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  • Aida Shallcross
    Aida Shallcross
    I am a wife, a mom of 2 young girls, a pet owner, a corporate worker-bee, & a geek.
  • Amber C. Lee
    Amber C. Lee
    Amber is a seasoned Technical Communicator, currently employed as Sustainability Specialist for a college with a population of over 50,000. Raised in a military family abroad, her upbringing has cultivated a unique knowledge of the world and curiosity for life.
  • Annette Posey
    Annette Posey
    With a current 3 month streak as a "Hot 100 Contributor", Annette Posey is a freelance writer and regular contributor to omg! from Yahoo! By day she is an Information Technology Business Analyst, wife and mother. She has expertise in various software applications, including those listed in her "Interests" on her profile. She enjoys sharing experience and knowledge on an array of topics with oth...
  • Ashley Sites
    Ashley Sites
    I'm 20 years old and my fiance and I have an infant son together. I was born and raised in Virginia but eventually I would like to move out of state. I am currently a stay at home, full time college student mom but I am in the process of looking for a part time job.
  • Becky Brooks
    Becky Brooks
    Becky Brooks is a freelance writer, photographer, and top reviewer at Epinions. She and her husband have two grown children and share their Chicago area home with memories of their Cairn Terrier named Riley, a cat named Tinkerbelle, a parakeet, and fish. Besides writing, Becky also enjoys Photography, Gardening, Crafts, Pets, and Nature.
  • Betty Asphy
    Betty Asphy
    She loves to write. It is her dream to connect, inspire, and help others one person at a time through her article writing. Also visit her website at There she writes about toddlers, children, and family. Make sure you visit her at, She has previous experience as a Mortgage Loan Adjuster, Loan Officer, a Tutor for Adult L...
  • C.J. Hopkins
    C.J. Hopkins
    I am an American based in the suburbs of Paris. After obtaining a bachelors degree with a curriculum which encompassed many areas (focus mainly on psychology and film studies), I skipped back over the pond to France and have been living happily as an expat ever since. Writing primarily in the domains of travel, film and correspondent for international entertainment news, it is my recent experie...
  • Cheryl Bailey
    Cheryl Bailey
    Cheryl is a stay at home mom whom is currently looking at becoming a midwife. She loves the idea of birth and anything that goes with that. As of right now she takes care of her family. Her family lives in a small city named Port Orchard, she lives with her soon to be husband and 2 kids. She loves to cook, read and write.
  • Debbie Dunn
    Debbie Dunn
    Debbie Dunn has been a professional storyteller since 1989. Using her pen name of DJ Lyons, she is the author of two books: (1) The Bell Witch Unveiled At Last; The True Story Of A Poltergeist and (2) White Reindeer, Kudzu Monster, & Other Tales Of Wonder. She is a Conflict Resolution Specialist (K-8) and conducts Be Bully Free programs for Elementary Schools. Feel free to visit her website of...
  • Debra Benson
    Debra Benson
    Debra is a Southern Girl that had a desire to write a book; and she did 'Perfect Wedding'. She didn't stop there. She still composes books, meaningful short stories, poetry, and web-content. Her works of writing involve women, health, haiku, poems, style, mothers, jobs, family, Texas, travel, writing, love, finance, foods, beauty, diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, Houston, c...
  • Fred Fletcher
    Fred Fletcher
    Fred has been writing since he was in his teens. Today he is a full-time freelance writer; his experience spans over 15 years and includes work in a variety of topics and multiple industries. Published under several literary pseudonyms, Fred loves what he does for a living. His works have appeared in periodicals, e-publications and other media. Today, he continues to help out struggling non...
  • Gregory Lovvorn
    Gregory Lovvorn
    Gregg has spent his life traveling and learning. Never satisfied with his own level of knowledge, he is a renaissance man with knowledge of fields as varied as business management and organic farming. He has owned and sold several small businesses ranging from light construction to restaurants. A sport and auto enthusiast as well as a social observer, Gregg is always in search of the next adven...
  • J.C. Colton
    J.C. Colton
    J.C. is enjoying what life has to offer in San Francisco.
  • Jack Connery
    Jack Connery
    "Crafting a biography is a lot like shaving a bear: getting started is the hardest part." In six years of college, I received a BA in English Education and Professional Writing from Purdue University. After several years of teaching high school English, I realized education is rapidly turning into a glue trap of a profession. So I left. Now I write full-time, and although the lack...
  • Jacquelyn S Roberts
    Jacquelyn S Roberts
    Jacquelyn is a multi-talented Artist, and the author of The Adventures of Moonchild . She formats books for Kindle. She is concerned about food safety, cultural issues, the environment, loves gardening, philosophy,and meta-physics.With a background in both traditional and alternative medicine she is deeply concerned about chemical additions in food production and the genetic engineering of crop...
  • Jan Khan
    Jan Khan
  • Jason Markham
    Jason Markham
    Jason Markham is an advocate and activist in the queer and nonviolence communities as well as a freelance writer. He specializes in spirituality and sexuality and their many forms in addition to gender identity and expression.
  • Jillian McCoy
    Jillian McCoy
    I'm a freelance writer and college student based in Philadelphia. Though I'll write just about anything as a "pen for hire," I specialize in short-form content written for the web. Some of my favorite subjects to write about include technology, entertainment, fashion and beauty. Though I've always loved to write, it took me until 2010 to try doing it for a living. Si...
  • Jimmy LaFever
    Jimmy LaFever
  • Julia Bodeeb
    Julia Bodeeb
    Winner, Pulitzer Center Global Issues contest (Washington, DC), semi-finalist: The Nation's poetry contest. Published in newspapers, magazines and many online websites. Sold jokes to a major comic. Over a decade of staff experience as reporter, managing editor, and book acquisitions.
  • K. Branch
    K. Branch
    I'm currently a law student at Michigan State University. I participated in two sports during my undergraduate studies while earning a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. I have a passion for athletics and technology, and how both interact and help form our individual worlds.
  • K. W. Callahan
    K. W. Callahan
    K. W. Callahan graduated from the nationally top-ranked Indiana University Kelley School of Business with a degree in management and a minor in criminal justice. He spent over a decade in the hospitality business in both operations management and finance before turning his attention to freelance writing. He has had articles published by Chicago Parent Magazine, Stressfree Living Magazine, L...
  • Karen W. Wyman
    Karen W. Wyman
    Karen W. Wyman is a writer, publisher and non-profit administrator. She holds a master's degree from University of California, Santa Barbara, and is ABD on her doctorate. Karen has taught at public and private elementary and secondary schools, and several universities. A published writer for more than two decades, Karen writes on topics of religion, psychology, travel, education and parenti...
  • Kimberly M. Munson
    Kimberly M. Munson
    After years of searching for the role that would produce lasting satisfaction, joy, and contentment, I surprisingly found it in 2011 when I became a mother. Motherhood has taken an interesting toll on me. I no longer desire to become an influential corporate executive or a superintendent of a large school district. Rather, I love everything mommy and am not ashamed to admit it. A retired fas...
  • Kimberly Morgan
    Kimberly Morgan
    Before becoming a writer, I taught high school English. I studied journalism in college and received a degree in public relations. My articles have been published on Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Sports Rivals, Yahoo! Shine, Yahoo! Finance and Yahoo! TV. These days, I share my home with three amazing kids, numerous ungrateful animals, a very understanding husband, and more books than I have any right...
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