Use the following tools and resources to promote your work. Promotion can help you gain exposure and maximize your earnings! Visit the "Promote Your Work" section of our Tutorials page to learn more.

Share Your Work on Your Personal Website or Blog

There are a number of ways you can encourage the visitors of your personal websites and blogs to check out the work you publish on Yahoo. For example, you might consider posting a short introduction to one of your articles with a link to "read more." You can also take advantage of our custom RSS feeds and embeddable Yahoo Voices widgets.

Yahoo Contributor Network Subscribers

Your friends, family and regular readers might enjoy receiving email notifications when your work is published, so that they can follow your writing and help you earn at the same time. Encourage your friends and family to register for the Yahoo Contributor Network, and then click the "Subscribe" button. You can also visit fellow contributors' profile pages and subscribe to their work. If you subscribe to someone else, message them from their profile page and let them know what about their work caught your interest and made you subscribe! Maybe they'll subscribe to your content and help share it with people they know.

Bookmarking Your Very Best Work

Promote your Yahoo content by submitting it to your favorite social bookmarking and microblogging sites, such as Yahoo Pulse, Yahoo Buzz, Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon, Tumblr, Reddit and Posterous. Your chances of reaching an excited new audience will increase if you share your content on sites that you enjoy and use regularly. Don't post links to every single piece of content you publish - share only your very best work, and make sure it's relevant to the community you're sharing it with, For example, if you write mostly about home improvement, you wouldn't get results from sharing your work on a site devoted to breaking news.

Using Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers is a crowd-sourced question and answer site. If any of your content answers an open question, write a personal answer and include a link to your related article, video, audio submission or slideshow. Don't just post a link! This is a great opportunity to help others while generating exposure for yourself. Sometimes it will be a fellow contributor's content that best answers a question, so keep them in mind. Remember to message any other contributor you use as an answer. Maybe they'll return the favor.

If you're interested in not just promoting your work but also creating opportunities for contributors in your area to socialize, network and exchange publishing tips, consider creating or attending a Yahoo Contributor Network Meetup through