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  • A.L. Woods
    A.L. Woods
    A.L. Woods has been working as a freelance commercial writer since 1989. She is an author, editor, and lover of all things tech. When asked about her writing mantra, she states, "Building my own little corner of the world one word at a time."
  • Abraham Guerrero
    Abraham Guerrero
    Abraham is a systems analyst, microsoft certified professional, technology enthusiast and experienced real estate investor. He is passionate about helping people get the best performance out of their technology at home and in the workplace. He is a consultant with over 12 years of industry experience with expertise in windows networking, server infrastructure, security and systems management...
  • Aghatise Joseph
    Aghatise Joseph
  • Alex Cabrien
    Alex Cabrien
    Chauffeur, activities director, chef, housekeeper, school teacher - I wear many hats. I ve also been a dog trainer and pet groomer. My experience includes more than ten years as a professional groomer, work in the kennel and dog training industry, pet grooming instruction, a bit of dog showing, breeding, and pet retail. Born and raised in Massachusetts, I ve also lived in southern Arizo...
  • Alexander Fraser
    Alexander Fraser
    My name is Alex Fraser and right now I live in Owatonna, Minnesota. Shortly, I will be moving to Long Beach, CA. My interest is in the Port of Long Beach which serves 90% of the Asian market and is the 2nd busiest seaport in the United States. While I was working full time after earning my BA in French Studies, I took classes at a technical college and received a diploma in Accounting. It wou...
  • Aly Adair
    Aly Adair
    Aly Adair is an Air Force Veteran with a career in teaching and educational publishing. Aly has an MBA and is a former small business owner.
  • Amanda Paulger
    Amanda Paulger
    Amanda Paulger is an English graduate student at Southern New Hampshire University, with a concentration in fiction writing. She received her Bachelor's degree in Liberal Studies with a concentration in literature and creative fiction in 2012. Amanda lives in Richmond, Vermont, the home of the Round Church and currently works as a marketing assistant in Montpelier, Vermont. Amanda has...
  • Amy and Nancy Harrington, Pop Culture Passionistas
    Amy and Nancy Harrington, Pop Culture Passionistas
    We re huge pop culture fans. In fact, you could say it s our passion. Growing up, we developed a love of TV, movies, music and food as well as a fascination with celebrity. When we re not absorbing the entertainment world, we re writing and producing videos about pop culture people, places and things.
  • Amy Brantley
    Amy Brantley
    A self-confirmed foodie, lover of interior design, and mother to a variety of pets, Amy has published over 3,000 articles with many top companies. She enjoys finance, crafts, and all things Kindle-related. If you d like to hire Amy for your next writing project, email her at
  • Angela Blake
    Angela Blake
    I am a Christian SAHM (Stay at Home Mom) and Home-schooler who loves to share the word of God. I have a blog with a co-writer and have written and been published poetry in the past. My goal is to spread the good word and lift up fellow christians who are muddling through the day to day like me.
  • Annamarie
    Author, storyteller grassroots mountain artist, ole tyme cook, melungeon and multiculural ancestry, genealogy, human and organizational development trainer, and college instructor.
  • Anne Stjern
    Anne Stjern
    Anne Stjern is a native Californian transplanted to Southern U.S. climes. She enjoys researching and writing about everything from reality TV and superfoods to pets and politics. A history lover, enthusiastic grandmother of four and wife of a geography teacher, she spends her free time exploring the southeast with an eye towards history, culture and teaching opportunities for young ones.
  • Annetta Martinez
    Annetta Martinez
    A happily married stay at home mom. Who is a jack of many trades. A beginning author in fiction, children s books, poetry, niche, online and small business articles. And loves to create beautiful things to inspire the world. She loves a mystery or two and is up for any challenges life throws at her.
  • Annette Phillips
    Annette Phillips
    Annette is a writer, author, content writer, licensed Cosmetologist, former travel agent, and Sunday School teacher. Annette has seven published e-books available at Amazon, "Willow's Ride", a "Children's Bible Study Series", "Candle Making Tricks: How to Make Caked & Grubby Candles Using Basic Kitchen Items", and "Honey Recipes: A Cookbook Inspired by...
  • April LaJune
    April LaJune
    April is a professional journalist and musician working in newspaper, radio and television. Lead singer of LaJune, she is a member of the Nashville Songwriter's Association, has been a featured writer in Llama Banner Magazine on training and grooming for the show ring. She has had multiple Grand and Reserve Champions including a Life Time Achievement award for her Grand Champion llama Zydeco's...
  • Arianne Truax
    Arianne Truax
    Home remedies for stretch marks The energy is then stimulated by rubbing selected particular strain details, utilizing the thumbs and fingertips, to point that energy to precise organs, allowing the body's self curative powers to operate at mending and energising particular regions This point can be used for ache reduction with common strain during contractions They're some widespread...
  • Ashley N. Hess
    Ashley N. Hess
    Ashley Hess is a wife, mother, former teacher and current educational consultant. A lover of entertainment, food/wine, education, traveling, and so much more. Ashley received a bachelor's degree with elementary education certification in 2007, a certification in special education in 2009, and a master's in education in 2010. She is currently pursuing a PhD in education. She taught in an...
  • Barbara L Baird
    Barbara L Baird
    Barbara spent many years in the electro-mechanical trades. She also worked as an electrician and did other construction related work. She enjoys home and auto repair projects. This, with an enjoyment of writing, makes for a fun occupation. Follow her on Twitter: blesliebaird
  • Barbara Raskauskas
    Barbara Raskauskas
    Barbara Raskauskas is a writer, photographer, and gardener with over 40 years experience growing vegetables and flowers. Her writing or photography appears on Yahoo US Homes, Shine, Finance, and Contributor Network websites, as well as other content websites such as DIY Network, Garden Guides, SASS Magazine, Verdeesvida Magazine, and eHow. Barbara worked over 20 years for defense contractor...
  • Beauregard Roy
    Beauregard Roy
    Beauregard Roy is a freelance writer, published author, and cynic.
  • Beth Lytle
    Beth Lytle
    Based in the Midwest, Beth Lytle has been writing professionally since 2008. Working as an editor and with recent work published on eHow, LiveStrong and the Bayer Aspirin website, Lytle is a self-made freelancer. Lytle writes health-related and home-improvement articles, first beginning her writing journey while attending writing workshops and classes during childhood. Lytle has owned transcrip...
  • Betty Asphy
    Betty Asphy
    She loves to write. It is her dream to connect, inspire, and help others one person at a time through her article writing. Also visit her website at There she writes about toddlers, children, and family. Make sure you visit her at, She has previous experience as a Mortgage Loan Adjuster, Loan Officer, a Tutor for Adult L...
  • Bill Hanks
    Bill Hanks
    Just an average Joe living in the Midwest. I am a retired High School teacher/coach. I work part time for a small college. I am president of our local Kiwanis club. I am also a city alderman. I spent six year in the Army National Guard. But, most of all a grandpa.
    Poetry is a great Art form. Art comes in many forms from music to just speaking your mind.
  • Carissa Jusay
    Carissa Jusay
    I am all of these and still I am none of these.. I am self-determined type and I don t take kindly to being dominated by others. I am hot-headed and quick-tempered. I am Clever.. I am a sociable, executive type with a compulsive drive to control my environment and people around me. I am fair and appreciative of others opinions, realistic, stable and a bit impersonal. I am family oriented...
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