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  • Alexander Mccarthey
    Alexander Mccarthey is an avid blogger, as well as an aspiring author in the science fiction genre. His fictional works focus on expanding people's perspectives about the society they live in, and the beliefs they hold sacred. In this way, he is a revolutionary unafraid to push the boundaries of what you can and cannot say in the publishing world. You can join in the Mccarthey Experience online at
  • Ali Canary
    Trying to be informative but not formal.
  • Alledria Hurt
    About Me: eclectic writer of articles, reviews, and short stories; reader of everything longer than the nutrition information on the cereal box; unabashed watcher of trashy movies (some of them are actually pretty good if you watch them enough times); and player of video games that are well out of the realm of my hand-eye coordination. Check me out on Twitter @ ourladyofashes.
  • Angela Billings
    Angela Billings has been an online freelance writer since 2002. She writes about recipes, crafting with kids, seasonal fun and homemaking and has been published by several online websites and written 3 ebooks.
  • B.D. Steinway
    Just a midwest person who likes to write as a hobby. My interests are vast and not limited. I could write about anything. Topics of interest lately include health and fitness, local interests in Metro-Detroit, recipes, grilling, sports, travel, dating, money, festivals, and dyi.
  • Charlotte Kuchinsky
    I'm an author, columnist and poet. I have done extensive business, creative and technical writing and written curriculum for high schools, colleges and universities. I have authored several business and education related handbooks and training manuals in management, marketing, human resources and training. I have also co-authored a guide for inventors. I wrote a business column and reviewed movies for a local Oklahoma newspaper as well as for newspapers and magazines in the state of Virginia. I wrote for a British beauty site and have had articles picked up by a British magazine. I've also taken beauty questions for two British talk shows. I have written two children's books -- The Cobra King and Dark Rising -- and six novels including a Christian based trilogy -- The Trials of Hope -- and three short story anthologies. They include No Exit (tales of the paranormal), Testimony (Tales of Faith) and Devoted Hearts (tales of love). I'm a business development specialist and trainer and have developed workshops for colleges and universities both in Oklahoma and Virginia. I also owned by own business consulting company focusing on management, marketing and training (including human resources). I won a national award sponsored by the U.S. Small Business Administration and Small Business Development Centers as the state of Oklahoma's 2003 Small Business Development Star. I also won an award for developing one of the nation's first business, industry, government and education collaboration councils, which was recognized by Secretary of Education Lamar Alexander and President George H. Bush. One of my hobbies is theater. I have acted and directed plays on two continents. My direction led to a chance for our troup in Germany to participate in Europe's version of Command Performance.
  • Cheryl Gaskill
    Born and raised a stone's throw from New York City, Cheryl now resides in the Philadelphia metropolitan area with her husband, three sons, a dog, a cat, and (at last count) 14 chickens. She has experience working with the agricultural community, as well as in early childhood education. Cheryl enjoys traveling, crafting, cooking, gardening, and reading. She has a particular love for children's literature. Cheryl believes that every day is an opportunity to learn something new and enjoys sharing her discoveries with others.
  • Chris Loomis, P.I. A California licensed Private Investigator (CA P.I. 24384) that also freelance writes on several like and associated topics. Chris Loomis is a contributing writer to DemandStudios.Com, & TextBroker.Com. His P.I. firm is in Arcadia, California, Los Angeles County, USA. They can be contacted at(626) 230-3137 or . They're on the web at: And, can be followed on Twitter.Com: CLCPI
  • David A. Reinstein, LCSW
    Clinical Social Worker, psychotherapist, born in Boston and a relatively unscathed survivor of the 60 s. Fan of technology, guitars, creating music and poetry. Mental wellness coach, staff trainer and parenting educator.
  • Eliza Wynn
    Ellie's hobbies and interests include dogs, music, and spending time with her husband. An avid reader, she has been known to read several books a week; her favorite genres include suspense, horror, paranormal, and health. She also maintains several blogs and enjoys Pinterest.
  • Emmaleigh R. Hall
    Emmaleigh is a film major, with hands on experience working on student films. She has an interest in being a screenwriter and a producer. Emmaleigh, as a student and former tutor, is also very interested in education. Her hobbies include reading, collecting comic books, and watching movies and television.
  • Grace Anne Carey
    Grace currently works as a social media marketer and content producer for the University of Michigan-Flint, she recently wrote for a national paper called Student Paths and is avidly working on her first novel. She hopes to progress and develop her style on Associated Content and welcomes comments. Furthermore, she wishes to thank everyone who takes the time to read her efforts, and wishes that they enjoy them!
  • Heather White
    Love isn't all simple, beauty is more than skin deep and it won't stay sharp if you don't use it. Love is what people want but sometimes they are inhibiting its maximum or looking for it in the wrong things.
  • Jillian McCoy
    I'm a freelance writer and college student based in Philadelphia. Though I'll write just about anything as a "pen for hire," I specialize in short-form content written for the web. Some of my favorite subjects to write about include technology, entertainment, fashion and beauty. Though I've always loved to write, it took me until 2010 to try doing it for a living. Since starting my career as a freelance writer, I've won several contests and other accolades for my work. Of these, I'm most proud of being a recipient of Associated Content's Rising Star Award. When I'm not writing, my main hobbies involve learning new things or being entertained. I'm an avid gamer, music lover and compulsive reader. Among the various and sundry things I've learned to do, I can build computers, make my own perfume and cook a pretty mean stuffed mushroom. I'm always interested in new opportunities, so please contact me with proposals or to hire my services.
  • Jolynne Hudnell
    Jolynne is a published poet with three books and a chapbook of her poetry available. Personal experience with a 70-pound weight loss and college coursework in fitness fuel an interest in writing about these topics. Jolynne is also experienced in dealing with specific women s health issues and mental health issues.
  • Jon C. Hopwood
    Jon C. Hopwood is a freelance journalist and editor. He has written extensively on current events, history, politics and the cinema.
  • Kelly Maddern
    Kelly Maddern began writing in high school by maxing out with any class having to do with writing or grammar, including the newspaper and yearbook. Her first year of college started with a major in Journalism and a minor in Criminal Justice. As the year went on, she discovered a creative side that she hadn't explored before. The following year, she changed schools and went on to become a Graphic and Web Designer. After dedicating years to design and some photography, writing has always remained an interest and passion to her and she hopes to get much more involved in online writing.
  • Kurt Evans
    Kurt is an honest writer with heart. Life hasn t been easy for Kurt. He has lived a life filled with challenges that he has had to overcome. Kurt has fought various forms of addiction and, is currently and always will be a recovering alcoholic living in sobriety. Kurt also has a sense of humor that, is usually what helps him make it through the day. When reading Kurt s material, please have a sense of humor. Kurt is a student of self help books as well as a student of life in the big bad world out there that we all live in.
  • Kurtis Tompkins
    Kurtis Tompkins is a freelance writer with the ability to break things down so that the average joe can understand. Along with being an educator he prides himself in making all that he is involved in interesting and tangible for all to reach. Contact KT via email:
  • Kyra Lennon
    Kyra Lennon has been writing for most of her life. Kyra has published online content with a focus on dating and relationships, entertainment and travel. As well as a love of the written word, Kyra enjoys discovering exciting new places in the UK and other European countries, and keeping up to date with the latest in entertainment news.
  • Landra Lynn Jacobs
    Landra Lynn Jacobs has been interested in writing since she was a child. After studying journalism in college, she began internet and SEO writing in 2006. Since that time, she has written thousands of articles for dozens of clients. She currently lives in Oklahoma (US) with her husband and two young sons.
  • Lyn from Yahoo
    Lyn Lomasi is the Community Manager & Advocate at Yahoo Contributor Network. Email her with community issues, concerns, & ideas ( Read her tips for success on the official YCN blog. Find more tips at, part of Write W.A.V.E. Media, a group of websites Lyn founded to spotlight writers for their existing work and teach them how to succeed. She's been contributing to YCN since 2007 and previously acted as a Community Guide. Her work is featured across Yahoo verticals & all over the web. Catch this momtrepreneur cheering on her children, the Denver Nuggets, and fellow writers. Basically, she's an internet and content pro. She's a giver and seeker of love & truth in everything at all costs, advocating for just causes and for the voiceless among all creatures, human or otherwise. Her jungle of a family is currently being raised in the Denver area. On her downtime (wait, she has some?!...), she enjoys yoga, hiking, writing (yes, more of it), photography, music, and film. From parenting techniques, to energy usage, to humane animal treatment, homeless aid, reducing waste and more, Lyn is committed to saving the Earth as a whole. For this self-made momtrepreneur, green living and sustainability is not about a few small product choices. It s a way of life and a labor of love. The meaning of Lyn is “waterfalls” and Lomasi means Pretty Flower . When the water falls, a pretty flower emerges. As such, Lyn strives to live by these words from Luther Burbank: Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.
  • Marlynn Jones
    22 year intercollegiate athletics administration professional with nine years experience in compliance and three years experience as an adjunct professor of Sports Law and Personnel Management. Additional experience in undergraduate and law school admissions. Former legislative assistant and staff counsel for the Florida Senate. Currently on the Board of Directors for On Focus, an NCAA-affiliated non-profit to assist former athletes in the core prinicipals of transition. Executive Director of Sports Explorers, Inc, a non-profit organization to assist middle school honor students in exploring competition and scholarship opportunities and careers in atheltics administration. Provides compliance workshops for parents to assist them in understanding NCAA recruiting and initial eligibility legislation.
  • Maxine Nelson
    Maxine Nelson realized early on a true passion for writing. A memoir is in the works for publication in the near future. Currently she writes about her passions for all kinds of music, the performing arts, and local events in her area.
  • Mike Spain
    I cover the Jacksonville Jaguars, Georgia Tech and University of Florida football and basketball for Outside the Redzone I have been published in print by Rockstar Weekly. I am an entertainment columnist and writer for DC Metro Theater Arts, where I cover concerts and theater productions around the Washington, D.C. area.I also have a music column there called Capital Sound. I was a writer for the MD Theatre Guide where I reviewed local, regional and national theatre productions in and around the Washington and Baltimore metropolitan areas. I am active in the local music scene by covering local blues for the Examiner. I also manage two bands. I have many contacts in the music business and I am able to interview up and coming bands such as U.S. Royalty to legendary musicians such as Yngwie Malmsteen. I frequent concerts from small honky tonks to huge multiday festivals. When I get the chance I am an active ski racer and avid skier.I enjoy fishing, hiking, bike riding, an occasional round of golf and travel. I am involved in the community as a volunteer and serve on the Board of Directors of a credit union. I work for a Fortune 100 company in operations. I am also a big sports fan enjoying football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and soccer.
  • Ranee Wright
    Professional writer; movie and music connoisseur. Featured Movie Contributor on Associated Content. Featured computer and internet contributor on Xomba. Soon-to-be graduate - Master of Science in Instructional Technology.
  • Raymond Milam
    Raymond Burl Milam Born: July 23rd 1984 Occupation: US Army Currently working full time as a Staff Sergeant in the US Army. I love writing as well as sharing my knowledge/ideas with others. I hope all who read my articles enjoy what they read. I spend what time I have available with family and am a budding new freelance writer.
  • Robert O. Adair
    Robert has spent over 50 years doing extensive study, writing, teaching and research. Robert s poetry has appeared in several poetry anthologies including Norma s Garden, Treasured Moments and Midwest Poetry, seven chapbooks, and such journals as Time Of Singing, Poetry Garden and Mind. He is a world traveler, having traveled to such places as Macao, Hong Kong, Morocco, Aruba, Liechtenstein, San Marino and Tibet as well as more conventional places like France and Germany. He spent a week in Florence studying Renaissance art and ten days in Rome with a group studying the possible reunion of the Episcopal Church with Rome. The Pope, John Paul II, granted them a group audience. He spent two weeks in Israel at a Christian mission located there.He is assistant pastor at Grace Baptist Church, a mission work in a working class neighborhood in Indianapolis. He spent ten years working with store front churches in the inner city. He has worked at various occupations, in a book bindery, at Wishard Hospital in the Therapy Department, as a Bailiff in a civil court and as a partner in a marketing research company. He is a Kentucky Colonel and has mentored people through their doctoral dissertations. He has a growing library of over 60,000 volumes. Prov. 23:23. He has just published a book of his poetry: Hope For a Broken World.
  • Steven Coyne
    Steven is a freelance writer providing content on a variety of subjects. He has over 45 years of gardening experience and 15 years working with the Department of Agriculture in San Diego, California. He loves to write about vegetable gardening, recipes, poetry, job searching, networking and social media and safety topics as well.
  • Tony Payne
    Tony Payne is a freelance writer who lives on the South Coast of England with his wife Debbie. He has worked in the IT Industry all his life, and has been writing on various sites for the last 10 years. Tony has traveled extensively, both for business and leisure, and has lived in New Zealand and the USA as well as his native England, where he returned in 2009. He enjoys writing about many different topics, often writing about something that grabs him impulsively at the time. Ancient History and Humor are just two diverse topics that he has a passion for. He also likes to write about his travel experiences and to share his love of photography. Tony is currently working on his first book, which is a historical novel about his Grandfather's experiences as one of the last Cape-Horners. Based on his experiences overseas, Tony is also toying with the idea of creating a series of articles titled "Why Doesn't Everyone Talk Proper Like What I Do".
  • Z.J. Ascensio
    Z.J. Ascensio began writing professionally in 2010. Since then, she s been published on various websites (Yahoo! News and Movies, The Huffington Post, and USA Today College among them) covering a wide range of topics from dating and relationships to disease control and prevention.
  • Zy Marquiez
    Zy Marquiez is a full time researcher in a myriad of fields.