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Kimberly Barrera

I am a happily married woman that loves poetry. I only started writing poetry 3 years ago.
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if jesus could carry his cross why cant we. it is what it is, and this is a test of the emergency God cast system. it is only a test.
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  • Winter's Bearing Down
    An original winter haiku.
  • Our Wedding
    This is a poem about my recent wedding
  • Poem of Fall
    This is a poem for the fall poem assignment.
  • My Wedding Day was Awesome
    this is a slide show of my wedding day
  • Halloweens Here
    poem about Halloween
  • Does No One Realize
    four haikus to describe what i get from social security
  • Long Days at Home
    This is a poem based pretty much on my life at the moment. I need to get my truck fixed
  • From Senselessness of 9/11 Comes Good, Bad for All Americans
    How my family has changed since 9/11.
  • His Loss
    a poem on the ending of my first marriage.
  • Summer Time Haiku
    a poem about summer in haiku form
  • Cactus Facination
    this is a poem based on a picture of my cactus
  • Dont Be Blue
    a villanelle . my first i am not sure if i like it or not, so please give feedback if you have any
  • The Bbq at the Lake
    i am trying a new form of poetry a tritna
  • Exacerbation
    this is a poem on my recent exacerbation. An exacerbation is a flare up of multiple sclerosis, a disease i have had now for 16 years and here in the last couple of months i would start having tremors as well as stumbling like a drunk.
  • Wild Fires a Blaze
    this is just a poem i thought about writing pertaining to drought induced wildfires, here in texas it is very dry this year
  • Texas Governor, Prayer Vigil? What?
    this is a poem based on something i heard the other day. governor rick perry announced that he would be holding a prayer vigil. in my opinion you have to be christian and not one person of our government has been.
  • Scorching Hot Days
    this is a poem on summer in texas
  • Poetry on Bala Sharks
    these are three haiku's on our bala sharks. they make wonderful pets, but they are a full time responsability. they can grow to 13 inches long, and they are a schooling fish so you have to get more than one.
  • Simple Treasures
    this is a poem about his love.
  • Time to Make It?
    poetry based on my desire to make a book of my poems
  • Boost Mobile and the Samsung Seek
    product review on boost mobile telephone service. i have been with boost mobile for about four years now and the only time i have a problem is when say someone hits one of the towers, then service is down but usually not very long.
  • New Parents
    this is a poem about my in-laws. i have been around this family for years.
  • My Other Baby Girl
    this is a poem based on the adoption of my baby girl. i was really sick and knew i could not take care of her the way she needed me to.
  • The Party We Threw
    this is a poem about a party that we recently had. my daughter had 2 birthdays this year one was at her cousins 15th birthday party and the other is the one this is about.
  • His Sacrifice
    This is a haiku that i did for the haiku assignment
  • Blanca Baby
    this is about one of my silly rabbits. i have had her since she was just a baby and she has always been so sweet and honry at the same time. she has always made me laugh.
  • This is Summer
    this poem is about summer time and summer time things
  • What Am I Thinking
    this is a poem on one of the days i was day dreaming and how silly the thoughts were
  • The Other Night
    this is a poem about my baby girl and a party we went to for her and her cousin she had a big poofy dress on and i was floored
  • Fourth of July is Near
    this is a poem on the fourth of july and what it represents
  • A Fans View of Y Contributor
    this is a poem for the contributors i have met and the ones i haven't this is purely my opinions i am not doing it on behalf of any one else either just a thank you
  • A Day to Bake
    this is a poem on the day i had recently at the lake
  • This is Muffin
    this is the second of the three bunnies i have they are a lot of fun
  • Mr. Speckles
    this is about a little bunny that i adopted when he was a baby
  • This is Me
    this is a picture of me
  • more pics from kim
    these are more pics of my rabbits
  • my bunnies
    this is one of the silly bunnies i have
  • I Can Make it Anywhere
    i am counting down the months until i stop taking the ms treatment via injection. after a couple more months i can stop getting shots every week
  • Me Pain and the Lord
    this is another poem based on me and my way through the pain
  • It is 50/50
    a poem on realizing that everything takes two and it has to be 50/ 50 or it will not work
  • Earth Day Poem
    poem on earth day a little late maybe but the message is still there
  • Break the Cycle
    about breaking bad cycles in peoples lives we have things passed on in families such as abuse or cheating it it time to break all of the bad cycles and keep the good ones
  • Have You No Shame
    a poem on the games people play
  • Poem on My Family
    a brief poem on how i view my family
  • Thanks to Facebook
    A poem on the ways Facebook has helped me to keep in touch even though I don't get out much.
  • Poem on Governmental Activity
    poetry based on relevant issues in our country
  • Memorial Day Cheers
    memorial day poetry, and happiness meant to inspire and help
  • Spring Time Things
    spring time things to do all in a poem
  • Poetry for Fathers Day
    fathers day poetry to inspire change in how you look at things
  • Work it Through
    about working on issues like adults and talking
  • Easter Bunnies for Easter
    poem on the baby bunnies that were found by my brother in law on easter.
  • Poem for Mothers Everywhere
    mothers day poem
  • This is Life
    dealing with life in a different perspective. looking through the eyes of others
  • My Love for You
    the love i feel for the man i love
  • Free
    what life would be if we were free
  • I Love Writing
    poetry on writing, to get more people involved in writng and learning about themselves through writing
  • Staying Christian
    it is truly hard to stay on the straight and narrow. trying to believe in everyone and everything
  • My 16 Years with MS
    my experience of living with MS, fibromyalgia, and lumbar disk disease too all in the form of a poem
  • Easter is Near
    new kind of easter poetry, i really hope everyone enjoys. i put a little of the fun while trying to tell the story at the same time
  • Shinning Brightly
    poem on springtime sunshine.
  • Love for Life
    a strong love, missing a child, courage, strength
  • What I See Around Me
    I am a people person as well as a watcher I see everything going on aroud me and this just fit.
  • My Cross, the Poem
    This is my cross, you see ...

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