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  • Adam Michael Luebke
    Adam Michael Luebke
    Adam Michael Luebke writes political / cultural stories at Dear Dirty America ( He He has just finished a novel titled Parade of Bums, and is working on a collection of short fiction stories about Los Angeles.
  • ADSpencer
    AD Spencer is a working writer living in Alabama. Her speculative short fiction has appeared in several anthologies by small publishers, and she is currently writing her first novel.
  • Alexander Mccarthey
    Alexander Mccarthey
    Alexander Mccarthey is an avid blogger, as well as an aspiring author in the science fiction genre. His fictional works focus on expanding people's perspectives about the society they live in, and the beliefs they hold sacred. In this way, he is a revolutionary unafraid to push the boundaries of what you can and cannot say in the publishing world. You can join in the Mccarthey Experience online...
  • Angel's Advocate
    Angel's Advocate
    I am currently a Residential Counselor in a Group Home where I counsel individuals who have various psychological disorders. I have worked with individuals who have disorders such as Autism, Schizoaffective disorder, Angelman's Syndrome, Bipolar disorder, etc. The power of the mind amazes me and I love to discuss it. I am an individual who appreciates a good debate. I enjoy good natured discuss...
  • Anita Cameron
    Anita Cameron
    Anita Cameron hails from Chicago, IL, and is the younger of twins. She holds degrees in Biology, and Computer Information Systems. Drawing on her passion for social justice and change, she became involved in several movements, culminating in her introduction to the Disability Rights Movement. In 1986, Anita joined ADAPT, a national, grassroots disability rights organization. In 25 years...
  • April Higney
    April Higney
    A love for writing poetry for many years. Main concepts are based upon past/present/future struggles & issues of life and relationships, love and family. I am strongly passionate about entwining my heart & soul in these words. To some it may connect, others it may not. I enjoy the in-depth romance writing. Currently working on a poetic novel. I hope you find something in my writing that stirs y...
  • B.L. King
    B.L. King
    B.L. King is a freelance writer with considerable experience in athletics, emergency medicine and the outdoors. Today he spends most of his free time playing sports, traveling and keeping up with the latest college football recruiting news.
  • Ben Wood
    Ben Wood
    Ben Wood is an aspiring freelance writer whose writing mainly consists of sports coverage, movie and television reviews/opinions, and product reviews. He's an unabashed St. Louis Cardinals and Missouri Tigers fan.
  • Betty Alark
    Betty Alark
    Creativity is Betty's forte! Some of Betty's creative writing forms are: stories, jingles, snippets, songs, blogs, advertisments, articles, and poetry.. Betty enjoys using her imagination, writing, thinking, reflecting, exploring, discovering, editing, interviewing, reviewing, revising and lots of color! Betty is an Independent Freelance Write!
  • Bonnie Doss-Knight
    Bonnie Doss-Knight
    Advocate of pure & simple living. Author of "Chocolate Days & Shadows", "The Book, a Primer for Seekers of Higher Consciousness" and "Beyond Blue". Mission to bridge gap between 3-D material world & highest consciousness of True Self.
  • Brett Day
    Brett Day
    Brett Day resides in Bridge Creek, Oklahoma, but is originally from Brighton, England. Brett moved to the states in 2002. Brett has a huge interest in the world of technology, home theater, video gaming, and sports. Brett loves writing and enjoys sharing his knowledge on all of these subjects.
  • Bridgitte Williams
    Bridgitte Williams
    I love to write. I am a published writer. I get paid to write! I am so proud! :-)Thank you for reading! Over three million views and counting. Named a top 1000 Yahoo online content producer in 2012. Food product reviews, holidays, poetry, health, short stories and humor. A hot 500 Yahoo contributor. Proud online content writer for Yahoo!
  • C. Theodore Walker
    C. Theodore Walker
    San Francisco writer, absintheur and beer/wine/food aficionado who has self-published poetry and published essays in local newspapers. He is at present engaged in writing a short story novella entitled "Created One". On August 9th, 2010, "Nevermore: Alchemy of the Raven" was published and is available for sale.
  • Calvin Gunter
    Calvin Gunter
    A college graduate with a Bachelor's in Computer Information Systems and a passion for writing. Striving to make my dream of being a writer and a singer/songwriter a reality..
  • Calvin Wolf
    Calvin Wolf
    I have written two novels, The College, which is available for FREE on Smashwords, and The University, which is being edited. I am a high school social studies teacher by day, writer by evening, and a husband and father. I have lived in Texas, New Mexico, and Wyoming and have been both a professional backpacking guide and cartoonist in the past.
  • Carlene Jones
    Carlene Jones
    Carlene Jones is a freelance writer who holds a degree in Media and Communications. She is particularly keen on issues relating to parenting, the family, and relationships. She enjoys writing reviews of books, stories, and television shows. She also writes short stories and is currently working on her first novel. As a Caribbean native, she keeps abreast of issues affecting the region. She is t...
  • Catherine Spencer
    Catherine Spencer
    Catherine - wife, mother of two sons, grandmother of five grandsons, and a retired school bus driver - was chosen as a Top 1000 Content Producer in 2010 & 2011 for Yahoo! Contributor Network. She is a self-proclaimed craft-aholic whose passion for creating began as a child. She loves sharing her craft obsession with her readers.
  • Cathy A Montville
    Cathy A Montville
    Cathy's been a successful New England small business owner in distribution, sales, and service for 23 years now. Her husband is her business partner. Yes: A husband and wife business team can be a challenge. Cathy was a newspaper correspondent covering town hall news and politics for 10 years; and a print columnist. She has been a freelance writer for 28 years. Oh, and she is now a hand...
  • Charlene Collins
    Charlene Collins
    Charlene Collins is a retired licensed practical nurse from Bethlehem, Georgia. She has both career and personal experience with several types of physical and mental health conditions. First and foremost, Charlene is a mom and a grandmother: everything else come second. She stays actively involved with the medical community as a researcher, freelance and ghostwriter for several companies. Char...
  • Christine Zibas
    Christine Zibas
    Currently a freelance writer, Christine Zibas worked for many more years in the publishing world. In her last position, she was Director of Publications and Marketing for a Chicago-based nonprofit organization in the field of real estate. Prior to that, she was Director of Marketing for a multimedia company in San Francisco; Editor of a political journal in London (IISS); a Travel Writer for...
  • CJMathis
    CJ is an avid traveler who enjoys sharing her travel experiences, tips, and fun with her readers. Living in Central Oregon on a small ranch with her husband, 3 horses, 6 dogs, daughter and grand-daughter, she is living her dream of retirement. 20 years in the healthcare industry gives CJ a great insight on health issues and the medical field. CJ also has 20 years experience with dog and ho...
  • Claudia H. Blanton
    Claudia H. Blanton
    My name is Claudia Blanton and I was born in the beautiful southern Bavarian town of Nuernberg, before following my heart to the US. Now residing in Tampa, Florida, with my husband, two kids and two dogs, I spend most of my time writing dark fiction novels and screenplays, compile anthologies and write non-fiction Pagan themed articles. Growing up with a family whom honored nature with its...
  • Cynthia Fink
    Cynthia Fink
  • D. Cressman
    D. Cressman
    I live in Pennsylvania. I am a graduate of the Pennsylvania Academy of Cosmetology Arts and Sciences with 12+ years experience in the Cosmetology industry. I also hold a professional certification in photography from New York Institute of Photography.
  • Dalia Bose
    Dalia Bose
    Dalia loves writing about money matters and real estate. She believes it is important to save money, so we can spend it later on things that matter! Dalia lives in the metro NYC area with her husband and family. In her spare time she writes a blog on Money Matters. Visit her at Disclaimer: All content is personal opinion and not a solicitation or reco...
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