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  • Alethea Pape
    Alethea Pape
    Alethea Pape is a movie fanatic. She is also an avid researcher of history. She lives in the Hudson Valley region of New York and is originally from New Jersey. She was graduated from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia with a BFA in Film and Art Therapy. She has a New Jersey Elementary Education Certificate and a Victim Advocacy Certificate. She has written screenplays, theatrical pl...
  • Amy Faatz
    Amy Faatz
    Amy is the author of "Oliver Knows All About The Moon, Do You?", a children's picture book published in February 2014. She is also an avid reader, crafter, album maker, secretary, and the mother of three beautiful children. Her passion is writing, and creating everything from paper gift tags to delicate crocheted doilies. She loves everything about photos and was a Consultant w...
  • Angel Vee
    Angel Vee
    I'm a mother of 3 beautiful angels - boy/girl twins. I am also a professional beautician, who owned a hair salon for 6 years. Been in the beauty field for over 17 years. I have won hair styling awards, and also achieved awards for coloring and creative hair styling. Hair is like an art to me, very fun and creative. I am also a licensed manicurist. I enjoy writing about Reality television shows...
  • Angela K. Sims
    Angela K. Sims
    Angela Sims is a published freelance writer, aspiring author and professional photographer. You can see her published works on, eHow, Yahoo! Voices and Helium. She has also successfully sold articles to clients through Constant Content, Textbroker, Elance and Odesk. Sims has written a variety of topics ranging from health, fitness, wellness, fashion, travel, sports, news, business...
  • Anita Cameron
    Anita Cameron
    Anita Cameron hails from Chicago, IL, and is the younger of twins. She holds degrees in Biology, and Computer Information Systems. Drawing on her passion for social justice and change, she became involved in several movements, culminating in her introduction to the Disability Rights Movement. In 1986, Anita joined ADAPT, a national, grassroots disability rights organization. In 25 years...
  • Ann Linden
    Ann Linden
    A Hobby & Lifestyle writer for 6 years.
  • Anthony Del Signore
    Anthony Del Signore
    Anthony is a college junior at Pace University in NYC. He is studying Political Science and Criminal Justice. He is looking to obtain a PhD and become a professor of Law and Political Science. An avid runner, political junkie, and history buff, Anthony is always searching for the truth and getting right down to the bottom line.
  • Bettina R. Smith
    Bettina R. Smith
    Bettina is a graphic designer, copywriter, and color consultant who enjoys to write about everything color
  • Bridgitte Williams
    Bridgitte Williams
    I love to write. I am a published writer. I get paid to write! I am so proud! :-)Thank you for reading! Over three million views and counting. Named a top 1000 Yahoo online content producer in 2012. Food product reviews, holidays, poetry, health, short stories and humor. A hot 500 Yahoo contributor. Proud online content writer for Yahoo!
  • Brittany Ryan
    Brittany Ryan
    Brittany is a graduate of NYU with an English degree, currently working in a law firm with the intent of attending law school soon. She is the mother of a gorgeous little girl, and loves to cook, bake, read & write in what little spare time she has.
  • C. Jeanne Heida
    C. Jeanne Heida
    Jeanne is a small business owner with 30 years experience in the real estate industry. A consistent Y!CN Top 100 writer, her articles can be found at Y!Finance, Shine, DEX, and the Scripps Network. When Jeanne isn t writing, she keeps busy tending her urban farm and volunteering as a 4-H leader who is teaching a whole new generation of kids heritage skills.
  • Carly Kullman
    Carly Kullman
    Carly is a 30 year old single mother of two who loves writing in her spare time. She currently is working on her Bachelor s Degree in Nursing while working in the medical field. .
  • Carol Bengle Gilbert
    Carol Bengle Gilbert
    Carol's writing has been recognized repeatedly for its outstanding quality. She was designated 2010 Yahoo! Outstanding Contributor of the Year and most recently received an award for 2013 Content of the Year. Her previous accomplishments include a 2008 People s Media Award for Best Article and Spotlight Awards for Best Content in June 2013 and August 2012. Carol’s professional writing...
  • Cathy Pelekakis
    Cathy Pelekakis
    Retiree from the Department of the Army, Procurement Analyst. Mother of one terrific son. Love to go to the movies, read books, work on the computer, gardening, my pets Samantha and Missy. I have been published on Livestrong, ehow and Associated Content,
  • Chris Loomis, P.I.
    Chris Loomis, P.I. A California licensed Private Investigator (CA P.I. 24384) that also freelance writes on several like and associated topics. Chris Loomis is a contributing writer to DemandStudios.Com, & TextBroker.Com. His P.I. firm is in Arcadia, California, Los Angeles County, USA. They can be contacted at(626) 230-3137 or . They're on the web at: And, can...
  • Christine Bruness
    Christine Bruness
    Christine Bruness is a widely published writer and artist who has been a creative free spirit her whole life. She lives with her husband, Richard, and their seven cats in Lyndhurst, New Jersey. Other cats often stop by and are always welcomed and fed. Education/Experience: Christine has a BA in English with a writing concentration from William Paterson University and also completed the po...
  • Christine Cadena
    Christine Cadena
    With more than 15 years as an SEO professional, Christine specializes in SEO strategies, and website content development in topics related to health, insurance, finance and legal issues. Her services have been utilized by, Movable Media, Squidoo, local print media outlets, various web based clients, as well as Yahoo! Voices. When not working on SEO projects, she enjoys spending t...
  • Cindy Lu
    Cindy Lu
  • CJMathis
    CJ is an avid traveler who enjoys sharing her travel experiences, tips, and fun with her readers. Living in Central Oregon on a small ranch with her husband, 3 horses, 6 dogs, daughter and grand-daughter, she is living her dream of retirement. 20 years in the healthcare industry gives CJ a great insight on health issues and the medical field. CJ also has 20 years experience with dog and ho...
  • Cynthia Marcano
    Cynthia Marcano
    I am a stay at home mother of two. I enjoy planning parties, scrapbooking and web design. I am the webmaster for, and
  • Dale Miller
    Dale Miller
    Lives in Buffalo,NY and works in the auto industry. I like to write articles for websites on topics that are interesting to me. You should never stop learning.
  • Debbie Hanson
    Debbie Hanson
    Debbie Hanson is a freelance writer and online media professional who focuses on content geared towards travel, fitness and the outdoors. Hanson's work has been featured in the Official Florida Vacation Guide produced by VISIT FLORIDA®, Times of the Islands Magazine® and Game & Fish Magazine. Her writing appears on Yahoo! Contributor Network websites, as well as other content websites suc...
  • Dina Montgomery
    Dina Montgomery
    I've always loved writing and sharing things with others.
  • Donna Nolan-Wilson
    Donna Nolan-Wilson
    My name is Donna Nolan-Wilson. I am a booking agent, author, freelance writer, songwriter, photographer, poet, publisher, graphic - web designer, and worked as a paralegal in NY for 16 years. I own and operate ITS Entertainment, which is a booking agency that specializes in booking and promoting HIT songwriter and I also own LeCor Transcription which offers Legal and Corporate Transcription a...
  • Donna S.C. Allen
    Donna S.C. Allen
    Donna, who has written as Kenzy England, is a full-time freelance writer and recipient of the Yahoo! Contributor Network s 2010, 2011, and 2012 Top 1000 award. She enjoys writing about her favorite celebrities, music, and television shows. In addition to Y! CN, Donna has been published to Y! News and Y! omg!. and has contributed content about the British Royal Family and the British Royal W...
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