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  • Adam
  • Amanda C. Strosahl
    Amanda C. Strosahl
    Born and raised on the banks of the Mississippi river, Amanda moved to the Greater Indianapolis area in 1994, where she worked alongside her husband in the newspaper industry until 2008. She now works as a freelance writer, with special focus on health news and healthy living.
  • Angel Vee
    Angel Vee
    I'm a mother of 3 beautiful angels - boy/girl twins. I am also a professional beautician, who owned a hair salon for 6 years. Been in the beauty field for over 17 years. I have won hair styling awards, and also achieved awards for coloring and creative hair styling. Hair is like an art to me, very fun and creative. I am also a licensed manicurist. I enjoy writing about Reality television shows...
  • Asante George
    Asante George
    Asante George ( is an author and public speaker on the subjects of raw living food, natural family living, and personal empowerment. Asante is a certified raw food educator and raw food chef with the Ekaya Institute of Living Food Education and an active member of the Raw Vegan Network. She is the author of Living Our Bliss: An Introduction to Sun Food and founder of Lotus...
  • Asher Kade
    Asher Kade
    Asher Kade is a reknown crime novelist and is a former law enforcement officer. Asher has 17 years of professional experience in criminal behavior and activity as well as mental illness. He has compiled his experiences into a fictional format and published them in his books. [] Asher has personal experience with autism. His eldest child/son from his last marria...
  • Billy Obenauer
    Billy Obenauer
    Billy Obenauer has a diverse combination of experiences provide him with a unique point of view on many topics. He is a high school business teacher, college cross country coach, and married father of four. He is a graduate of Bellevue University and is currently enrolled in a graduate program at SUNY Oswego. Obenauer serves as on the Select Board in the Town of Shaftsbury, VT. Prior to ente...
  • Branwen66 (Lefki Beletsi)
    Branwen66 (Lefki Beletsi)
  • Carly Hart
    Carly Hart
    One of AC s Top 1000 Content Producers, Carly Hart s interests include news, politics, parenting, frugal living and consumer related issues. A Featured Contributor in the Shopping and Fashion category, she also shares money saving tips and tricks on her blog, Making Ends Meet. Hot 100 badge in April 2010
  • Carol Bengle Gilbert
    Carol Bengle Gilbert
    Carol's writing has been recognized repeatedly for its outstanding quality. She was designated 2010 Yahoo! Outstanding Contributor of the Year and most recently received an award for 2013 Content of the Year. Her previous accomplishments include a 2008 People s Media Award for Best Article and Spotlight Awards for Best Content in June 2013 and August 2012. Carol’s professional writing...
  • Christi Bowers
    Christi Bowers
    I am motivated by life and always wanting to learn and improve myself! I love to travel and to explore new things. I am a philospher at heart and search for meaning.
  • Christopher Cudworth
    Christopher Cudworth
    I am a writer and artist who has worked in marketing and promotions for newspapers and agencies. Outside work I am involved in environmental issues, faith and family.
  • Cindy Coulter
    Cindy Coulter
    I am a certified custom designer, specializing in space planning and storage solutions, such as walk-in closets and home offices. I am also a freelance writer specializing in parenting, working from home, Disney, and organization/space planning. I also write newsletters and provide assistance with resumes and cover letters. My family: Married with 2 children. Reside in a suburb of Cleveland,...
  • Craig
    I was the General Counsel at AC in NYC - in charge of all stuff legal.
  • Crutnacker
    Freelance writer and business professional from Louisville, Kentucky. Husband, father of one beautiful daughter and three annoying cats. Lived in Maryland, Boston, MA, and Louisville, KY.
  • D.H. Mince
    D.H. Mince
  • Darnell W.
    Darnell W.
    Former community manager (and future contributor) for Yahoo! Contributor Network -- you may know me better as AC Darnell or Y! Darnell. Feel free to get in touch -- I would love to hear from you!
  • David A. Reinstein, LCSW
    David A. Reinstein, LCSW
    Clinical Social Worker, psychotherapist, born in Boston and a relatively unscathed survivor of the 60 s. Fan of technology, guitars, creating music and poetry. Mental wellness coach, staff trainer and parenting educator.
  • DeeDee
    DeeDee has been published in various newspapers, magazines, and online. Her main focus is writing how-to articles, travel, crafts, and occassionally pieces on pets.
  • Denise Jennings
    Denise Jennings
    I have traveled extensively and studied foreign languages before becoming a small business owner and QuickBooks ProAdvisor. I have practiced green, organic gardening for more than 15 years and love all animals and nature.
  • Denise Larkin
    Denise Larkin
    Denise Larkin is a Writer living in the UK. She writes about travel, TV shows, entertainment and celebrity news, health and fitness, beauty, weight loss, holidays abroad, book reviews and anything else that she takes an interest in. She writes short fiction stories and writes for the Living and Lifestyle News Blog. She is the author of The Island of Love and Cyprus Travels plus she has writt...
  • Erich Rosenberger M.D.
    Erich Rosenberger M.D.
    I'm a medical doctor who now works in biomedical research. Before attending medical school, I worked in the Pharmaceutical research industry. My undergraduate education includes a BA in English. I have a love of writing and enjoy providing information on health topics in a way that is accessible and interesting to the non-scientist. I'm originally from Michigan, but have lived i...
  • Ethan Longhenry
    Ethan Longhenry
    A Christian working with the Venice church of Christ in Los Angeles, California
  • Gayle Crabtree
    Gayle Crabtree
    Gayle is an expert in budget and family travel. She is a trained mission team leader who has traveled extensively throughout the United States and Canada. Her road trip experiences include traveling with disabilities, a service animal and multi-generational travel. She enjoys working on crafts, volunteering, spending time with her family and is always open to new experiences. Email her at youve...
  • Guy Honking in your Rear-View
    Guy Honking in your Rear-View
    The best parts of my Biography have yet to happen................................... A vote is like a rifle; its usefulness depends upon the character of the user. - Theodore Roosevelt
  • JA Huber
    JA Huber
    Spent a decade in Death Valley, Everglades and Yellowstone Ntn'l Parks and now living happily in Florida working in tourism, editor of; traveling alone, not lonely.
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