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  • Amanda C. Strosahl
    Amanda C. Strosahl
    Born and raised on the banks of the Mississippi river, Amanda moved to the Greater Indianapolis area in 1994, where she worked alongside her husband in the newspaper industry until 2008. She now works as a freelance writer, with special focus on health news and healthy living.
  • Anthony Del Signore
    Anthony Del Signore
    Anthony is a college junior at Pace University in NYC. He is studying Political Science and Criminal Justice. He is looking to obtain a PhD and become a professor of Law and Political Science. An avid runner, political junkie, and history buff, Anthony is always searching for the truth and getting right down to the bottom line.
  • Casey
    I'm 24 years old, I live with my fiance, Jake and our two dogs Lakota and Katie. I'm a full time union laborer and working, fishing and hunting every spare moment.
  • Cathie
    prayer ministry coordinator, Sunday School teacher, teach Wednesday Night children, children church director along with my great husband, MeeMee of 5, mother of 3 by blood and 3 by their marriage.
  • Chris Loomis, P.I.
    Chris Loomis, P.I. A California licensed Private Investigator (CA P.I. 24384) that also freelance writes on several like and associated topics. Chris Loomis is a contributing writer to DemandStudios.Com, & TextBroker.Com. His P.I. firm is in Arcadia, California, Los Angeles County, USA. They can be contacted at(626) 230-3137 or . They're on the web at: And, can...
  • Clarissa Winchester
    Clarissa Winchester
    My primary passion is to help people achieve their overall health, fitness, and nutrition goals! Because Beachbody has blessed me with improved health, I am now an Independent Team Beachbody online fitness coach, and an "expert encourager" for those who need support and motivation on their journey to great health. I have helped many people transform their bodies and lives for the better, and am...
  • Crystal Ray
    Crystal Ray
  • Darnell W.
    Darnell W.
    Former community manager (and future contributor) for Yahoo! Contributor Network -- you may know me better as AC Darnell or Y! Darnell. Feel free to get in touch -- I would love to hear from you!
  • David A. Reinstein, LCSW
    David A. Reinstein, LCSW
    Clinical Social Worker, psychotherapist, born in Boston and a relatively unscathed survivor of the 60 s. Fan of technology, guitars, creating music and poetry. Mental wellness coach, staff trainer and parenting educator.
  • Diane Zoller-Ciatto
    Diane Zoller-Ciatto
    Most recognize me as JerseyNana, I love being a freelance writer and poet. Avid lover of family and friends of all ages. Enjoy being a baby boomer, a conservative thinker and unapologetically American.
  • Donna Nolan-Wilson
    Donna Nolan-Wilson
    My name is Donna Nolan-Wilson. I am a booking agent, author, freelance writer, songwriter, photographer, poet, publisher, graphic - web designer, and worked as a paralegal in NY for 16 years. I own and operate ITS Entertainment, which is a booking agency that specializes in booking and promoting HIT songwriter and I also own LeCor Transcription which offers Legal and Corporate Transcription a...
  • Erin Duff
    Erin Duff
    Hi, my name is Erin. I love music, my husband, my family, & the pets. Profession=therapist. DMB fan. Love to travel. Make a mean peanut butter cookie. WVU Mountaineer fan.
  • Faith Wright Draper
    Faith Wright Draper
    Faith s writing experience includes a weekly women s newsletter, published in a contemporary issues book, as well as 100s of content articles and several e-books as a ghostwriter. She has lived all over the US but is now back home in Jackson, Michigan.
  • Freida Thomas
    Freida Thomas
    Freida is a retired Accountant from the Education field. She enjoys reading, writing,volunteering, and frugal living. Freida's areas of expertise include Finance, Parkinsons, Nutrition, Food, Health/Fitness and Fashion. She enjoys freelance writing in these and other areas.
  • george chavez
    george chavez
    I enjoy reading and writing. I love to tell tales to people. I have three college degrees(I know, glutton for punishment) and a wonderful family with plenty of great kids, all of them. I work at night so you may get comments in the wee hours, I mean when I'm not performing my duties dutifully.
  • Gwen Navarrete
    Gwen Navarrete
    In addition to Associated Content, Gwen Navarrete currently writes online content for such sites as eHow, Demand Studios, and HubPages. She is also the Las Vegas Culture & Events Examiner and Las Vegas Volunteerism Examiner for Hailing from the hospitality and retail industries, she has over 10 years managerial experience in training and development, customer service, sales, eCo...
  • J G Hodnette
    J G Hodnette
    J G Hodnette is a student of English at Auburn University who enjoys writing. He enjoys watching and reviewing movies so that others will be able to use their precious free time wisely.
  • J.C. Grant
    J.C. Grant
    A writer interested in education, finance, health, history, law, music, polemics, politics, satire, sports, statistics, travel, and trivia.
  • James Van Horn
    James Van Horn
    I have spent the last several years writing for various outlets, from newspaper print to online sports sites. Though I may not be right all the time, I enjoy sharing my thoughts on a variety of subjects for readers to enjoy.
  • Jenny Heart
    Jenny Heart
    I write on ehow, Triond, Bukisa, Xomba, and Infobarrel. When belonging to all these sites one can't help but learn many things. Sit a spell and learn something new. I might just be writing about you.
  • Jillian McCoy
    Jillian McCoy
    I'm a freelance writer and college student based in Philadelphia. Though I'll write just about anything as a "pen for hire," I specialize in short-form content written for the web. Some of my favorite subjects to write about include technology, entertainment, fashion and beauty. Though I've always loved to write, it took me until 2010 to try doing it for a living. Si...
  • JoAnn Selke
    JoAnn Selke
    I am a mother of three beautiful daughters and have been married to my wonderful husband for almost 20 years. You could say that I have been blessed. Currently, I feel like the wealthiest woman in the world. :)
  • K.M. Stockton
    K.M. Stockton
    Kiersten is a 22-year-old girl who enjoys writing, editing, animals, photography, travel, music, art, crafts, modeling, and much, much more. In between schools, she attended Bethany College (WV) for a 1 1/2 years and intends to transfer to a school in or near Erie, PA, where she currently resides, to finish her classes for her English degree. She speaks German fluently, was editor-in-ch...
  • Katie Frances
    Katie Frances
    A freelance writer and photographer from Southcentral Pennsylvania, Katie Frances writes about her passions...the great outdoors, local flora and fauna, frugal living, cooking from scratch, life long learning, and enjoying life to the fullest. An avid gardener for over 20 years, Katie Frances embraces living green and lessening her carbon footprint.
  • Kim Keason
    Kim Keason
    Full time mom, part time nurse, and part time freelance writer.
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