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  • Abby Greenhill
    Abby Greenhill
    Abby is a retired Administrative Assistant. She is a pet lover who has many years experience as a dog owner. She loves to take road trips anywhere up and down the East Coast and tries to stay current on new vacation rentals, hotels and pet friendly accomodations as well.
  • Amanda C. Strosahl
    Amanda C. Strosahl
    Born and raised on the banks of the Mississippi river, Amanda moved to the Greater Indianapolis area in 1994, where she worked alongside her husband in the newspaper industry until 2008. She now works as a freelance writer, with special focus on health news and healthy living.
  • Amanda Werner
    Amanda Werner
    A wife and homeschooling mother of three, who has over five years experience homeschooling, three years experience writing and reviewing homeschool related products, with a passion for many different aspects of life.
  • Anthony Ventre
    Anthony Ventre
    I have a background in traditional print media and radio news. News moves quickly in the information age.. Online publishing provides freedom, spontaneity, and unusual challenges. Always been fascinated w/ language, it's ability to do both harm and good.
  • April Higney
    April Higney
    A love for writing poetry for many years. Main concepts are based upon past/present/future struggles & issues of life and relationships, love and family. I am strongly passionate about entwining my heart & soul in these words. To some it may connect, others it may not. I enjoy the in-depth romance writing. Currently working on a poetic novel. I hope you find something in my writing that stirs y...
  • Bridget Ilene Delaney
    Bridget Ilene Delaney
    Bridget Ilene Delaney is a professional writer with over five years of experience writing for Internet and print publications. She has self published a children s book called This Is My Bucket and a logistical brain teaser book called Ace s Adventures Vol. 1. She is a graduate of the McNeese State Honors College and has a bachelor s degree in Mass Communications (Journalism) with a minor in...
  • Carol Slater
    Carol Slater
    I am a mom of two girls -ages 14 and 20. I currently home school my youngest and enjoy living on our crazy funny farm. I am happily married to a wonderful husband that has been the love of my life for 16 years now. I love writing and hope to make a career of it and I enjoy spending time with our horses and my friends!
  • Casey
    I'm 24 years old, I live with my fiance, Jake and our two dogs Lakota and Katie. I'm a full time union laborer and working, fishing and hunting every spare moment.
  • Cathie
    prayer ministry coordinator, Sunday School teacher, teach Wednesday Night children, children church director along with my great husband, MeeMee of 5, mother of 3 by blood and 3 by their marriage.
  • Christine Cadena
    Christine Cadena
    With more than 15 years as an SEO professional, Christine specializes in SEO strategies, and website content development in topics related to health, insurance, finance and legal issues. Her services have been utilized by, Movable Media, Squidoo, local print media outlets, various web based clients, as well as Yahoo! Voices. When not working on SEO projects, she enjoys spending t...
  • Crystal Ray
    Crystal Ray
  • Darrin Atkins
    Darrin Atkins
    Darrin Atkins has worked for Premiere and Nevada magazines, The Record newspaper, and other publications. He has written more than 35 books.
  • David A. Reinstein, LCSW
    David A. Reinstein, LCSW
    Clinical Social Worker, psychotherapist, born in Boston and a relatively unscathed survivor of the 60 s. Fan of technology, guitars, creating music and poetry. Mental wellness coach, staff trainer and parenting educator.
  • Della  R. Buckland
    Della R. Buckland
    I'm naught but a wanderer of this realm. My passion is discovery and my interests many. Not just your average wanderer, but one of history and time. My writings vary as I am truly interested in many things from the mundane to the outlandish.
  • Diane Zoller-Ciatto
    Diane Zoller-Ciatto
    Most recognize me as JerseyNana, I love being a freelance writer and poet. Avid lover of family and friends of all ages. Enjoy being a baby boomer, a conservative thinker and unapologetically American.
  • Donna S.C. Allen
    Donna S.C. Allen
    Donna is a full-time freelance writer and recipient of the Yahoo! Contributor Network s 2010, 2011, and 2012 Top 1000 award. She enjoys writing about her favorite celebrities, music, and television shows. In addition to Y! CN, Donna has been published to Y! News and Y! omg!. and has contributed content about the British Royal Family and the British Royal Wedding. Donna's favorite TV...
  • Erin Duff
    Erin Duff
    Hi, my name is Erin. I love music, my husband, my family, & the pets. Profession=therapist. DMB fan. Love to travel. Make a mean peanut butter cookie. WVU Mountaineer fan.
  • Faith Wright Draper
    Faith Wright Draper
    Faith s writing experience includes a weekly women s newsletter, published in a contemporary issues book, as well as 100s of content articles and several e-books as a ghostwriter. She has lived all over the US but is now back home in Jackson, Michigan.
  • Freida Thomas
    Freida Thomas
    Freida is a retired Accountant from the Education field. She enjoys reading, writing,volunteering, and frugal living. Freida's areas of expertise include Finance, Parkinsons, Nutrition, Food, Health/Fitness and Fashion. She enjoys freelance writing in these and other areas.
  • george chavez
    george chavez
    I enjoy reading and writing. I love to tell tales to people. I have three college degrees(I know, glutton for punishment) and a wonderful family with plenty of great kids, all of them. I work at night so you may get comments in the wee hours, I mean when I'm not performing my duties dutifully.
  • Gwen Navarrete
    Gwen Navarrete
    In addition to Associated Content, Gwen Navarrete currently writes online content for such sites as eHow, Demand Studios, and HubPages. She is also the Las Vegas Culture & Events Examiner and Las Vegas Volunteerism Examiner for Hailing from the hospitality and retail industries, she has over 10 years managerial experience in training and development, customer service, sales, eCo...
  • J G Hodnette
    J G Hodnette
    J G Hodnette is a student of English at Auburn University who enjoys writing. He enjoys watching and reviewing movies so that others will be able to use their precious free time wisely.
  • J.C. Grant
    J.C. Grant
    A writer interested in education, finance, health, history, law, music, polemics, politics, satire, sports, statistics, travel, and trivia.
  • Jan Corn
    Jan Corn
    I ve had extensive experience with DIY and home renovation projects, particularly after buying a home that was in need of repair. As the daughter of a builder, I d learned a few things when helping my father with rental homes and properties but got more experience as we worked on our own home (everything from plumbing to floor repair to kitchen renovations). I ve written for national and l...
  • Jane Vee
    Jane Vee
    Jane is married with two wonderful children. She has worked in the childcare industry for over 20 years. Her profession for 18 years has been accounting. She enjoys home interior and design as well as home repair. After buying and helping to fix 11 houses over the years, Jane has a wide range of home repair mishaps and knowledge. As an owner of an automotive transport business, her manager...
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