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  • Angel Terra
    Angel Terra
  • ashlee thacker
    ashlee thacker
    I am just an average person living in Illinois. I spend any spare time free-lance writing.
  • Ben Eubanks
    Ben Eubanks
    I started writing for AC in 2008. It is the most fun I've ever had earning money. I am now writing for several sites online, and I enjoy it immensely. I hope to one day write a novel or have a wildly popular Website (whichever comes first).
  • Brandon Bowman
    Brandon Bowman
    Environmental Specialist, Policy Analyst, and Technical Writer working and living in Oklahoma.
  • Brandon Elliott
    Brandon Elliott
    19 Years Young // Writer // Intelligent // Knowledge-Seeking // Poetic Because I Can Be
  • Bridgitte Williams
    Bridgitte Williams
    I love to write. I am a published writer. I get paid to write! I am so proud! :-)Thank you for reading! Over three million views and counting. Named a top 1000 Yahoo online content producer in 2012. Food product reviews, holidays, poetry, health, short stories and humor. A hot 500 Yahoo contributor. Proud online content writer for Yahoo!
  • Camille Atkinson
    Camille Atkinson
    I am Jamaican and I love to write. I love words and the many moods that they allow me to create on paper. Music on top, movies below and writing in the middle! Find me on Twitter if you can't find me here! @wordsforcareers Bless
  • Casey Holley
    Casey Holley
    Casey Holley is a freelance writer specializing in Christian content and medical content. She has more than a decade of experience. She also enjoys writing about animals, beauty, fitness, weight loss, traveling, home improvement and parenting. She has held a variety of jobs that have given her ample in experience in a plethora of areas. She has served in the United States Navy. She has worke...
  • Cathy A Montville
    Cathy A Montville
    Cathy's been a successful New England small business owner in distribution, sales, and service for 23 years now. Her husband is her business partner. Yes: A husband and wife business team can be a challenge. Cathy was a newspaper correspondent covering town hall news and politics for 10 years; and a print columnist. She has been a freelance writer for 28 years. Oh, and she is now a hand...
  • Cathy Pelekakis
    Cathy Pelekakis
    Retiree from the Department of the Army, Procurement Analyst. Mother of one terrific son. Love to go to the movies, read books, work on the computer, gardening, my pets Samantha and Missy. I have been published on Livestrong, ehow and Associated Content,
  • Charles Hodges
    Charles Hodges
    Charles Hodges served in the Army as an Infantryman and is currently a social insurance specialist working in Moore, OK. He graduated from the University of Oklahoma with a Bachelor's in Business Administartion in Management, and is a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan.
  • Cherie Bowser
    Cherie Bowser
    I am a full-time mother and a part-time Nanny.
  • Cheryl Bowman
    Cheryl Bowman
    Cheryl Bowman is an Automotive Featured Contributor on AC. She writes a blog on Florida Divorces, and writes for other websites including Demand Studios. She owned an auto shop with her husband for 15 years, before he retired. During that time, she did freelance paralegal work. Ms. Bowman worked as a full service law firm from 2003 through 2007, and returned to freelance paralegal work, most of...
  • Dale Miller
    Dale Miller
    Lives in Buffalo,NY and works in the auto industry. I like to write articles for websites on topics that are interesting to me. You should never stop learning.
  • Darrin Atkins
    Darrin Atkins
    Darrin Atkins has worked for Premiere and Nevada magazines, The Record newspaper, and other publications. He has written more than 35 books.
  • Denise Hendrikx
    Denise Hendrikx
    Dear all, I'm a 43 year old woman living in Europe. My passions are: reading, writing, poetry, blogging, languages, nature, walking, making friends. Curious? Who am I? That is a very short question which I'll provide with an extensive answer!
  • Dotchi Latham
    Dotchi Latham
    Latham has been writing since the age of 16 when she started writing poetry and short stories. She has written articles around the web and is honing her writing skills.
  • Elea
    Hobbies are quilting, making jewelry, aromatherapy, crafting, gardening, writing, and a serious world of warcraft addiction.
  • Elise Marie
    Elise Marie
    All your favorite content from this profile will still be available on once YCN! Shuts down!!!
  • Han Van Meegerin
    Han Van Meegerin
    Editor, Copywriter, and Professional Freelance Writer: If you are at a loss for words, I will find them for you. Please contact me at if you are in need of a hired pen.
  • Heather White
    Heather White
    Love isn't all simple, beauty is more than skin deep and it won't stay sharp if you don't use it. Love is what people want but sometimes they are inhibiting its maximum or looking for it in the wrong things.
  • Jan Corn
    Jan Corn
    I ve had extensive experience with DIY and home renovation projects, particularly after buying a home that was in need of repair. As the daughter of a builder, I d learned a few things when helping my father with rental homes and properties but got more experience as we worked on our own home (everything from plumbing to floor repair to kitchen renovations). I ve written for national and l...
  • Janet Roof
    Janet Roof
    Janet is a featured contributor in video productions, her unique time lapse video recipe tutorials have been featured and distributed through popular conglomerates. An advocate for domestic violence, Ms. Roof has over 25 years experience in freelance writing. She is also a freelance web designer, professional personal assistant, and highly developed in Microsoft Office applications and HTML....
  • Jasmine Watts
    Jasmine Watts
    I am a college graduate with a passion for fashion, movies, and writing. I now own my own online magazine called Miss Millennia. Check it out!
  • Jennifer Claerr
    Jennifer Claerr
    Jennifer Claerr is an online writer who has been published on prestigious sites such as,,,, Demand Studios and Associated Content. She publishes on a wide range of topics, including technology, Christmas, Halloween costumes, health and fitness, travel and art. Advance permission is required if you wish to republish or quote any of my articles. Please...
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