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  • Catherine Holland
    Catherine Holland
    Whether you sharpen your chains yourself with simple hand files (which you can do effectively if you utilize proper techniques), or take them to a professional for sharpening, you ll greatly reduce the risk of an accident by keeping them sharp. The kickback bar will stop the blade from turning once it is released from the work it is doing. If you are buying a chainsaw for general occasional l...
  • Davey Willhoit
    Davey Willhoit
    I’m an advertising and marketing professional that has developed a niche with small to medium businesses marketing on the regional level. Training, teaching, and mentoring business leaders and advertising professionals is my passion. My work fuels my golf, waterskiing, and motorcycle racing endeavors.
  • Gary S Goza 2
    Gary S Goza 2
    "We don't like their sound, and guitar music is on the way out." -Decca Recording Company rejecting the Beatles, 1962. People have their opinions. The difference is knowing when to stop talking.
  • Hajar Mulder
    Hajar Mulder
    Hajar Mulder is a translator, artist, mother of two sons, and a blogger. She has worked as a translator from English, French and German into Dutch, and in banking and financial administration. She lives in Amsterdam. It has been her lifelong dream to be a writer, and, some five years ago, she started to write and illustrate her texts. She has blogged several years now, mainly poetry, but also o...
  • Jacqueline Horsfall
    Jacqueline Horsfall
    Jackie is the author of 20+ books for children and adults, as well as hundreds of magazine pieces. She's a college-level writing instructor, freelance editor, and writing-contest judge who lives in the Finger Lakes region of upstate NY, amid wineries and herds of friendly, ravenous deer.
  • James LoPresti
    James LoPresti
    James LoPresti has eight years of experience working in print media with the Tampa Tribune. He has a journalism degree from the University of South Florida. He is a die-hard Boston Red Sox fan, and also follows the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Tampa Bay Rays. In his spare time, he enjoys writing fantasy sports articles for football, baseball, and basketball enthusiasts. He writes a column for The...
  • Jonathan Nowicki
    Jonathan Nowicki
    Jonathan lives in Bay City, Michigan. He graduated from John Glenn High School in 2001. His favorite subjects to write about are sports, politics, and making money online. Jonathan has been a Yahoo! Contributor since 5/3/2013.
    Passionate blogger
  • Kim DePugh
    Kim DePugh
    Teaching is but one of my many passions. Throughout the day you'll find me teaching high school. My evenings are filled with tutoring and teaching college students. I'm a life-long learner and enjoy sharing information. I look forward to sharing with you!
  • Kristine Suber Hanchar
    Kristine Suber Hanchar
    Money manager in the Atlanta Metro Area. Over 20 yrs of experience within the financial services industry. I love writing, blogging, painting, fashion, wine, travel and Daufuskie Island, South Carolina. Check out my blog at
  • Kurt Evans
    Kurt Evans
    Kurt is an honest writer with heart. Life hasn t been easy for Kurt. He has lived a life filled with challenges that he has had to overcome. Kurt has fought various forms of addiction and, is currently and always will be a recovering alcoholic living in sobriety. Kurt also has a sense of humor that, is usually what helps him make it through the day. When reading Kurt s material, please hav...
  • Lance Adkins
    Lance Adkins
  • M.G. Hardiman
    M.G. Hardiman
    Career professional in non-profit sector, one of AC s Rising Stars (2009) and Featured Contributor in Home Improvement, Health and Wellness, Local, and Arts and Entertainment categories. Washington, DC metro enthusiast, resident and parent. Education, training, leadership, policy, grants, and governance expert. Extensive travel in US and Canada. Lifelong fascination with old houses, hist...
  • Melissa Warner
    Melissa Warner
    Melissa Warner is a freelance writer and music junkie from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It's not uncommon to find her traveling across the country to see her favorite bands or reporting the latest news on independent and rock music. After a semester abroad in London she developed a passion for traveling as well. Her work has appeared in a number of publications including 4PM Magazine, The Milwaukee P...
  • Monty Hamilton
    Monty Hamilton
    I was born and raised in Knoxville, TN. I spent my college years in Memphis, Orlando and Los Angeles. I graduated with a BA in Communications with a Concentration in Film and Video Production from The University of Memphis in 2001 and moved to Austin, TX in 2002, where I currently reside.
  • Peter Samuel
    Peter Samuel
    Peter Samuel is a writer and entrepreneur living in New York City.
  • Robert Mann
    Robert Mann
    Robert Mann, MA English/TESOL, is a syndicated columnist with GateHouse News Service and regular contributor to Yahoo Voices. He writes on a diverse array of topics ranging from poetry to technology to hiking. Robert resides in the San Francisco Bay Area and won his first writing award for poetry while in college. Since that time he has published a college-level grammar workbook, been included...
  • Roberta L. Alvarado
    Roberta L. Alvarado
    What type should I get if using the static shock collar? The dog wears a collar with a small container of citronella attached to it. The collar s citronella canister is easily refilled once it is emptied.
  • Tom Harrington
    Tom Harrington
    Tom Harrington is a Freelance Writer who recently graduated from Regis College. Follow him on Twitter: @TomMHarrington
  • Tracy Wasem
    Tracy Wasem
    A retired school teacher, reading, writing, traveling and spending time with my family keeps me busy. In the eighteen years as a teacher I had the opportunity to teach in various age levels 7-8th grade, 6th, 4th and Art. I am the author of The Ascent, Inky the Spot Finds Her Place and The Ultimate Yard Sale Guide.
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