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  • 2angelsinmo
    Hello, my name is Mandy and I have lived in Missouri for the past 14 years. I am married to my best friend of 10 years, Michael. We have two children ages 16 and 8! We homeschool the both of them and they are doing excellent in their studies! We are so proud of them and their efforts to continue their education! We volunteer when the time presents itself! We have three wonderful dogs that...
  • Adelaide Schofield
    Adelaide Schofield
    Adelaide Schofield is a Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing specialist at a top New York Firm. In her book, SEO like a PRO - A Beginner's Guide to Search Engine Optimization (available through Kindle Books), Ms.Schofield provides readers with the tools and skills they will need to get their websites ranking well on the search engines. Chock full of information, tips and free resou...
  • ADSpencer
    AD Spencer is a working writer living in Alabama. Her speculative short fiction has appeared in several anthologies by small publishers, and she is currently writing her first novel.
  • Ahesha Catalano
    Ahesha Catalano
    Ahesha Catalano is a published author from Philadelphia, PA. Now residing in beautiful Bradenton, FL, this newlywed enjoys blogging, working a home-based business with her husband, spending time with friends and family, eating and traveling.
  • Aida Ekberg
    Aida Ekberg
    Aida Ekberg is an avid fan of celebrity gossip who enjoys putting a unique spin on the latest Hollywood gossip.
  • Alicia Cruz
    Alicia Cruz
    Ms Cruz is a published journalist having worked for several print and online media outlets such as the Halifax Media Group, Daily News; the New Jersey Newsroom, the Black Urban Times, Yahoo News, CNN iReport and others. Miss Cruz set record high numbers for her coverage of the Shaniya Davis story,the devastating earthquake in Haiti and later, Murder in Memphis: The Monique Johnson Story. Miss C...
  • Alicia Littleton
    Alicia Littleton
    Alicia has a Bachelors of Fine Arts degree from the Southern Institute of Interior Design. Currently lives in Birmingham, AL with her husband and two children. She has a real passion for interior design and DIY home decor. She loves finding great family friendly activities to do in the area.
  • Allison West
    Allison West
    I'm an actor and writer living and working in New York State's beautiful Hudson River Valley. My writing specialties include: arts and culture, travel, health and wellness, animals and nonprofits, and green living.
  • Amy Faatz
    Amy Faatz
    Amy is the author of "Oliver Knows All About The Moon, Do You?", a children's picture book published in February 2014. She is also an avid reader, crafter, album maker, secretary, and the mother of three beautiful children. Her passion is writing, and creating everything from paper gift tags to delicate crocheted doilies. She loves everything about photos and was a Consultant w...
  • Ana Blanco
    Ana Blanco
    36 year old Mom who works full time. Born in Portugal and has lived in the US for almost 30 years. Married with 1 daughter. We also have 3 dogs and 3 cats.
  • Anderson Laatsch
    Anderson Laatsch
    Anderson Laatsch ( is the author of the historical science fiction series Warnings to the Curious. She admires well-crafted stories in all forms: from classic literature to indie ebooks, movies of all genres, and smart television. She lives in Illinois with her husband and two daughters where she writes fiction, makes constant travel plans, and nurtures a dream to someday li...
  • Andrea Coventry
    Andrea Coventry
    Andrea Coventry is a Montessori child, now Montessori educator, who seeks to share this educational philosophy with the world. This background, coupled with over 20 years of experience with children of all ages, gives her a unique perspective into the worlds of education and parenting. Follow these topics on Twitter @MontessoriWrite. With four years of online writing experience, she has publ...
  • Andrea Rowe
    Andrea Rowe
    Andrea Rowe is a 2003 graduate of Arkansas State University achieving a BSE in psychology, honors club and a minor in English. She is a nearly thirty year survivor of childhood cancer having experienced many of the trials in attaining appropriate health care, employment, and social stigma attached to the word "cancer" as well as lots of -oscopies, -otomies, -omas and other cancer rel...
  • Angel Vee
    Angel Vee
    I'm a mother of 3 beautiful angels - boy/girl twins. I am also a professional beautician, who owned a hair salon for 6 years. Been in the beauty field for over 17 years. I have won hair styling awards, and also achieved awards for coloring and creative hair styling. Hair is like an art to me, very fun and creative. I am also a licensed manicurist. I enjoy writing about Reality television shows...
  • Angela Tague
    Angela Tague
    Angela Tague writes SEO web marketing content for major brands including Bounty, Lowe s Home Improvement and Hidden Valley. She also provides feature content to newspapers and writes health and beauty blogs for Daily Glow, Everyday Health and Walgreens. Angela enjoys baking gluten-free treats, designing photographic greeting cards and exploring nature trails with her husband and two dogs in Iowa.
  • Angela W. La Fon
    Angela W. La Fon
    As a teacher and a writer Angela enjoys researching, organizing and presenting information in an entertaining way.
  • Angela Woods
    Angela Woods
    Angela Woods has been writing for more than 15 years. She has degrees in both History and Visual Arts, and owns a small antiques business.
  • Ann Linden
    Ann Linden
    A Hobby & Lifestyle writer for 6 years.
  • Anna Morgan
    Anna Morgan
    Anna Morgan lives in Denver, Colorado. In her free time she creates jewelry, paints, and reads.
  • Annette Posey
    Annette Posey
    With a current 3 month streak as a "Hot 100 Contributor", Annette Posey is a freelance writer and regular contributor to omg! from Yahoo! By day she is an Information Technology Business Analyst, wife and mother. She has expertise in various software applications, including those listed in her "Interests" on her profile. She enjoys sharing experience and knowledge on an array of topics with oth...
  • Anthony Coe
    Anthony Coe
    Anthony Coe is the Vice-President of the Missing Children Investigation Agency (MCIA) and author - pen name: Jerome-Paul. Titles include Amazing Grace and How to Become a Nightclub Promoter. Mr. Coe is also a club promoter for the world famous Vex club.
  • April LaJune
    April LaJune
    April is a professional journalist and musician working in newspaper, radio and television. Lead singer of LaJune, she is a member of the Nashville Songwriter's Association, has been a featured writer in Llama Banner Magazine on training and grooming for the show ring. She has had multiple Grand and Reserve Champions including a Life Time Achievement award for her Grand Champion llama Zydeco's...
  • Ashley Hargrove
    Ashley Hargrove
    Ashley plays Sarah in the dramedy web series Unplanned Motherhood. She is the author of Beneath the Water's Calm. Also the author of In the Hands of a Vampire and Just a Bit of a Christmas Miracle (under Ashley Coughlin). She has also published poetry. She has a Bachelor s in Business Management with a minor in Marketing. She has done many film reviews and created arts and crafts projects...
  • Ashley Mott
    Ashley Mott
    Ashley Mott is a freelance writer and entertainment reviewer. In addition to her Associated Content portfolio, she has also contributed content to Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Finance, Yahoo! Movies, omg! from Yahoo!, Yahoo! TV, Yahoo! Shine, Livestrong,, The Motley Fool, eHow Money, eHow, Tide, and AT&T. Ashley also maintains several content driven websites featuring her original content and...
  • Ashley N. Hess
    Ashley N. Hess
    Ashley Hess is a wife, mother, former teacher and current educational consultant. A lover of entertainment, food/wine, education, traveling, and so much more. Ashley received a bachelor's degree with elementary education certification in 2007, a certification in special education in 2009, and a master's in education in 2010. She is currently pursuing a PhD in education. She taught in an...
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