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  • Adam Justice
    Adam Justice
    Adam works as an Engineering Technician and Web developer for a civil engineering/surveying firm. His engineering experience encompasses mechanical, architectural, civil and mining. He started designing websites when he was 14, and has done freelance graphic design and web development as a part time job ever since. Some of his other jobs include Customer care rep for cell phone companies, and p...
  • Aiyana Meda
    Aiyana Meda
    I am a peaceful, but witty small town girl who paints color into the path as she flickers through life.
  • Andrew Smith
    Andrew Smith
    Technology has fascinated me from a very early age ever since I watched my Uncle, who is a network engineer, put together a computer. I research all new types of technology daily and read technology journals to stay up to date on all things technology. While technology is something that I love, writing is my passion and I write about anything and everything in an effort to help and inspire p...
  • Barbara Raskauskas
    Barbara Raskauskas
    Barbara Raskauskas is a writer, photographer, and gardener with over 40 years experience growing vegetables and flowers. Her writing or photography appears on Yahoo US Homes, Shine, Finance, and Contributor Network websites, as well as other content websites such as DIY Network, Garden Guides, SASS Magazine, Verdeesvida Magazine, and eHow. Barbara worked over 20 years for defense contractor...
  • Betty Asphy
    Betty Asphy
    She loves to write. It is her dream to connect, inspire, and help others one person at a time through her article writing. Also visit her website at There she writes about toddlers, children, and family. Make sure you visit her at, She has previous experience as a Mortgage Loan Adjuster, Loan Officer, a Tutor for Adult L...
  • C. Jeanne Heida
    C. Jeanne Heida
    Jeanne is a small business owner with 30 years experience in the real estate industry. A consistent Y!CN Top 100 writer, her articles can be found at Y!Finance, Shine, DEX, and the Scripps Network. When Jeanne isn t writing, she keeps busy tending her urban farm and volunteering as a 4-H leader who is teaching a whole new generation of kids heritage skills.
  • Carlene Jones
    Carlene Jones
    Carlene Jones is a freelance writer who holds a degree in Media and Communications. She is particularly keen on issues relating to parenting, the family, and relationships. She enjoys writing reviews of books, stories, and television shows. She also writes short stories and is currently working on her first novel. As a Caribbean native, she keeps abreast of issues affecting the region. She is t...
  • CarolinaD
    A business women that got self thought, self educated to achieve great results in business, she has international life and work experience as well. A contributor to several writing sites, has writing experience in travel, lifestyle, home and garden, and business start-ups. She also offers consulting to use strategies for savings with green living and focus therapy to achieve a healthy lifestyl...
  • Caryn Brosky
    Caryn Brosky
    Caryn Brosky is an Ohio resident and Tri-C graduate. She has worked for the U.S. Postal Service since 1995 and enjoys writing short stories about her personal experiences and travels. Some of her articles have been featured in Stiletto Woman magazine, which focuses on real women in today's business world. Caryn has been known to shock many people by creating adventures, initiating investigation...
  • Catherine Vargas
    Catherine Vargas
  • Charlotte Kuchinsky
    Charlotte Kuchinsky
    I'm an author, columnist and poet. I have done extensive business, creative and technical writing and written curriculum for high schools, colleges and universities. I have authored several business and education related handbooks and training manuals in management, marketing, human resources and training. I have also co-authored a guide for inventors. I wrote a business column and reviewed...
  • Cheri Majors, M.S.
    Cheri Majors, M.S.
    A former model & actress who cared for more than 70 special-needs foster children, while earning a Masters degree in Human Sciences & Early Childhood Education. Authored 5 books (including childrens bilingual Spanish/English primer, due out soon) and Co-Founder, Editor & Publisher of the overnight cultural phenomena, Twinas Latinas Magazine (catering to the traditional family)! Join us on our j...
  • Chris Willman
    Chris Willman
    Chris is a freelance writer and journalist. A Journalism graduate from Rutgers University, NJ pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice. Having written over 120 articles for Textbroker, continues to learn from the best, and brings out the best through writing risque and humorous articles/stories.
  • Corbett Hecataeus
    Corbett Hecataeus
    miele s4212 With that in mind I've compiled some feelings of house owners who've purchased and thoroughly used both the Kirby nad Electrolux Carpet shampoo equipment if you want which you could make a much better decision to your self when it will come time to get an appliance to your own property Since Electrolux carpet shampoo machines are made for industrial uses like hotels, organi...
  • Darnell W.
    Darnell W.
    Former community manager (and future contributor) for Yahoo! Contributor Network -- you may know me better as AC Darnell or Y! Darnell. Feel free to get in touch -- I would love to hear from you!
  • Debbie Hanson
    Debbie Hanson
    Debbie Hanson is a freelance writer and online media professional who focuses on content geared towards travel, fitness and the outdoors. Hanson's work has been featured in the Official Florida Vacation Guide produced by VISIT FLORIDA®, Times of the Islands Magazine® and Game & Fish Magazine. Her writing appears on Yahoo! Contributor Network websites, as well as other content websites suc...
  • Deborah Zelasny
    Deborah Zelasny
    Deborah Zelasny, a.k.a. "The Jersey Momma," was an elementary school teacher for over fifteen years before becoming a stay-at-home mom, blogger and dessert fanatic. She spends her days searching for fun, creative, and educational things to do (all while staking out the best bakeries in town). By night she runs a blog called The Jersey Momma, chronicling her family's fun experien...
  • Donna Thacker
    Donna Thacker
    While she enjoys writing fiction, Donna also has a knack for writing informative articles that show her knowledge and passion about the chosen subject. She sometimes has a unique style of allowing humor to show through, even on a serious topic. As a self proclaimed motor head, country girl, she has a hands on knowledge on everything from classic cars to growing a garden. Donna is the proud...
  • Edwin Torres
    Edwin Torres
    Edwin Torres is a software developer with over 20 years of experience in computer technology. He is also a professor of computer science at Monmouth University. You can follow him on Twitter @realEdwinTorres.
  • Eliza Wynn
    Eliza Wynn
    Ellie's hobbies and interests include dogs, music, and spending time with her husband. An avid reader, she has been known to read several books a week; her favorite genres include suspense, horror, paranormal, and health. She also maintains several blogs and enjoys Pinterest.
  • Ellen Vossekuil
    Ellen Vossekuil
    Ellen works as a zoo keeper and swim lesson instructor trainer. She has a unique perspective on animal care, using zoo techniques to inspire better lives for domestic animals and family pets. She is also an expert on swim lessons for children and adults, and runs a blog for instructors and parents on a variety of aquatic topics. As a lifelong Green Bay Packers fan, she also writes for Yahoo!...
  • Everett James
    Everett James
    Everett James is a writer and college instructor. He lives in a rural area and loves the outdoors, fishing, travel, and spending time with his family.
  • Gabby Ostrowski
    Gabby Ostrowski
    memory foam pillow Finally, your most obvious bed bug symptoms are seeing are living bed bugs Because the infestation raises, you will notice a lot more bed bugs throughout the day You could possibly see an entire great deal of bed bugs over the mattress, based on your level of infestation The moment bed bugs start off biting, you're going to sense it consistently
  • Gerard Walen
    Gerard Walen
    Gerard spent 15 years writing and editing for daily print newspapers in Florida before realizing that the future is online. He runs two successful craft beer websites, but also writes on a variety of other subjects for online and print publications.
  • Heather White
    Heather White
    Love isn't all simple, beauty is more than skin deep and it won't stay sharp if you don't use it. Love is what people want but sometimes they are inhibiting its maximum or looking for it in the wrong things.
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