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  • Abby Greenhill
    Abby Greenhill
    Abby is a retired Administrative Assistant. She is a pet lover who has many years experience as a dog owner. She loves to take road trips anywhere up and down the East Coast and tries to stay current on new vacation rentals, hotels and pet friendly accomodations as well.
  • CC Allison
    CC Allison
    CC is a petsitter and freelancer working out of her home in Loudoun County, Va. She's got a new baby girl at home. CC holds an MA in Communication, Culture, & Technology and has worked for several corporate and non-profit organizations in Washington, DC.
  • Darnell W.
    Darnell W.
    Former community manager (and future contributor) for Yahoo! Contributor Network -- you may know me better as AC Darnell or Y! Darnell. Feel free to get in touch -- I would love to hear from you!
  • Dawn Hoffman
    Dawn Hoffman
    By day, I am a marketing/creative professional with an MBA and a drive to succeed. By night, I am the manager of the band Hillbilly Shakespeare, a 3-man trio whose sound ranges from garage rock to alternative country (sprinkled with a touch of blues). I love all animals and have 2 cats... well, 3 if you count the one who resides at my father s house. Baseball is my sport of choice, Ghost Hun...
  • Elizabeth Brown
    Elizabeth Brown
    MSW in Social Work from UCLA. I'm also a student on the performance track at The Groundlings Theater in Hollywood! Since joining AC, I've had my articles linked on,,, Google News, MSN movies, and
  • Han Van Meegerin
    Han Van Meegerin
    Editor, Copywriter, and Professional Freelance Writer: If you are at a loss for words, I will find them for you. Please contact me at if you are in need of a hired pen.
  • Heather White
    Heather White
    Love isn't all simple, beauty is more than skin deep and it won't stay sharp if you don't use it. Love is what people want but sometimes they are inhibiting its maximum or looking for it in the wrong things.
  • Jennifer Thomas
    Jennifer Thomas
    Jennifer graduated from Miami University of Ohio with a BS degree in Zoology and a focus in Animal Behavior. She owns a small in-home pet sitting business. Jennifer enjoys dog training and learning how to better improve pet and pet owner relationships. She also enjoys reading, writing, and exercising. Jennifer is a loving wife and mother to a furry family consisting of a dog (Zeke), kitten (Bet...
  • Jimmy Collins
    Jimmy Collins
    Full time freelance writer. I am a former stock broker and money manager who still loves all aspects of finance as well as sports and fitness. Currently I hold a 4th degree black belt in the Martial Art of Tae Kwon Do.
  • Jon C. Hopwood
    Jon C. Hopwood
    Jon C. Hopwood is a freelance journalist and editor. He has written extensively on current events, history, politics and the cinema.
  • Judith Allison
    Judith Allison
    Judith Allison is a freelance writer and graphic designer who loves to write about a wide variety of interesting topics. If it catches her eye, she will generally write about it. Judith has one daughter, Vashti, who just graduated with a Masters in Creative Writing from Temple University. Vashti is headed to Japan for a year to teach English to Japanese students, and Judith has started learning...
  • Kimberly Cushman
    Kimberly Cushman
  • Kurt Evans
    Kurt Evans
    Kurt is an honest writer with heart. Life hasn t been easy for Kurt. He has lived a life filled with challenges that he has had to overcome. Kurt has fought various forms of addiction and, is currently and always will be a recovering alcoholic living in sobriety. Kurt also has a sense of humor that, is usually what helps him make it through the day. When reading Kurt s material, please hav...
  • M. Angela Moore
    M. Angela Moore
    Angela is a freelance writer who focuses particularly in areas of social issues, consumer interest and career development. With over 15 years of human resource experience, Angela has been able to help job seekers “repackage” their skills for new and diverse positions. In addition to writing, Angela enjoys raising money and awareness for worthy causes. She is passionate about educat...
  • Manimekalai Thiayagarajan
    Manimekalai Thiayagarajan
  • Michael Wais Jr.
    Michael Wais Jr.
    Hi, my name is Michael. I am a freelance writer deeply influenced by the Beat Generation writers. Other significant literary role-models of mine include Stephen King and Ray Bradbury.
  • Patrick W. Marsh
    Patrick W. Marsh
    A science fiction fantasy writer from Minnesota. Currently finishing the final draft of a novel and publishing consistently on Associated Content. Completely obsessed with creative writing and producing writing. English major from U of M. Love to write, love to read, wish there was some more but sadly, there really is not.
  • Shawn Shadows
    Shawn Shadows
    Shawn is a regular american, that has followed politics through his entire life .A republican, turned independent. A writer for yahoo U.S. finance, yahoo U.S. news, and voices on yahoo. experienced in running small home based businesses, and construction crews. He loves his guitar and his 3 daughters. His mission is to be a voice to help regular working people.He is looking out for what s in ou...
Displaying Results 1 - 18 (of 18)