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  • A.R.Treadway
    I was born in Orlando FL,but grew up in the military.I have lived in Germany and traveled to 35 of the 50 states in America.I am a mom to 2 children as well as 2 cats! My experiences growing up have helped me to be easily adaptable to any situation. I am currently working on a book. Many thanks to all the wonderful people on here without I wouldn t have a clue. Fiction is my specialty look for...
  • Dr. Derrin Smith
    Dr. Derrin Smith
    His recent book "Humanitarians in Hostile Territory: Expeditionary Diplomacy and Aid Outside the Green Zone" (Left Coast Press, 2010 co-authored with Dr. Peter Van Arsdale) draws heavily on his own experiences working in Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon as an expert in political-military affairs and as a development economist. Dr. Smith is featured in Paramount Studios' interview "Spies Among Us"...
  • Gray Fox
    Gray Fox
    Gray Fox holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering and has spent 25 years as an aerospace engineer for NASA. He has also served on a U. S. Navy nuclear submarine.
  • Katelyn Rhodes
    Katelyn Rhodes
    Katelyn is the Finance and Grant Coordinator of a non-profit organization, a freelance writer, and mother of two. She currently attends the University of North Texas full time as a Communications/Speech and Hearing Sciences major. She loves to write about current events, politics, parenting, finance, and sociological issues.
  • Kathryn E. Darden
    Kathryn E. Darden
    An author, poet, publisher, publicist and skincare consultant, Kathryn Darden has written for publications including CCM Magazine, The Tennessean, Barbie Bazaar Magazine and several Nashville newspapers. Darden has published a Christian entertainment magazine & website for 20 years and is the Nashville Gospel Music & Entertainment Examiner, the Nashville Skin, Health & Beauty Examiner and Nash...
  • Marie Anne St. Jean
    Marie Anne St. Jean
    Marie Anne is a retired U.S. Marine who has been a Top 1000 Content Producer for the last four years (even sneaking into the Top 100 in 2012) and recipient of the first Spotlight Award on YCN. No longer wearing a uniform, her weapons of choice are now crochet hook and pen. When not publishing through Yahoo! Contributor Network, Marie Anne occupies herself with her family of dogs, cats, and...
  • Mark Whittington
    Mark Whittington
    Mark R. Whittington is a writer residing in Houston, Texas. He is the author of The Last Moonwalker, Children of Apollo, Dark Sanction, and Nocturne. He has written numerous articles, some for the Washington Post, USA Today, the LA Times, and the Houston Chronicle.
  • Patricia Campion
    Patricia Campion
    As an avid political junkie, Patricia Campion was the first contributor in Yahoo! history to be honored simultaneously with a Rising Star Award and the prestigious Yahoo Contributor Award for content in the category of politics. In January 2011, she won an award for Content of the Year. Her articles have been featured by other news websites such as The New York Times, The Dallas Times, H...
  • Phillip Daguerre
    Phillip Daguerre
  • Rich Thomas
    Rich Thomas
    A Kentuckian and longtime resident of Washington, DC with an MA in international affairs, Thomas splits his time between American and Portugal. He works as a freelance writer both in print and online, writing about adventure sports, boxing current events, defense issues, travel and whiskey.
  • Rick Boozer
    Rick Boozer
    Rick Boozer has a Master's degree in astrophysics and is currently pursuing his PhD in that field. He is a retired industrial software engineer who created and oversees the public service science education website called Singularity Scientific and writes astronomy and space travel related articles for his Astro Maven blog. He has numerous professional computer science certifications as well as...
  • Ron Masters
    Ron Masters
    I may be a Systems Administrator by day, but finding abandoned places, writing fun articles, mentoring or praying for teens, jamming on guitars, sculpting sand, public speaking, Android App authoring (NikonCams and CanonCams) or honing my photography skills takes up my other moments. Whew! And did I mention that I m also a Husband, Dad and Grandpa? Life is awesome! :)
  • Sally Ann Murphy
    Sally Ann Murphy
    Sally is an attorney who enjoys good wine, excellent food, bird watching and learning about gardening in her adopted home of Little Rock, Arkansas. She has a special interest in cultivating roses, and is the author of several romance novels.
  • Scarlett Hill
    Scarlett Hill
    There has never been a moment in my life that I cannot remember writing short stories, poetry or ideas for books. As I am about to release of my third book this year, The Adventures of Delilah Doodle, I am already plotting my next adventure. I am a dedicated, full-time author, wife and mommy to two beautiful children. When I am not fulfilling duties as wife and mommy, I am busy writing childr...
  • Thomas Fortunato
    Thomas Fortunato
    I am a US government Contractor in Kabul, Afghanistan. I am a professional English teacher by trade
  • Tim Skillern
    Tim Skillern
    I am the director of news-editorial for Yahoo! Contributor Network on Yahoo! News. Before that, I was a videographer, copy editor and/or sportswriter for the Rocky Mountain News, the Boulder Daily Camera and the Austin American-Statesman. Long before that, I was a generalized peon at the Wendy s on Union Boulevard in Lakewood, Colo.
  • Timothy Sexton
    Timothy Sexton
    Timothy Sexton was honored by being named the very first Writer of the Year of Associated Content, now known as Yahoo! Contributor Network. Timothy has published two novels and contributed chapters to Sherlock Holmes and Philosophy, Jeopardy and Philosophy and Jurassic Park and Philosophy and Dracula and Philosophy. His more than 12,000 articles have appeared on this site as well as US...
  • TravelGirl
    Freelance writer.
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