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  • Abraham Guerrero
    Abraham Guerrero
    Abraham is a systems analyst, microsoft certified professional, technology enthusiast and experienced real estate investor. He is passionate about helping people get the best performance out of their technology at home and in the workplace. He is a consultant with over 12 years of industry experience with expertise in windows networking, server infrastructure, security and systems management...
  • Adam Justice
    Adam Justice
    Adam works as an Engineering Technician and Web developer for a civil engineering/surveying firm. His engineering experience encompasses mechanical, architectural, civil and mining. He started designing websites when he was 14, and has done freelance graphic design and web development as a part time job ever since. Some of his other jobs include Customer care rep for cell phone companies, and p...
  • Arya Alexander
    Arya Alexander
    My name is Arya Alexander and writing is everything that I adore. I also love to read, bike, cook and watch movies. I was born in New York City but raised a couple blocks from the beach and am a nice blend of street smarts and shore town. While I did not realize I wanted to write as career until later in life, I am working hard to make up for the time that I've lost. I hold strong to famil...
  • Barry Falls Jr
    Barry Falls Jr
    Barry Falls Jr is a student at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, where he is working towards degree in sociology with a minor in journalism. He's the former managing editor of his university newspaper. Currently he runs a blog called My Vinyl Muse (
  • Caryl Cress Ramsey
    Caryl Cress Ramsey
    I discovered my love for writing when I was in college which led to a B.A. in English Literature/Writing. After college, I became licensed in Property and Casualty and worked as an agent in our family owned insurance agency. I am currently an Early Childhood Education teacher and owner of a small business. Now that my children are heading off to college, I am finding myself again and pursu...
  • Cathy A Montville
    Cathy A Montville
    Cathy's been a successful New England small business owner in distribution, sales, and service for 23 years now. Her husband is her business partner. Yes: A husband and wife business team can be a challenge. Cathy was a newspaper correspondent covering town hall news and politics for 10 years; and a print columnist. She has been a freelance writer for 28 years. Oh, and she is now a hand...
  • Dalia Bose
    Dalia Bose
    Dalia loves writing about money matters and real estate. She believes it is important to save money, so we can spend it later on things that matter! Dalia lives in the metro NYC area with her husband and family. In her spare time she writes a blog on Money Matters. Visit her at Disclaimer: All content is personal opinion and not a solicitation or reco...
  • Dana M. Burton
    Dana M. Burton
    Dana Burton is a Registered Dietitian and Director of Food Services for the Penn Yan and Dundee School Districts in the Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York. She attended Syracuse University and has a degree in dietetics and nutrition. Currently her credentials include, Registered Dietitian, Certified Dietitian Nutritionist and School Nutrition Specialist. She is the president of the Finge...
  • Darby Speakman
    Darby Speakman
    I am a veteran and currently attending university to complete my bachelor's degree. I believe in living large, being open to new ideas and actively exploring the world around us.
  • Edward Dolan
    Edward Dolan
    Edward Dolan is a Field Technical Service Engineer at City Machine Technologies in Youngstown Ohio. He is a 22 year US Navy veteran with service in the Iraq War, and a devoted husband and father of two boys. His hobbies include RC Nitro Aircraft, Helicopters and Trucks, O Scale Trains and 1/48 Scale Plastic Modeling.
  • Eliza Wynn
    Eliza Wynn
    Ellie's hobbies and interests include dogs, music, and spending time with her husband. An avid reader, she has been known to read several books a week; her favorite genres include suspense, horror, paranormal, and health. She also maintains several blogs and enjoys Pinterest.
  • Gillian Daire
    Gillian Daire
    Marine, writer, and humanitarian. She enjoys exploring the dichotomous nature of life, and believes in the therapeutic power of writing.
  • Giovanni Badalamenti
    Giovanni Badalamenti
    Based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, home of Steelers Nation, Giovanni Badalamenti has been writing professionally since 2010. His articles on sports, attractions, cooking, fitness and nutrition have appeared in various online publications. Mr. Badalamenti is currently enrolled in Community College of Allegheny County in Pittsburgh en route to a degree in English. Giovanni was previously...
  • J.C. Grant
    J.C. Grant
    A writer interested in education, finance, health, history, law, music, polemics, politics, satire, sports, statistics, travel, and trivia.
  • Jonathan Nowicki
    Jonathan Nowicki
    Jonathan lives in Bay City, Michigan. He graduated from John Glenn High School in 2001. His favorite subjects to write about are sports, politics, and making money online. Jonathan has been a Yahoo! Contributor since 5/3/2013.
  • Jules Ferguson
    Jules Ferguson
    Jules Ferguson is a veteran of the armed forces and author of two books, "The Naked Truth: My Life in the Form of Poetry" and "The Naked Truth 2: The Path to Enlightenment". He is a motivational speaker and resides in Virginia with his wife.
  • Julie Purpich
    Julie Purpich
    I have been an amateur writer all my life, and life is exactly what prevented me from building that swinging bridge from amateur status to professional status, you know, all the unplanned events that make a life sway to it's predestined design. Born the oldest of six children in a world famous Midwestern town, grew up with writing as a background emphasis. It splashed across the hillsides...
  • Laurel A. Rockefeller
    Laurel A. Rockefeller
    Laurel A. Rockefeller was born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska where she received her bachelor of arts from the University of Nebraska at Lincoln in writing, psychology, and medieval and Asian history, the only triple major to attain Phi Beta Kappa in her graduating class of over 5000 students. Initially published as a poet, Laurel’s first national publication came in 1991 when the America...
  • Lisa Mason
    Lisa Mason
    Content Marketing Pro. Social Media Community Manager. I love creating content, community building and all things social media. Founder of VP of Social Media Sun. My work has appeared on Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Sports, AT&T, GoDaddy, NameMedia, Bank of America, Intel, Resume Bear, American Fitness Magazine and more.
  • Michele Starkey
    Michele Starkey
    Optimist who enjoys writing, laughing and spreading good news. If I have but one life to live, I hope to make mine memorable. My epitaph will read: she lived, she loved, she left.
  • Morris  Armstrong
    Morris Armstrong
    Morris has an extensive background in the world of finance. He has spent 25 years as a currency and bond trader, and then another 15 years helping the public with personal financial issues. In 2008, attorneys in Connecticut voted him as one of the top three planners in the Connecticut Law Tribune poll. He has written for numerous online sites, including Multex Investors, which is now part...
  • Paul Sigrist
    Paul Sigrist
    President and CIO of OST Investments. A ten year veteran in the equity markets focused more on outperformance for small businesses and the everyday investor, while providing alpha generation for institutional and accredited investors. We implement a proprietary economic based top-down approach to investing that has proven effective in the equities markets over the past ten years. Also the au...
  • R. Salley (Salley J Robins)
    R. Salley (Salley J Robins)
    A writer who loves bringing readers into her world. A storyteller, poet, and amateur photographer, this long-time member of the Yahoo community writes with passion. She adores travel and sharing the good things in life. Currently based in the South of France, her unique voice speaks with enthusiasm about the culture, history, and people of the region. An experienced classroom teacher, c...
  • Shawn Shadows
    Shawn Shadows
    Shawn is a regular american, that has followed politics through his entire life .A republican, turned independent. A writer for yahoo U.S. finance, yahoo U.S. news, and voices on yahoo. experienced in running small home based businesses, and construction crews. He loves his guitar and his 3 daughters. His mission is to be a voice to help regular working people.He is looking out for what s in ou...
  • Tavia Fuller Armstrong
    Tavia Fuller Armstrong
    Tavia is a busy wife, mother, and educator from Oklahoma. She left her career as a biologist behind to be a full-time mom when her twins were born and began homeschooling all three of her children in 2009. Tavia enjoys spending quality time with her husband, teaching her children, traveling, reading classic literature, mentoring new homeschoolers and having fun with her friends.
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