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  • Abraham Guerrero
    Abraham Guerrero
    Abraham is a systems analyst, microsoft certified professional, technology enthusiast and experienced real estate investor. He is passionate about helping people get the best performance out of their technology at home and in the workplace. He is a consultant with over 12 years of industry experience with expertise in windows networking, server infrastructure, security and systems management...
  • Adam Champion
    Adam Champion
    Adam Champion is a devoted husband, father, and career soldier in the US Army. He writes on various topics including fatherhood, leadership, politics, religion, food, music and film. Adam has been awarded the Bronze Star Medal and the Combat Action Badge among other military medals and awards.
  • Ajab Amin
    Ajab Amin
    Ajab is a health & wellness professional, writer and Christian who loves to help people get to a better physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual state. She blogs at She is passionate about scripture, personal development, their application, and behavior. She is originally from Cameroon, Central Africa and has a background in Public Health - Behavioral Health p...
  • Aleshia Clarke
    Aleshia Clarke
    Creative nonfiction writer, full-time RV traveler, social scientist, and student of life.
  • Amanda Renee Morris
    Amanda Renee Morris
    Single mother of four, college student, and a disabled Army Veteran.
  • Amy E. Baum
    Amy E. Baum
    I am a freelance writer with three years of professional writing and editing experience. I love creating unique content and working with clients to satisfy their needs.
  • Amy Phillips-Gary
    Amy Phillips-Gary
    I am a Breakthrough Relationship Coach and writer. I provide content for various websites on the subjects: jealousy, rebuilding trust after infidelity, restarting the spark and creating a happy and fulfilling life. In addition to coaching and writing, my background includes an M.A. in Sociology with a Women’s Studies certificate. During graduate school, I conducted original research on the t...
  • Anca Buice
    Anca Buice
  • Angela K. Sims
    Angela K. Sims
    Angela Sims is a published freelance writer, aspiring author and professional photographer. You can see her published works on, eHow, Yahoo! Voices and Helium. She has also successfully sold articles to clients through Constant Content, Textbroker, Elance and Odesk. Sims has written a variety of topics ranging from health, fitness, wellness, fashion, travel, sports, news, business...
  • Anne of  Northwind
    Anne of Northwind
    Raised in a rural area with an emphasis on nature, wildlife and lifelong learning within my family, I became a student of life, seeking every opportunity for education that I could afford or for which I had time. My biggest influence in life came through my grandmother who unconditionally supported me and gave me the unshakable belief that I could survive anything. This came in very handy in...
  • Anthony Hopper
    Anthony Hopper
    I have worked in the healthcare, education, and real estate industries. I have a diverse array of interests and experiences. I am an advocate for healthy lifespan extension. I enjoy playing fantasy football. My favorite NFL team is the Pittsburgh Steelers. I grew up watching the Atlanta Braves and root for them in baseball.
  • Ashley Marie Hodge
    Ashley Marie Hodge
    Ashley Hodge is an educator, a loving wife, a mother of two, a sports addict, and a fan of the arts. She loves to have things organized and well planned out. Her passion for writing has been strong ever since she was a child. She graduated from the University of Minnesota with a B.S. in Business Management, went back to school and received her Special Education Teaching License and has been tea...
  • Bailey Hinson
    Bailey Hinson
    Jersey Shore Clamdigger(native) who loves the water, painting and anything chocolate.
  • Barbara Nefer
    Barbara Nefer
    I'm a freelance writer specializing in travel (including Disney and all the other Central Florida theme parks), pets, personal finance, and relationships.
  • Ben Wolfinger
    Ben Wolfinger
    Ben Wolfinger is a single father of three amazing children and a full time Freelance Writer and Computer Technician. Ben does most of his work out of his Northern Indiana home, but has been known to make the occasional house call for his clients who can't bring their computers to him. Ben has lived in the same town all of his life, and writing has always been his passion. He enjoys writin...
  • Benn Bell
    Benn Bell
    Benn Bell recently returned to his roots after a nearly 30 year absence. He left Louisville, Kentucky in 1982 for the wide open spaces of Oklahoma and Texas. Next, he traveled to the Northeast living first in Philadelphia, then in various small towns around New Jersey. When he moved back to Louisville, he quickly discovered that, as the saying goes you can never really go home again. During...
  • Betty Asphy
    Betty Asphy
    She loves to write. It is her dream to connect, inspire, and help others one person at a time through her article writing. Also visit her website at There she writes about toddlers, children, and family. Make sure you visit her at, She has previous experience as a Mortgage Loan Adjuster, Loan Officer, a Tutor for Adult L...
  • Billy Sabin
    Billy Sabin
    Born in Rochester, MN in 1960, Billy lived in a foster home nearby for seven years until adopted, then grew up on a farm near Bricelyn, MN. In 1981 he graduated from University of MN Technical College with an Associates degree in Crop Production, went on to complete a B.S. degree in Urban/Regional Studies at MN State University, Mankato, then completed a Masters Degree with University of Phoeni...
  • Bobbi Johnson
    Bobbi Johnson
    I graduated with my Bachelors Degree in Fine Arts with Emphasis in Photography in 2011. I Originally I wanted to be an engineer, but I took one photography class and fell in love with it. I love reading, watching TV and movies, hanging with my friends and my family and just relaxing.
  • Brandi Marchetti
    Brandi Marchetti
    Brandi was born and raised in a small Northern Michigan town bordering Canada. Throughout the years, she has taken her small-town roots and lived in various places around the globe in search of a place where she feels most true to herself. She currently settles in Orlando, Florida. She waits for that next gust of wind that will push her gypsy heart to the next destination. In the meantime, she...
  • Callie Simms
    Callie Simms
    Teased for her varied interest, she has Master of Accounting and Master of Teaching English degrees, Callie has been able to successfully apply her varied range of expertise to express her passions in the world of free-lance writing. When not writing about personal finance, nutrition, fitness, politics, and education, Callie enjoys spending time with her husband and extended family and basking...
  • Calvin Wolf
    Calvin Wolf
    I have written two novels, The College, which is available for FREE on Smashwords, and The University, which is being edited. I am a high school social studies teacher by day, writer by evening, and a husband and father. I have lived in Texas, New Mexico, and Wyoming and have been both a professional backpacking guide and cartoonist in the past.
  • Carl Simmons
    Carl Simmons
    Carl resides in York, PA and is employed by an environmental testing laboratory as a Senior GC/MS Analyst. He grew up in Baltimore, MD and attended Baltimore Polytechnic Institute where he concentrated on the sciences. After leaving Baltimore, he moved to the Johnstown, PA area and attended the University of Pittsburgh at Johnstown majoring in Terrestrial Ecology.
  • Carmellita Michelle
    Carmellita Michelle
    Whether she is writing about entrepreneurism, relationships, education, life skills, entertainment, or alternative health, the underlining theme threading through Carmellita Michelle’s work is “reach a little higher and achieve your best.” With a career path extending from Secondary Education Teacher to Fundraiser, Proposal Writer, and Freelance Writer, Carmellita Michelle holds a Bac...
  • Christine Hennessey
    Christine Hennessey
    Writer, teacher, homesteader, runner, and yogi. I currently live in coastal North Carolina with two giant dogs, three chickens, one beehive, and my husband. When I'm not working on my novel, I can often be found drinking red wine, working in my garden, reading a good book, cooking delicious vegetarian food, or blogging.
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