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  • A.E. Olson
    A.E. Olson
    I am a freelance writer and nutrition consultant based in Minneapolis, MN. I primarily focus on science-based nutrition with an emphasis on intuitive eating and eliminating disordered eating behavior. I also like to write about beauty and skincare. Please note that none of my articles are a personal recommendation for any treatment or service; please consult your local healthcare provider.
  • Abby Greenhill
    Abby Greenhill
    Abby is a retired Administrative Assistant. She is a pet lover who has many years experience as a dog owner. She loves to take road trips anywhere up and down the East Coast and tries to stay current on new vacation rentals, hotels and pet friendly accomodations as well.
  • Adam Michael Luebke
    Adam Michael Luebke
    Adam Michael Luebke writes political / cultural stories at Dear Dirty America ( He He has just finished a novel titled Parade of Bums, and is working on a collection of short fiction stories about Los Angeles.
  • ADSpencer
    AD Spencer is a working writer living in Alabama. Her speculative short fiction has appeared in several anthologies by small publishers, and she is currently writing her first novel.
  • Allan M. Heller
    Allan M. Heller
    I am a free lance writer and author of three books. I have also published short fiction, and poetry. I don't fit into a particular political mold. Although I lean toward conservative, I have opinions that offend both the left and the right.
  • Amy Brantley
    Amy Brantley
    A self-confirmed foodie, lover of interior design, and mother to a variety of pets, Amy has published over 3,000 articles with many top companies. She enjoys finance, crafts, and all things Kindle-related. If you d like to hire Amy for your next writing project, email her at
  • Andrea Coventry
    Andrea Coventry
    Andrea Coventry is a Montessori child, now Montessori educator, who seeks to share this educational philosophy with the world. This background, coupled with over 20 years of experience with children of all ages, gives her a unique perspective into the worlds of education and parenting. Follow these topics on Twitter @MontessoriWrite. With four years of online writing experience, she has publ...
  • Andrea Rowe
    Andrea Rowe
    Andrea Rowe is a 2003 graduate of Arkansas State University achieving a BSE in psychology, honors club and a minor in English. She is a nearly thirty year survivor of childhood cancer having experienced many of the trials in attaining appropriate health care, employment, and social stigma attached to the word "cancer" as well as lots of -oscopies, -otomies, -omas and other cancer rel...
  • Andrew Riggio
    Andrew Riggio
    Andrew is a freelance writer living in New Hampshire. He is passionate about writing the way Mozart was passionate about music. Andrew writes on subjects from news commentary, politics, technology, video games, food and finance. He loves writing for Yahoo! but also writes for private clients creating blog posts, newsletters and web content of many kinds, and writes regularly for a local p...
  • Andrew Wolf
    Andrew Wolf
    I am a 26 year old college student diagnosed with the bipolar mental disorder. I strive to be an inspiration for those who identify with mental disorder, and to point out mentally ill traits that are not officially diagnosed because they are so normal, such as greed and revenge. Most important: I experience greater freedom from mental disease, expand my own ease, by instilling greater ease in o...
  • Anita Cameron
    Anita Cameron
    Anita Cameron hails from Chicago, IL, and is the younger of twins. She holds degrees in Biology, and Computer Information Systems. Drawing on her passion for social justice and change, she became involved in several movements, culminating in her introduction to the Disability Rights Movement. In 1986, Anita joined ADAPT, a national, grassroots disability rights organization. In 25 years...
  • Barbara Amaya
    Barbara Amaya
    Barbara Amaya was born in Virginia where she now resides. She is a passionate writer who survived many traumas and refuses to be a victim. She was trafficked from the age 12 until she was 21 years old. She holds a CDA credential in Early Childhood Development and was a preschool teacher for several years. Her many and varied life experiences have granted her expertise in a wide range of subject...
  • Bonnie Doss-Knight
    Bonnie Doss-Knight
    Advocate of pure & simple living. Author of "Chocolate Days & Shadows", "The Book, a Primer for Seekers of Higher Consciousness" and "Beyond Blue". Mission to bridge gap between 3-D material world & highest consciousness of True Self.
  • Brett Day
    Brett Day
    Brett Day resides in Bridge Creek, Oklahoma, but is originally from Brighton, England. Brett moved to the states in 2002. Brett has a huge interest in the world of technology, home theater, video gaming, and sports. Brett loves writing and enjoys sharing his knowledge on all of these subjects.
  • Brian Conners
    Brian Conners
    Brian supports Democrats who protect the bottom 99%! Brian had been a Social Worker and saw how the injustice of the GOP decimated individuals, families and communities on a daily basis.The GOP really is the "party of no". They supported health care reform until President Obama implemented Affordable Health Care. They increased the debt limit until President Obama needs to do so....
  • Bridget Ilene Delaney
    Bridget Ilene Delaney
    Bridget Ilene Delaney is a professional writer with over five years of experience writing for Internet and print publications. She has self published a children s book called This Is My Bucket and a logistical brain teaser book called Ace s Adventures Vol. 1. She is a graduate of the McNeese State Honors College and has a bachelor s degree in Mass Communications (Journalism) with a minor in...
  • Bridgitte Williams
    Bridgitte Williams
    I love to write. I am a published writer. I get paid to write! I am so proud! :-)Thank you for reading! Over three million views and counting. Named a top 1000 Yahoo online content producer in 2012. Food product reviews, holidays, poetry, health, short stories and humor. A hot 500 Yahoo contributor. Proud online content writer for Yahoo!
  • Britt Baker
    Britt Baker
    I am a driven web content writer with a passion for writing engaging pieces that appeal to specific audiences.
  • C. Theodore Walker
    C. Theodore Walker
    San Francisco writer, absintheur and beer/wine/food aficionado who has self-published poetry and published essays in local newspapers. He is at present engaged in writing a short story novella entitled "Created One". On August 9th, 2010, "Nevermore: Alchemy of the Raven" was published and is available for sale.
  • Carol Bengle Gilbert
    Carol Bengle Gilbert
    Carol's writing has been recognized repeatedly for its outstanding quality. She was designated 2010 Yahoo! Outstanding Contributor of the Year and most recently received an award for 2013 Content of the Year. Her previous accomplishments include a 2008 People s Media Award for Best Article and Spotlight Awards for Best Content in June 2013 and August 2012. Carol’s professional writing...
  • Cassandra James
    Cassandra James
    I m a British-American writer currently living in Bangkok, Thailand. I ve been writing for Associated Content since 2007 and was named one of AC s Top 100 Writers for 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. I primarily write about travel, teaching EFL overseas, and alternative health. My work has been published in various magazines and newspapers throughout South East Asia.
  • Catherine Spencer
    Catherine Spencer
    Catherine - wife, mother of two sons, grandmother of five grandsons, and a retired school bus driver - was chosen as a Top 1000 Content Producer in 2010 & 2011 for Yahoo! Contributor Network. She is a self-proclaimed craft-aholic whose passion for creating began as a child. She loves sharing her craft obsession with her readers.
  • Charlene Collins
    Charlene Collins
    Charlene Collins is a retired licensed practical nurse from Bethlehem, Georgia. She has both career and personal experience with several types of physical and mental health conditions. First and foremost, Charlene is a mom and a grandmother: everything else come second. She stays actively involved with the medical community as a researcher, freelance and ghostwriter for several companies. Char...
  • Christine Cadena
    Christine Cadena
    With more than 15 years as an SEO professional, Christine specializes in SEO strategies, and website content development in topics related to health, insurance, finance and legal issues. Her services have been utilized by, Movable Media, Squidoo, local print media outlets, various web based clients, as well as Yahoo! Voices. When not working on SEO projects, she enjoys spending t...
  • Christine Zibas
    Christine Zibas
    Currently a freelance writer, Christine Zibas worked for many more years in the publishing world. In her last position, she was Director of Publications and Marketing for a Chicago-based nonprofit organization in the field of real estate. Prior to that, she was Director of Marketing for a multimedia company in San Francisco; Editor of a political journal in London (IISS); a Travel Writer for...
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