: Happy Mother's Day? 5 Reality TV Moms Who Made Headlines This Year.

YCA: Lifestyle 
- Kelly Herdrich
Over the years, this veteran contributor has created hundreds of eloquent, informative, and inspiring articles  on a wide variety of topics. She's a Yahoo! Featured Contributor in three categories—Health & Wellness, Travel, and Lifestyle—and the qualities that earned her the latter distinction have also made her a go-to for many of our content partners,  and a regular contributor to Yahoo! Shine (one of the world's most popular women's lifestyle destinations). As a mother of three daughters, parenting is one of the areas where Kelly has the most wisdom to share. Check out her touching recent piece for Yahoo! Shine: 5 things I want my daughters to learn while they're young.

YCA: Sports - Adam Sparks
Last month marked Adam Sparks' one year anniversary as a contributor. In his first year, he broke into the ranks of the Top 1000 contributors, and his continued accomplishment is evident in his Featured Contributor status and the Hot 100 badge he's current sporting on his profile (in more ways than one). Adam's passion for the game and background in journalism come to the fore in the insightful fan commentary he publishes on Yahoo! Sports, like his ongoing coverage of his favorite teams (the Portland Trailblazers and the University of Oregon Ducks) and his inspiring profile of the first University of Nevada player ever drafted into the WNBA

Important update:
 Starting in May, we're giving out one $500 Yahoo! Contributor Award every month 
(rather than three $150 awards as originally announced). Our judges are looking forward to focusing closely on one category at a time, and recognizing each superstar with a prize that's worthy of their talent!

The YCA category for next month is Finance. Leave your congratulations for our first round of winners here, and submit your top picks for the next round in the Contributor Forum!
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