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Melissa R. Mendelson

Currently working on a Horror Novella and Fan Fiction.
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Mass Communications Major, Philosophy Minor
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  • Last Act
    In doing what I did, I knew that they would survive. I just hope that they remember me after I am gone.
  • Hanging Out in the Drive Thru
    Oh, I need you. I will always crave you. Hanging out in the drive thru.
  • Shatter
    Secrets are the glass towers that we struggle to hold.
  • Almost Human
    After doing a fan fiction series on TNT's Falling Skies, the urge was satisfied, and then came FOX's Almost Human, another breath of fresh Science-Fiction air. But cancellation looms, and the urge to write fan fiction awakens.
  • Now Boarding the Endometriosis Train
    It’s been a long time, and I am done riding that Norethindrone train.
  • Lost into White
    I am just lost into white.
  • A Body in the Street
    Nobody wants to be a hero, and no one wants to get involved. We have become selfish, and still, no one has come.
  • Gold Beyond Blue
    We wait, drift, and wonder what chapters unfold among the lives of those in "The Newsroom."
  • Just Another Song and Dance
    I just sat there and felt the weight of the world finally roll away. I dodged a bullet, and I never ever want to do this song and dance again.
  • If Walter White Calls You
    If the real Walter White were to call you, then run. Run as fast as you can because Heisenberg has got you in his sights.
  • Here We Go Again
    This was an interesting twist like a suspense novel having the driver of the car not the owner and not showing any proof of being able to drive the car, so I wonder, how will this end?
  • I Got a Dollar
    Minds are spinning day and night all the time because we’re scared that we will never see another dime.
  • Stealing Youth
    How can I lift the fabric to my heart to see the fading past when the future holds nothing but emptiness?
  • What Do I Call You Now?
    I never wanted to call you, home, but you are.
  • The Bitter Trials of Retail
    In the end, she really won.
  • Payday
    I hated living paycheck to paycheck, but I was stuck once again.
  • I Will Speak Now
    It is time for change, whether they want it or not, for the stone has been thrown.
  • I Should Have Let Her Go
    I will always be sorry for making that decision, another regret to hold weight inside my heart.
  • Footsteps
    And so, the stories now begin, chasing after the footsteps that I leave behind…
  • Benny James
    Don't ask him to help you. He's not that kind of man. He's Benny James.
  • Bye Bye Mr. Burn Notice Spy
    Bye Bye Mr. Burn Notice Spy
  • Mystical Knights
    It hung for so long upon her wall and then rested in my drawer under dust, so here it is for all the world to see once again.
  • Tiny Toothpicks with Pretty, Black Bows
    A toothpick with black ribbon ties my world together in harmony, and then the wood breaks.
  • Chaste
    The story takes hold, pulling at the strings of our heart, and a sweet essence slips across us like a gentle breath, a taste of talent like Jodi Picoult.
  • The Lingering of Sci-Fi
    These shows are the essence of true Science-Fiction, a fire that I fear might finally be dwindling as the wave of Reality Television comes crashing down upon me.
  • Words of War
    If we were to stop fighting back, we'd disappear in red, and what would be left would be ghosts of this world.
  • Sayonara to the Show
    Into this house we're thrown, Into great tv shows that’ve grown. Sayonara to the show.
  • Hallway of a Broken World
    We were finally saved, but what about those that remained left behind in this hallway of a broken world?
  • Glass Orb
    When will we finally be able to return home?
  • I Never Wanted to Be a Writer
    I don’t know who I would be today, if not for them.
  • Unions
    Let the unions hit the floor.
  • Echoing Across
    I just go to work and park in a lot full of cars, cars that are full of lives depending on this job to survive.
  • World in Midnight
    We were all just trying to survive.
  • MisMatched
    Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall, and he wasn’t put back together so well after all.
  • Haywired
    Dreams become nightmares that refuse to let go, and we become Haywired.
  • Make Me Famous II
    I am defining me like you are defining you across the heart and soul of YouTube.
  • Movies that Speak Volumes
    As the screen fades to black, we remain held within memory, forever touched by the film of their lives.
  • Silent Beauty
    Now there will always be an empty place left to remind us of a friend once there and now in heaven.
  • Dreams Under Silver (Saving the Monroe Movie Theatre)
    We don’t want a Hollywood Ending for this town, Monroe.
  • If Sam Axe Died
    If Sam Axe died on USA’s intense dramatic show, I would have cried for a character I always wanted to know.
  • Golden Globes Will Be Ringing
    Please, stand all nominees. May you rejoice and win.
  • A Realization Made Young
    I might do wrong, wrong that I might not be able to explain, but I can still feel my heart. And I know that I am not a killer.
  • Still Here and Waiting
    The end had not come. Come tomorrow then, I said for tonight, I’m still alive.
  • Classified Lies and Illusion
    A classified ad caught my attention, one with promise and possible potential, and I dialed the phone number.
  • What's a Home?
    What makes a home a home?
  • A Bump in the Road
    If we go down this road, we may never be able to get back, and then we’ll be stuck here forever.
  • Unwritten Journal
    I’m lucky to be alive, thank God, but now comes the hard part. Where do I go from here?
  • Changing Worlds: Book 1 of the Dharalyn Chronicles
    Deeper and deeper are we pulled into the intertwining of their two lives, spinning and spiraling into an overwhelming fury of a stormy novel called Changing Worlds: Book 1 of The Dharalyn Chronicles written by Donald E. Dambois.
  • Hoping for a Real Hero
    I need a real hero. Take me into the heart of your television show. Give me your deepest heart and soul.
    Another day ends, pushing this year to a close, but who lies ahead?
  • Savoring Heroes, Forgetting Heart Ache
    My wings were lifted by legacy, and soon, I too would take flight into the heart of this world.
  • Into White
    An angel dies into soft, white sheets, never to step foot outside again.
  • Four in the Morning
    There are no answers. I know this, and it’s too damn early in the morning. It’s only four in the morning now.
  • Fallen Hazel
    His hunt for her had finally come full circle, but what waited for them in the end?
  • Reading About a Man Needing a New Heart
    Maybe, I’ll never break on through to the other side, but then I remember that book and how that man never gave up.
  • Going 'Haywire'
    Hello to the world left behind, going 'Haywire,' a hot new taste of Horror tearing at the seams.
  • Writing These Words to You
    And here I am back in his office, waiting, wondering, hoping not to go under the knife again.
  • Us Against the World
    It’s us against the world, I say, but only to myself. We’re family, my parents, brothers, and myself, and hopefully that will never change.
  • My First Taste of Road Rage
    I was afraid, never realizing that this would be my first encounter of Road Rage.
  • This Love’s Not for Sale
    If and when I were to meet the right guy, it will be on my own terms, and then maybe, I’ll hold a sign reading: Love For Sale.
  • Tracing Their Footsteps
    We drink from the cup of fame and taste a dream we wish to live.
  • Fear of the Politicians II
    We need to hope that George Carlin was wrong when he said, “This is the best we can do, folks. This is what we have to offer.”
  • Raising the Collar
    I want more than this average life, and to do that, I must pull all these layers away, revealing the butterfly fluttering deep inside.
  • Breakfast at Noon
    As a writer, I consumed my atmosphere, its occupants, and food for thought, but I could not stray too far.
  • Living With or Without Ghosts
    I never wanted the ordinary life, but all the ghosts have gone home. Or have they gone at all?
  • Bleeding Through Reality
    Believe like we once believed, a child’s dream, and we will live again, wrapped in fiction and finally free from the prison of Reality.
  • One Early Morning
    I slowly pulled myself away from the window, away from the army of police cars, and away from the scene of the crime.
  • To Believe the Dream
    “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” - Martin Luther King, Jr.
  • The Enemy Within
    We should have known that this was coming, but we wanted to believe in the peace that seemed real. We were wrong.
  • Words Unspoken
    I was here, holding on, still holding on to the words that he would never say.
  • Lives Along the Open Road
    I write of the open road, ready for another chapter to begin.
  • Filming in Tuxedo
    For twelve hours, I enjoyed my moments on set, filming in Tuxedo.
  • When I Knew Hate
    I am tired of knowing hate, and now I want to know love. But is such a thing possible with so many bad memories?
  • Do You Believe What They See?
    We yearn to know, begging for answers, and they speak to the dead. But do we believe what they see?
  • The Hero Always Wins
    With every page, with every word, we sink in further to a world beyond our own, a world, where The Hero Always Wins, written by Robert Eaton.
  • Living the Non-Social Life
    But I'm here, another Friday night, sitting before the computer, and hungry to write.
  • Waiting to Die
    Unlike my grandparents, my father’s parents and my mother’s parents, she has a choice, but she remained in bed, waiting to die.
  • The Fallman
    “Now or never,” the demon hissed, making her think of a glorious adventure, but all that drifted across those soft, desert sands was death.
  • Tracing an Echo
    “I want to fight you,” her words forever an echo across my life.
  • What a Wonderful World of Television
    So much television has come home, taking out Reality, and all I can think is what a wonderful world, what a wonderful world of television. And here comes the People’s Choice Awards for 2012.
  • Across the Bridge
    Here on this bridge, we stood together, a legacy lost.
  • Heavenly Sky
    I chased the ghost of my heart to sandy, white shores and found myself walking in water. Then, I heard her call my name.
  • Photo Copy of Hearts
    What is love when we batter and break it? Where does it go, and will time return it to the heart that pours its soul out across the page?
  • Devils in My Sleep
    Fighting for sleep, but the devils won't let me be.
  • Past Mistake
    I was trying to survive. I don’t know why. Everyone was gone. The world was gone.
  • False Image
    The truth will always be one step ahead and one step behind.
  • Sitting on a Stone Bench Outside Wall Street
    What they are doing here has reached my ears, and I have come to bare witness to their event, changing the world one breath shouted after another.
  • Their Love
    For David and Nan Wilson.
  • No Stone to Throw
    A poem of Wall Street.
  • Almost Losing Home
    Watching Bill Maher on HBO when I thought of Almost Losing Home.
  • Ringing in a Jewish New Year
    It may not be December ringing those New Year bells, but it is Rosh Hashanah, where we enjoy the comfort and love of family, forgetting about those pesky petty moments that tore us down, keeping us apart.
  • Fall Men of Television
    In the heart of new dynamics and imagination, we find the fall men of television.
  • Being Your Friend
    I’ve spent many years alone, thinking that it would be better to be left alone, so how do I still have friends? And do they know all that I am, all my secrets, and all the darkness kept inside?
  • No Leaders Among Men
    There are no leaders among men, just men trying to be our leaders.
  • Missed You at the Emmy's
    Gold glitters not in the award but in respect and legacy, and tonight would be the hearth of memories. But some stars would not shine tonight, and we missed you at the Emmy's.
  • The Broken Chapter
    This was a piece written shortly after 9/11, a piece folded up and buried away, but now I hold it in my hand, setting it free.
  • New York: Our Lives, Our City, Our Dreams
    Nobody wanted to pause and think, think for a second, '..."Are we safe? Will we ever be safe? Will we be attacked again?'�
  • Bullet into the Abyss
    Today was supposed to be another normal, boring day, and then it wasn't. And the bullet struck home.
  • Remembering the Dialogue Movies
    There's not too many movies these days with as powerful dialogue scenes as in movies such as The Usual Suspects or Suicide Kings, but there are exceptions.
  • Last Breath
    The candle said it all, but no dreams would meet the stars tonight.
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