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  • How to Care for a Bearded Dragon
    Bearded dragons are beautiful lizards from Australia. These lizards need special care and attention when kept in captivity. Find out more about bearded dragons here.
  • The Life and Death of Marie Antoinette
    Marie Antoinette was France's most famous queen. Born a princess in the most powerful royal family in Europe, the Hapsburg Monarchy, Marie Antoinette became Queen of France at 19 years of age and ruled it until her untimely death in 1793.
  • Classic Vodka Drinks
    Vodka is a low-calorie liquor often used in mixed drinks such as Martinis, Cosmopolitans and White Russians. Vodka is low-calorie, does not have a strong taste and can be used in many types of cocktails. Find out more about vodka drinks here.
  • The Spanish-American War
    The Spanish-American war was a four month war between Spain and the U.S. over the independence of Spanish colonies in Cuba and the Philippines. The war resulted in the death of thousands of soldiers and brought an end to Spain's world empire.
  • How to Rid Your Body of Extra Salt
    Remove extra salt from your body by limiting the places your body stores salt. Flushing out extra salt will help you look slimmer and feel healthier.
  • How to Leash Train a Puppy
    Puppies are young, full of energy and need to be restrained. Teach your puppy how to walk on a leash the right way with these training tips.
  • How to Gain Weight and Build Muscle with Protein
    Gain weight and bulk up the healthy way by eating healthy sources of protein. Give your body the fuel it needs to get bigger and stronger with these tips.
  • Home Remedies for Morning Sickness
    Morning sickness can strike anytime of day and you make you feel sick to your stomach. Feel better and cure your nausea with these natural home remedies.
  • How to Curb Alcohol Calories
    Dieting means not only watching what you eat but also watching what you drink. Many alcohol drinks are high in calories due to the sugar content. Find out what drinks are lower in calories and how you can reduce the calories in other drinks.
  • How to Determine the Age of Your Labrador Puppy
    When you get a new puppy it is often difficult to determine its age just be looking at it. Read these simple tips to find out how you can determine the age of your lab puppy.
  • Tips to Stop Your Cat's Excessive Meowing
    Stop your cat's constant meowing with a few simple tips. Find out why cat's meow and what you can do about it.
  • Natural Home Remedies for Skin Problems in Dogs
    Heal your dog's dry, itchy skin the natural way with these safe home remedies. These remedies will help your dog feel and look better without any harsh side effects.
  • How to Wear Mixed Plaids
    Look like a fashionista instead of a fashion victim by mixing plaids the right way. Here are a few simple ways to wear mixed plaids.
  • How to Find Your Father's Military Records
    Find your father's military records is easy and free, if you know where to look. Read this article to find out how you can discover more about your father's military service.
  • How to Get Rid of a Stink Bug Smell from Your Dog's Fur
    After your dog has been sprayed by a stink bug, get rid of the awful smell using this homemade odor-removing shampoo.
  • How to Train Your Dog to Wave
    Almost any dog can sit and lie down on command but how many can wave? Impress your friends and family by training your dog this cute trick.
  • How to Request a FBI File
    Requesting an FBI file isn't a long, complicated process. This process is actually as simple as sending an email or letter. Although it is simple, there are some tips that can help you find the information you are looking for quickly.
  • How to Protect Your Garden from Pests
    Garden pests like animals and insects can ruin your beautiful garden very quickly. Find out how to get rid of these unwanted quests and how to prevent them from coming back.
  • How to Grow an Italian Herb Garden
    Grow your own Italian herb garden. These tips will help you get a big harvest for a small amount of work.
  • Tips for Low-Fat Cooking
    Don't undo your healthy diet by adding fatty ingredients to your food. Find out how to cook delicious food without all the extra fat.
  • How to Conserve Water in Your Garden
    Save money on your water bill by cutting back on your water usage in your garden and using alternative sources of water. Find out how here.
  • The Roles of Women in the Civil War
    Women served their country in many ways during the Civil War. From nursing to fighting, women found a way to contribute to the cause during the war.
  • How to Make Homemade Fertlizers
    Learn how to make your own fertilizer for your garden using everyday household ingredients. Homemade fertilizers are inexpensive and environmentally friendly.
  • Tips for a Yeast-Free Diet
    Yeast-free diets can help you fight off reoccurring yeast infections as well as other health problems. Successfully following this diet involves knowing which foods you can eat and which foods to avoid.
  • Types of Predatory Rainforest Birds
    Predatory birds are an important part of rain forest ecosystem. These birds include eagles, hawks, vultures and owls that feed off of smaller animals living in the rain forest.
  • Tips for Tomato Gardening
    Grow bigger and better tomatoes using these tips and tricks. These tips will prevent common problems that plague tomato plants and will help your garden flourish.

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