Daryle Hier

Daryle Hier

Daryle has huge and longtime fanatical interest in football and motorsports. He now owns Paso Wine Barrels - a decorative barrel business on the California Central Coast.

He loves anything to do with the Central Coast and wine country. Also, he likes history, the Constitution, politics, weather and marketing plus loves Hawaii and almost anything in college football. He will throw all sorts of subjects into the hopper. He is a certified computer technician. Along with football, his main love is Nostalgia drag racing and motorsports and will certainly let you know his thoughts.

He has written blogs and been a Featured Contributor on Examiner.com, Stack, Fansided (Sports Illustrated), Yahoo! Sports, Yahoo! News, Yahoo! Finance Yahoo UK and Yahoo! Voices along with marketing periodicals. He is one of the Top 100 Yahoo! writers in the world.

Daryle W. Hier (aka NostalgiaDr) is a principal of Eagle II Motorsports Marketing. Since managing and owning several businesses in the auto industry, he has built an extensive background in automotive. He has also owned and managed real estate.

Not to be forgotten, due to the popularity of wine barrels he and his father have turned old barrels into beautiful pieces of furniture. Daryle started this new business crafting decorative wine barrels for resale in 2013.
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California Lutheran University - Business Administration l Writer l Wine Barrel Artist l RaceMarketing Counselor l Sports Analyst l A Decade Of Blogging l Certified Computer Technician


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