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  • Alexandra Hafner
    Alexandra Hafner
    I am a novice writer, writing for fun and on my spare time. I manly write fantasy romance but thought I would give freelance writing a shot. I want to make writing my career and one day plan on publishing my books that I have had fun writing for many years now. Currently I am writing a series that I have titled “The Chosen Seven.” On book two and already thinking of the others :) Times are...
  • Ashley Donahue
    Ashley Donahue
  • Brad Boeker
    Brad Boeker
    Brad Boeker is a freelance writer living in central Illinois. He has spent the last twenty-one years teaching and coaching high school students. Aside from loving the day-to-day craziness of public education, mentoring young teachers brings him the most satisfaction. Brad is an avid reader, loves the outdoors, and is trying to become a better photographer.
  • Danae Infinger
    Danae Infinger
    I am an aspiring writer. I write a lot of Fan Fiction on under the pen name ravenray. I am trying my hand at article writing, whereas I usually stick to creative writing fiction. I am very interested in fashion vs. fashion statements, movies, animals, and anything that catches my eye. Find me on Facebook:
  • Darnell W.
    Darnell W.
    Former community manager (and future contributor) for Yahoo! Contributor Network -- you may know me better as AC Darnell or Y! Darnell. Feel free to get in touch -- I would love to hear from you!
  • Denise W
    Denise W
    Sharon Burns has been a photographer for 15 years and a Christian since she was a little girl. She has one daughter, and one grand-daughter. Sharon is very active in her church, and volunteers her time in the community, helping the less fortunate. She is an advocate for child safety and has a heart to serve the citizens of Georgia and her community.
  • Ds Duby
    Ds Duby
    I m 38 years old. I m a remodeling contractor, writer and small business owner. I live in the United States and have visited many parts of this country. I write to let out my trapped thoughts and feelings, and to express my views with the world. My interests include construction, landscaping, movies, ancient history, mythology cooking, and video games. If you ever take the time to read anything...
  • Elizabeth  Danu
    Elizabeth Danu
    Author of The Liberation of Persephone, a resource site for cancer survivors, Elizabeth is a six year survivor of Inflammatory Breast Cancer. Elizabeth has been a Certified Massage Therapist and Health Educator for over twenty years, and currently works in a children's hospital providing massage therapy for pediatric inpatients, as well as in private practice. In her reinvented post-cancer...
  • Esther Millette
    Esther Millette
    Esther is a freelance writer and a perpetual student. She has been a yearbook editor, Air Force Aviation Resource Manager Instructor and Curriculum Developer, and a storyteller. She has been published in Abilene Living Magazine and Abilene Scene Magazine. Her passion for food is shown in her work on She is a huge connoisseur of food and wine and cooks new recipes daily. During he...
  • Fred Fletcher
    Fred Fletcher
    Fred has been writing since he was in his teens. Today he is a full-time freelance writer; his experience spans over 15 years and includes work in a variety of topics and multiple industries. Published under several literary pseudonyms, Fred loves what he does for a living. His works have appeared in periodicals, e-publications and other media. Today, he continues to help out struggling non...
  • Fuji Smith
    Fuji Smith
    Fuji Smith is a pen name. The person behind this name is a resident in the Myrtle Beach area and parent of a child in the Horry County School system. His passion for technology is exceeded only by a desire to participate in the improvement of education throughout Horry County. He is a firm believer that this will not only improve the future of our children in an ever-increasing globally competi...
  • Hope for life Ministry
    Hope for life Ministry
    I am a 21 Year man who working for poor and needy children in Pakistan in province of Punjab and I am running ministry name Hope for Life Ministry is non-denominational, christian ministry and our visitors are from all walks of life. It,s found on 01 January 2010. We are primarily help the orphans and slaved children. we have two Sunday school and two Home school in different villages. Hope fo...
  • James Black
    James Black
    James Black is an English teacher, avid cooker, sports addict, and traveler. Currently he lives in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia where he is a TKT certified teacher at Lingua Service Center. Originally a native of small town Ojai, California, about 75 miles north of Los Angeles, but he has extensively traveled the world; namely throughout Europe. James graduated from Biola University with a bache...
  • Jonathan Ryan
    Jonathan Ryan
    Served 34+ years combined as member of the US Air Force and a Federal Government employee.
  • Laura Sauer
    Laura Sauer
    Laura is a wife, mother of two young boys, and high school English teacher. In her spare time, she maintains two blogs and an online teacher blog/store, Laura graduated from Michigan State University with high honor. She holds a BA in English and a MA in Curriculum Development and Instruction. In addition to regular contributions to her own blogs, Laura is a c...
  • Lyra Radford
    Lyra Radford
    Lyra studied both Film Production & Multimedia during her years as an undergrad and has since set her focus on Psychology and Anthropology in her graduate work. She has a great love for books, films & television. She practices yoga, belly dancing and has covered various health & fitness related topics in her writing. She's been published by, The Houston Chronicle, The Dail...
  • Mari J. Stiles
    Mari J. Stiles
    A mother, teacher, blogger, writer, and general survivor of relationships who desires more for myself and others. I seek to get more out of life by not waiting for others to approve of my gifts, but by using those gifts now on my terms and in my time.
  • Melissa D Stiveson
    Melissa D Stiveson
    Melissa is a natural born healer. Long before she knew what Reiki was, she was healing friends and family instinctively. After learning how to make jewelry, she gave a necklace to a friend. Her friend, a Reiki Master, put on the necklace and exclaimed enthusiastically that she could feel Reiki emanating from the necklace. This started Melissa s path in becoming a Reiki Master as well. In...
  • Melissa Figueroa
    Melissa Figueroa
    Born and raised NY :). Just moved to Beautiful state of Washington!! After living in the Bay Area. I m a stay @ home mom and now pursuing my dream of writing.
  • meri torres
    meri torres
    I live in Western New York with my 16-year-old daughter. I am a writer part-time and an internet consultant in MLM.
  • Natalie Paige
    Natalie Paige
    I am graduating high school this year and plan to study English and Journalism in college. Since I was a young girl writing has been my passion - it all started with my first illustrated book, The Adventures of Sally, Leffy and Teffy. At six years old the idea of two elephants and a mouse traveling across the world was thrilling. Although I have come a long way since then, you cannot forget...
  • Quinnellabella
    I have worked as a teacher, counselor, advocate, and employment specialist. I am a Vocational Advisor, an Adult Guidance Counselor, and an Education Consultant. I believe that the education system in this country needs to be revamped. I also believe that home schooling is an effective alternative to public school. I have been a student most of my life while raising 3 children. I was able to...
  • R. E. Roe
    R. E. Roe
    R. E. Roe is a freelance writer who was born in Georgia, but lives in Las Vegas, NV. She is a graduate of Writer s Digest course for writing for children and teens. She is a mother, grandmother, and animal lover. Currently owns 3 dogs, 2 birds and 2 fishtanks. Join me on Facebook Thanks :)
  • Rhonda Booker
    Rhonda Booker
    I realize that no one is more important than me! I m having the time of my life just writing about the things I enjoy.I slowly climb the ladder of self confidence and get better and better each day. My children will have a mother that they can look up to. I don t want to stop until I reach the top.I ll be learning more each day I climb,I hope I don t explode on the way there!
  • Rick Soisson
    Rick Soisson
    Rick Soisson has taught writing, literature and public speaking at four colleges and two high schools in the Philadelphia area. His essays, fiction and poetry have have been carried by more than two dozen print and on-line vehicles, from Studies in Contemporary Satire and the Broad Street Review to The Baseball Chronicle.
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