Marcella Rousseau

Marcella Rousseau

Marcella writes about gardening, nutrition, cooking, health, fitness, fine art, films and books to name a few topics. Marcella’s blog ( For Your Good Health, covers anything relating to good health.

Born in Queens, NY, the most ethnically diverse area on the planet, Marcella has been writing since she was 13. She has been a special correspondent for several newspapers in Indiana and has written articles, poetry, and puns published in gardening magazines and newspapers. She owned a writing business focusing on resumes, cover letters, training material, and legal and psychological material; she developed a workshop for resume writing giving talks on the same. She has been employed as a technical writer creating course material for online training. Marcella taught computer classes and wrote software guides for college students. She also taught high school level remedial grammar.

Marcella interviewed a writer/director/actor who produced his first film and she interviewed several known actors in this film for an in-depth piece for publication. Marcella is interested in flight and has 28 hours as a student pilot. She was previously employed at Allison Engine Company in the T800 department.
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