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  • *~*Elphame*~*
    I'm a wife,and mother of 2. I live one day at a time, and try to enjoy every second of it. I enjoy writing very much, and love to share my work with others.
  • A.C. Haury
    A.C. Haury
    A.C. Haury is a Philadelphia-based writer with over 10 years of experience in writing for the web. She has over 7 years of experience in the healthcare industry and is well-versed in medical terminology, health insurance rules and regulations, billing procedures and more. A.C. received a certification in music theory and vocal soprano performance in 1998. A.C. also plays the flute, piccolo,...
  • Abdallah Tounsi
    Abdallah Tounsi
  • Adam Justice
    Adam Justice
    Adam works as an Engineering Technician and Web developer for a civil engineering/surveying firm. His engineering experience encompasses mechanical, architectural, civil and mining. He started designing websites when he was 14, and has done freelance graphic design and web development as a part time job ever since. Some of his other jobs include Customer care rep for cell phone companies, and p...
  • Alexandra Marie
    Alexandra Marie
    Alexandra is currently a graduate student at Colorado State Univeristy. She graduated at Butler University in Indianapolis with a B.S. in biology and chemistry. She loves reading, traveling, and learning new things.
  • Alyssa Murray
    Alyssa Murray
    I started reading and writing at a young age, which nurtured my love of words and writing. I have been writing about philosophical, psychological and animal related issues for over 15 years, but have only recently started trying to reach a wider audience by getting published. I love working with words, I love the research each job leads me to, and I especially love sharing knowledge and informa...
  • Amanda R. Dollak
    Amanda R. Dollak
    Amanda Dollak has a B.S. in Criminal Justice and has been a freelance writer since 2008. She has had a lifelong passion for reading and writing and hopes to pass it on to her own two children. In addition to the articles and poetry featured here, she also has content published on and has branched out into blogging on Blogger. You can learn more about Amanda and her writing by follo...
  • Amber Weinacht
    Amber Weinacht
    Multi-published writer, editor, copywriter, and serial entrepreneur. Living outside of the box and loving it!
  • Andrea Papke
    Andrea Papke
    Though I was born and raised in Oregon I lived in Downtown San Francisco for a few years just (2) blocks from the Haight/Ashbury District. Born into the hippie movement I spent many days listening to music in the Golden Gate Park with my flower child Mom. Growing up in Oregon mostly, however in many different towns such as Newport,Oregon I fished and spent many days on the beach. I stay...
  • Anita Cameron
    Anita Cameron
    Anita Cameron hails from Chicago, IL, and is the younger of twins. She holds degrees in Biology, and Computer Information Systems. Drawing on her passion for social justice and change, she became involved in several movements, culminating in her introduction to the Disability Rights Movement. In 1986, Anita joined ADAPT, a national, grassroots disability rights organization. In 25 years...
  • Becky Brooks
    Becky Brooks
    Becky Brooks is a freelance writer, photographer, and top reviewer at Epinions. She and her husband have two grown children and share their Chicago area home with memories of their Cairn Terrier named Riley, a cat named Tinkerbelle, a parakeet, and fish. Besides writing, Becky also enjoys Photography, Gardening, Crafts, Pets, and Nature.
  • Beth Inman
    Beth Inman
    One of Y!CN's top writers, I lead a very busy life, but am learning to take time to do the things I like to do... for me. One of those things is to write.
  • Betty Asphy
    Betty Asphy
    She loves to write. It is her dream to connect, inspire, and help others one person at a time through her article writing. Also visit her website at There she writes about toddlers, children, and family. Make sure you visit her at, She has previous experience as a Mortgage Loan Adjuster, Loan Officer, a Tutor for Adult L...
  • Brett Day
    Brett Day
    Brett Day resides in Bridge Creek, Oklahoma, but is originally from Brighton, England. Brett moved to the states in 2002. Brett has a huge interest in the world of technology, home theater, video gaming, and sports. Brett loves writing and enjoys sharing his knowledge on all of these subjects.
  • Brian David M.
    Brian David M.
    Currently attending Kennesaw State University and majoring in English. I'm from Arizona, Florida, and Georgia. My specialties are creative writing, movies, and video games. I've had a nack for being nitpicky when it comes to films and the stuff that I write.
  • Brian Hopkins
    Brian Hopkins
    Brian Hopkins is an award winning writer and was a featured finance & travel contributor from 2010 - 2012 for the Yahoo! Contributor Network. Brian holds degrees in both finance and psychology and a Masters Degree in Psychology. Brian also reviews many television shows and movies. Brian also covers various NFL topics.
  • C.E. Hedley
    C.E. Hedley
    I'm a college student currently working towards my Bachelor's in Psychology. I have written one novella and while I look towards getting it published, I'm also working on another story. I write songs, design and make clothes, as well as paint and illustrate in my spare time.
  • Carol Rucker
    Carol Rucker
    Carol is a native Cincinnatian recently transplanted to Tallahassee, Florida. She may find it a difficult transition because deep inside, she is 100% Cincinnati through and through. Still she will continue to share her crafty inspiration in the Voices forum, and she hopes the Sunshine state will inspire her to new creative heights. Fortunately Florida caters to all the things Carol loves. t...
  • CarolinaD
    A business women that got self thought, self educated to achieve great results in business, she has international life and work experience as well. A contributor to several writing sites, has writing experience in travel, lifestyle, home and garden, and business start-ups. She also offers consulting to use strategies for savings with green living and focus therapy to achieve a healthy lifestyl...
  • Catherine Spencer
    Catherine Spencer
    Catherine - wife, mother of two sons, grandmother of five grandsons, and a retired school bus driver - was chosen as a Top 1000 Content Producer in 2010 & 2011 for Yahoo! Contributor Network. She is a self-proclaimed craft-aholic whose passion for creating began as a child. She loves sharing her craft obsession with her readers.
  • Cathy A Montville
    Cathy A Montville
    Cathy's been a successful New England small business owner in distribution, sales, and service for 23 years now. Her husband is her business partner. Yes: A husband and wife business team can be a challenge. Cathy was a newspaper correspondent covering town hall news and politics for 10 years; and a print columnist. She has been a freelance writer for 28 years. Oh, and she is now a hand...
  • Charles Joel
    Charles Joel
    Charles is an educator and writer. He has been published on Yahoo! Sports and Yahoo! News.
  • Chris Robison
    Chris Robison
    Served as an elected member of City Board of Mayor and Alderman, was a member of Finance and Safety Committees. Worked on several local campaigns and national primary campaigns. Received Post-Baccalaureate Teaching Certification from M.T.S.U. in 2011.
  • Christina Pomoni
    Christina Pomoni
    Knowledgeable professional with 5+ years experience in Financial Analysis and 3+ years experience in Portfolio Management. Has worked as an Equity Research Associate and Investment & Insurance Advisor. Has provided management support in several companies and has dealt with a variety of different projects. Experienced Business and Finance writer in U.S & UK based online publishers, holding an MB...
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