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I'm a traveling man. Some say I am a vagabond or a drifter. I consider that a good thing.
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  • Coral Princess Hotel Review - Cozumel, Mexico
    The Coral Princess Hotel is a quiet and peaceful retreat. I would definitely recommend the Coral Princess Hotel if you are looking for a great snorkeling location and a calm place to relax.
  • Barcelo Karmina Palace Review - Manzanillo, Mexico
    The Barcelo Karmina Palace, in Manzanillo, is a beautiful beach front all-inclusive resort. The Barcelo Karmina Palace has tons of activities, really delicious food, and is one of the best all-inclusive resorts in Manzanillo.
  • A Guide to the Best Flea Markets in Queretaro
    I have been to the majority of the flea markets in Queretaro, and I have found the following four to be the best. What makes them the best in Queretaro? Quality, price, and consistency.
  • Puretracks Review
    Puretracks has made many improvements over the last couple of months.
  • Living on a Budget in Mexico
    If you follow this simple guide, then you can easily live in Mexico on a budget of 500 USD per month. It does help immensely if you learn to speak basic Spanish and leave your American standards at home.
  • Manzanillo Shopping Guide: Supermarkets
    Going to supermarkets is a great way to kill time in Manzanillo. It is also a convenient way to get out of the heat and enjoy the air conditioning.
  • How to Bargain in Mexico
    Everything has a fair price, but, at times, we pay either too much or look for a price that is well below fair. It is very simple to get a good bargain in Mexico if you have the knowledge.
  • Six Uses for Old Tortillas
    What can you possibly do with funky stale tortillas? Here are some options that offer edible and practical solutions.
  • How to Take a Cold Shower
    On occasions when taking a cold shower was not your intention, it can be downright miserable. Here is some helpful advice to get through the unwanted cold shower.
  • Sign Spinning Tips
    Here are some sign spinning tips to make the day go by as quickly as possible, maintain your body's health, and, most important, preserve your sanity.
  • Pedigree Jumbone Review
    The Pedigree Jumbone is a treat for medium and large dogs. It is an equivalent to a bone with a hard exterior and meaty interior. With the help of Lily, my trusty canine companion, we shall pass judgment on the Pedigree Jumbone.
  • How to Get Internet in Mexico
    Tips on accessing the Internet in Mexico and getting it installed in your home
  • Advil Migraine Review
    Does Advil Migraine really work?
  • Skinwalkers: Movie Review
    Is Skinwalkers a good movie or do you wish the werewolves would come to life and put you out of your misery after watching it?
  • MSN Live Search Club Review
    MSN Live Search Club provides several games with the opportunity to earn tickets and redeem them for prizes.

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