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  • Why Go Home for the Holidays? Everyone is Shopping!
    If it wasn’t for the nostalgia of being together as a family, why would we go home for the holidays? And, yet, some people are opting to shop.
    It is sending both of your children to a private school costing $60,000 a year while railing against the affluent.
  • The P.O.P. Tax- Aka, P.Inocchio, O.Bama And P.Elosi TAX
    As FOX exposed the surreptitiously funded Bills, back door deals,and tax evasions of the last three years, it's apparent the president and congress has the United States in a fiscal quicksand.
  • Armed and Safe!
    This Grandmother Wants to ‘Carry Concealed’
  • No Bread and Circus Trial for Awlaki
    The Super-hero of the moment will be the liberal, anti-cleric at Ground Zero, pro-Mosque at Ground Zero, Mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg who will welcome the trial in New York
  • Obama Will Fail. He Does Not Understand Americans
    Americans attend parades,support our troops, salute our flag and often fill with emotion as we sing our National Anthem. Ground Zero is still an open wound to our pride and our country.
  • Obama Won't Be Re-elected!
    Funded by George Soros and both spiritually and emotionally attracted to Jeremiah Wright's anti-American, pro Black Liberation Theology, Obama came for change.
  • Joe Scarborough Says No to Rick Perry:
    Wasn't anyone offended when Obama used that condescending ghetto- patois when appealing to the union workers in Detroit? Rick Perry's Texas drawl doesn't change with his audience.
  • Explaining Obama's Brilliance-
    I am frustrated with the vast majority of Obama supporters. I cannot get a comprehensive answer to this question: 'œWhat has Obama done that you'd elect him to four more years?'
  • Does Your Dog Bite? All Dogs Can Bite!
    I'd like to share with you things children do to dogs that are likely to get them bitten.
  • Jon Stewart is a Fraud
    Mr. Stewart has to decide if he is Saturday Night Live material or competing with Charles Krauthamer.
  • Feeling Any Anti-Amnesty Guilt? I Don't Think So!
    Bottom line: grateful illegals= votes for Liberals, forever. They are nothing more than opportunistic hustlers.
  • Obnoxious Parents/ Disruptive Kids
    Obnoxious parents coach children to believe that teachers are always wrong. These parents will whine, threaten, bully, and defame any educator who points out a fault in their children
  • Why I Hate Obama
    Sorry, Democrats, I am neither rich enough nor poor enough to support Obama.
  • The Brazilian Wax Job!
    in order to wear a thong bikini bottom, the hair had to be waxed. To the rescue, the Brazilians have swept into American salons.
  • In-Training for Abusive Relationships: Victim, Victimizer or the Parent?
    He told his father he threatened the girl because she was a slut. He felt compelled to let her know she was a low life. As usual, Marcus refused to take any responsibility for his actions.
  • McKenzie for President of the United States
    The United States of America could use a champion in the White House. As I review my dog Mckenzie's sterling qualities, who better than man's best friend for President?
  • My Relationship was Finished by FAX
    Alicia was no stranger to disappointment in a relationship. However, the note that came through on the FAX from Jacob was a first.Oh my God, thought Alicia. Jacob finished our relationship by FAX!
  • Parenting Mistakes that Mess Up Kids
    Parents whine, threaten, bully, and defame any educator who points out a fault in their child.
  • In Defense of Teachers, Annoyed at Rush Limbaugh
    As a retired educator, who still needs to work, I feel I have been cast as the financial carbuncle on the behind of the taxpayer.
  • Coming Apart at the Dreams: Pot, Weed, Chronic
    Smoking pot was intended to be a weekend treat. Eventually, he started smoking between classes.
  • Is My Youngster a Bully?
    Pushing, pulling, pinching, shoving, snatching, yelling, intimidating, cursing, or threatening are bullying.1. 1. Ask your child what he/she thinks a bully does? 2. Ask your child if he/she has ever bullied anyone? Yes No
  • Conversations with Your Daughter: Why Am I Always Attracted to Mr. Trouble?
    Players earn their reputations because of their behavior, which includes but is not limited to: breaking promises, being late, showing disrespect for others, lying, letting you down, pushing quickly for sex and forgetting you. Habitually, players cheat.
  • Dog Therapy Team
    Always wanted to be treated like a Rock Star, train your pooch to be a therapy dog. You are welcome everywhere.
  • Relapse: Falling Apart at the Dreams
    Relapse does not just happen. There are steps backwards. Take enough of those steps backwards, and yes-- then it just happens. In order to avoid relapsing, you have to catch the signs.
  • Conversations with Your Daughter
    Kara believes that if she just achieves the right combination of style, smile and sexiness, these men would fall in love with her.
  • Simple Steps to Curbing Childhood Obesity
    During the days, kids could purchase twelve different types of salty chips, five varieties of soda; an assortment of ice cream or fifteen versions of chocolate from school vending machines.
  • Conversations with Your Daughter
    Unless you want endless heartache, mantra the first rule of dating: "The First Three Months Don't Count."
  • Breast Envy at Twelve
    It started when a classmate pointed out that her pre-teen body did not make the cut. Apparently, on the food chain of breasts, she was at the bottom.
  • Fix Parents; Children Will Follow
    No government money in this world will compensate for a drug related sinking gene pool; parents refusing to take action with a troubled child; or administrators who weaken at the slightest pressure from the community. Parents need to change.
  • New Compensation: The Year of Teacher Givebacks
    The defining moment for teachers is now. The degree to which they are willing to make sacrifices will be the degree to which the public will return to support them.
  • Merit Pay? Yes. Tenure? No. Why Teachers Will Leave Education!
    It is not a question of should there be merit pay or the abolition of tenure, but what person will make those decisions. Most administrators are as easily swayed as any other bureaucrat.

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