leo vought, sr.

leo vought, sr.

I am born and raised in Delray Beach, Florida and currently reside in the state still but a little bit north of Delray. I am the youngest of 11 children. My siblings are spread out over the southeast of the U.S. I have been in the trucking industry for 18 years but have never driven a truck. I love football. That is the only sport I have any acumen about whatsoever and even then I don t portray to be an expert. However, I did coach football at the high school level for 3 years and I loved every minute of it. I am semi retired from amatuer bodybuilding. I am married with 2 of the grandest children I can imagine. I have a third on the way. I try to keep my political opinions on the fence but my thoughts are mostly right with exception on three subjects. I am to the left of Bill Maher on religion. I think we should take a different course on guns. Lastly, I don t feel the gov t should decide who can love each other and who can t. I love the ocean and the beach and I miss home immensely. I long to return and spend the rest of my life there. I want to spend the rest of my years watching my Dolphins and my Hurricanes blaze better trails. Feel free to contact me at your leisure.
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