Tim Hellmann

Tim Hellmann

Tim has his Bachelor's degree from Truman State University in Sociology/Anthropology. He is a full time stay at home dad while his wife completes medical school. He worked previously for eleven years in a youth treatment facility.
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Bachelor of Science in Sociology/Anthropology (Minor in Political Science)


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  • For the Love of an Ernie Harwell Bobblehead
    As a young boy who loved the Detroit Tigers, it was their sportscaster Ernie Harwell, who brought them to life for me.
  • 5 Global Warming Arguments that Need to Die
    Discussions about whether human contribution is leading to present warming trends should avoid the following five arguments.
  • An Encounter with Muhammad Ali
    For many sport fans, meeting Muhammad Ali is a lifelong dream. The following chronicles the day when this became a reality for me.
  • Ten Rules for Online Political Debate
    While online political debates can quickly devolve into counterproductive exercises in futility, the following ten rules will provide a more coherent framework.
  • FIve Easy Ways to Aggravate, Confuse People at the Grocery Store
    Shopping can be a tedious process, but the following offers some suggestions to make each shopping experience a little more interesting.
  • Social Responses to Bullying and Criminality in Our Youth Population
    From the recent story of "Casey the Punisher" to questions of juvenile delinquency, societal responses are often shortsighted and counterproductive.
  • Hoops Fever
    Haiku describing the fever afflicting those watching March Madness.
  • Weight Loss After Every Plan Has Failed
    "I've tried everything" is often a convenient deflection from the reality that you have not stayed consistent with anything. Painfully small, but sustainable goals will eventually lead to lifestyle changes and long term, to the desired results.
  • Five Annoying People at the Gym
    If you have spent more then an hour at a gym, you have inevitably ran into the person who makes an already unpleasant experience just a little more aggravating. Five of these annoying categories of people are highlighted.
  • Parental Expectations
    One thing that comes close to matching the excitement of a first child is the level of expectations surrounding their upbringing. The following is a firsthand look at our experiences and the initial expectations that gave way to a different reality.
  • Principles for More Civil Political Discourse
    Without examination of underlying principles, appeals for civil discourse are incomplete. Three central principles are examined that are key to productive political dialogue.

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