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  • Adrian Frank
    Adrian Frank
    Adrian grew up in Central Texas. He joined the Navy after high school, where he served on several submarines. During this time he traveled to several ports, including Honolulu, Australia, Puerto Rico and other Caribbean islands, and the Mediterranean Sea. While in the Navy, Adrian met Jamie. They soon joined together in a spiritual union and civil partnership. Adrian retired from the Nav...
  • Ann Siper
    Ann Siper
    Ann Siper is a web writer who has written for online sites such as Demand Studios,, and She writes on a variety of topics, including holidays, health and fitness, travel, home improvement and art.
  • Ashley Baxter
    Ashley Baxter
    Ashley is a digital enthusiast turned entrepreneur. Her business, Baxie404, teaches people how to excel online while building their brand through online marketing and promotion.
  • Brenda C. Lewis
    Brenda C. Lewis
    I hold a degree in Public History Research. I have taken a variety of continuing education classes on the internet including spanish, juvenile delinquency,psychology, law, and tax prep. I have a big family and write about the joys and sorrows of this challenge. I have worked in and volunteered in many areas in public schools as well as experienced homeschooling my kids. I write fiction, edito...
  • Caryl Cress Ramsey
    Caryl Cress Ramsey
    I discovered my love for writing when I was in college which led to a B.A. in English Literature/Writing. After college, I became licensed in Property and Casualty and worked as an agent in our family owned insurance agency. I am currently an Early Childhood Education teacher and owner of a small business. Now that my children are heading off to college, I am finding myself again and pursu...
  • Christine Soltis
    Christine Soltis
    Christine Marie Soltis was born and raised in Washington, Pennsylvania. Her deepest passion is in fiction writing and has been for the past eight years. Of her twelve written novels, five have been released to the public, along with three poetry books and two short story compilations. In addition, she creates her own cover photos and promotional videos. Christine has had poetry publishe...
  • Dalia Bose
    Dalia Bose
    Dalia loves writing about money matters and real estate. She believes it is important to save money, so we can spend it later on things that matter! Dalia lives in the metro NYC area with her husband and family. In her spare time she writes a blog on Money Matters. Visit her at Disclaimer: All content is personal opinion and not a solicitation or reco...
  • Don Rothra
    Don Rothra
    Published poet and a retired professional musician but mostly jack of all trades. Several years experience in construction. Song writer and country band leader for many years
  • Dreah Lauraine
    Dreah Lauraine
    Dreah is specializes in lifestyle articles such as education, parenting, beauty, and education. She is a veteran homeschooling mom with two kids happily in college. She loves to paint and dabbles in Real-Estate in her spare time.
  • Edwin Torres
    Edwin Torres
    Edwin Torres is a software developer with over 20 years of experience in computer technology. He is also a professor of computer science at Monmouth University. You can follow him on Twitter @realEdwinTorres.
  • Elaine Palentier
    Elaine Palentier
    Elaine is a technology enthusiast, a Mother of three, and into several hobbies. She enjoys anything from aqua-scape and gardening to martial arts and weight lifting. When she s not working on a computer or playing the latest games she likes to do things with her children. One of her daughters has a garden of her own that Elaine helps her with. There are 50 gallon and 10 gallon fish tanks that...
  • G.T.
  • Giuseppe Giannet
    Giuseppe Giannet
    Giuseppe Giannet is a U.S. history teacher and freelance writer who resides in Upstate New York. Giuseppe's writing offers a unique perspective on the political issues affecting America. He is a Featured Contributor for Politics and his work has also been featured in the Albany Times Union.
  • James Prince
    James Prince
    James A. Prince has published over a hundred articles in Yahoo! Voices, Yahoo! Sports, Yahoo! News and Yahoo! Shine. Based in Southern California, James writes about life, current events, technology, spirituality, sports, entertainment, food, travel, and law and order from his personal experiences. He is a bachelors degree graduate with post-graduate studies, a business owner, son, husban...
  • Jo Farrell
    Jo Farrell
    Jo Farrell has been featured in newfeeds throughout the world. She strives to provide readers with in depth information they can use to enhance various areas of their life.
  • Jo Hales
    Jo Hales
    Jo Hales is a freelance writer, playwright, music fiend, jewelry designer and outdoor enthusiast who holds a B.A. in history combined with a minor in adventure tourism from Winona State University. She s an avid traveler who has lived in England, the scorching desert of Phoenix and the ridiculously sunny city of Denver. Jo currently resides in the snow-filled city of Saint Paul, MN, where she...
  • Karen Neal Gee
    Karen Neal Gee
    I have a BA in English and Drama and a Diploma in Writing. I have completed my first young person's novel and I am currently looking for a literary agent - I'm very excited. I work as a trainer in the fitness and health industry at Curves, and have worked with and helped people with panic disorder/anxiety, OCD and bio feedback, I am experienced in helping teens and families with Opposi...
  • Kathleen McElroy
    Kathleen McElroy
    Enjoy Y!CN
  • Katrina Rychling
    Katrina Rychling
    Katrina Rychling lives in Connecticut with her husband and three pet snakes. She holds a Bachelor of Science, with a concentration in psychology from Charter Oak State College, a Masters of Science in Educational Leadership from Central Connecticut State University and a writing diploma from the Institute of Children's Literature.
  • Kiesha Jones
    Kiesha Jones
    I'm a mother of two handsome young boys who inspire me to work that much "SMARTER" and that less "HARDER" everyday. My work experience has ranged from being a guest teacher, help desk support analyst, middle school head track coach and administrative support staff. The last six years have been a life changing experience for me and my family; it was then that we were informed that my son had AUT...
  • Laura Quinn
    Laura Quinn
    Laura Quinn has been writing for more than 20 years for a variety of print and on-line publications.
  • Lori Huck
    Lori Huck
    An accomplished Film & TV producer ("Blade: The Series," "Kitchen Confidential"), Lori Huck is passionate about movies -- from the big splashy spectacles to the smaller independent and foreign films. There's nothing better than exploring a new world within a film. Having received a MFA from NYU, Lori worked as an assistant camera operator on indie films before moving to LA to work in featur...
  • Lyn from Yahoo
    Lyn from Yahoo
    Lyn Lomasi is the Community Manager & Advocate at Yahoo Contributor Network. Email her with community issues, concerns, & ideas ( Read her tips for success on the official YCN blog. Find more tips at, part of Write W.A.V.E. Media, a group of websites Lyn founded to spotlight writers for their existing work and teach them how to succeed. Sh...
  • Lyn Vaccaro
    Lyn Vaccaro
    I am a mother of eight with a background in health and wellness, focusing on fertility enhancement, mostly for women of advanced maternal age. I owned and operated my own retail health food store for a number of years before starting my family. I enjoy a raw food diet and lifestyle and am enjoying the healthy benefits of that type of living. I also have a website called Whole Picture Healt...
  • M.G. Hardiman
    M.G. Hardiman
    Career professional in non-profit sector, one of AC s Rising Stars (2009) and Featured Contributor in Home Improvement, Health and Wellness, Local, and Arts and Entertainment categories. Washington, DC metro enthusiast, resident and parent. Education, training, leadership, policy, grants, and governance expert. Extensive travel in US and Canada. Lifelong fascination with old houses, hist...
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