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Born and bred in Chicagoland. As a youth I was a member of the inimitable St. Luke's Men and Boys Choir. (We had women in the Alto section with aging trebles) I am an Anglican which in today's life and times I find an important distinction. Went to Chute Jr. High in Evanston where I had two best friends, the son of Algis Budrys and son of the lead trombone of the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.
Attended WCHS in Wheaton and the University of Dubuque Class of 1984. Spent over a decade honing my culinary arts skills prior to matriculating McGeorge School of Law-UOP Class of 1998. Graduated on the Honor Rolls for my 'senior' or 3rd year with a Certificate in Governmental Affairs.
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BS Biology & Environmental Science; JD w/ Gov t Affairs Certificate


Don't make no mistake about it , it's not revenge he's after it's a reckoning; Doc Holiday referring to Wyatt Earp in Tombstone




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  • How 9/11 Has Changed My Life
    The coordinated attacks on the iconic Trade Center, Pentagon and the failed attempt on a third target and their fallout has made me change certain habits particularly when it comes to travel.
  • San Joaquin Delta College a Place for Academic and Athletic Opportunities
    In Stockton lies a gem of a junior college. San Joaquin Delta College offers a place to learn, play sports and grow on the way to a four-year degree. This year Delta boast's a runners-up softball team and State Champions in baseball.
  • Bulls Championship Retrospective #2
    In Phil Jackson's 3rd Season as head coach of the Chicago Bulls he attempts to become the fourth to repeat as coach of an NBA Championship club. He had a little help from Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, John Paxton and the rest of the crew.
  • Bulls Championship Retrospective #1
    After sweeping the arch-rival Detriot Pistons the Michael Jordan/Scottie Pippen led Bulls forged a seemingly effortless path to the Chicago Franchise's 1st of what will be several Championships in the Nineties.
  • Second Round and it Looks like Upset Cities
    I'll recap the 1st rd reflect on interesting facts about 1st rd series' then look at the 2nd round where everywhere outside of the great states of Florida and Texas you can say the results were suprising, you have to acknowledge Georgia as well here!
  • Active Families Can Have a Wonderful Day at the Marin Memorial Day Races
    I was a past and (future?) participant in the Tamalpa Runners' Marin 10K. The Humble Pie comment is in regards to the amazing talent that lies in wait. Men Master level plus have run several .90+ age graded efforts so far in 2011
  • Fat's Grill and Bar Are the (Marquis) Diamond Standard of Karaoke in Stockton
    When looking for karaoke in Stockton one need look no further than the lively offerings at Fat's Grill and Bar. Nestled in the breezeway plaza at March lane and Pershing Avenue, Fat's allows Stockton to get it's sing on three nights a week!
  • Trail Running in the San Joaquin Valley and Northern California
    I did most of my running training while living in Sacramento from 1998-2006 as a result my information may have faded a bit in memory and some of these areas may have changed by nature, weather and man's influences over time.
  • UOP the Best Kept Secret in the Heart of Stockton
    In the Heart of San Joaquin County is Stockton a City with a gritty reputation in it's heart lies a gem of a University, The University of the Pacific. UOP has a breadth of offerings academically, athletically & resources for parents of high schoolers.
  • NBA the Week Ahead a (Bulls) Fan's Perspective
    In the East one half of the bracket is set with teams locked in at 1,4,5 & 8. Out West can be characterized by one word chaos! 6,7 & 8 are very unsettled; suddenly 2,3 &4 are ambiguous the only teams locked in are San Antonio & Denver.
  • Subaru Forrester Driving Report
    I provide safe driving for ICT professionals while conducting drive tests. This review is based on drives in/on ice, snow, mud and dirt roads in the Western US. States driven include Nevada, Texas and New Mexico.
  • Why Jay Cutler Remains the Future Leader of the Bears at Quarterback
    My Chicago fan perspective on how Jay Cutler will move forward as an integral cog in a Bears team on the threshhold of greatness. My article will provide the perspective of a fan/athlete who supports the Bears and most importantly Jay Cutler.

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