Kristi  Lemert

Kristi Lemert

Kristi is a well known artist who's work can be seen in local bussiness's within Licking County. Along with her artistic skills she enjoys teaching workshops for Gardening, Arts, Crafts and Herbal Gommet Cooking, for which she has over 18 yrs exp to back her. Kristi's work and teachings have reached not only locals, but has extends out to work with troubled teens, children and MMRD programs for adults and children brought to her employer through various Licking County Progams. Krisit's work in freelance writing has brought many smiles, along with some tears to the faces of it's readers. Her knowledge, talent and heart are poured into the pages she produces. Kristi weilds a sharp eye when it comes to editorials, her attention to deatil is remarkable.
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