Cheryl Anderson Brown

Cheryl Anderson Brown

An award-winning writer and editor, Cheryl Anderson Brown has worked with nonprofit arts and education organizations and in higher education. She also is active as a creative writing teacher, English composition teacher and as a freelance writer. Her work has appeared in numerous local, regional and national publications.

Cheryl has been studying and writing about royalty since she was ten years old. She now maintains two blogs about royal history and you can follow her royal tweets on Twitter: @palaceprincess.
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B.A. International Relations, Wesleyan College; M.A. Professional Writing, Kennesaw State University


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  • 5 Tips for Kate's First Christmas with the Queen
    A royal Christmas is filled with stodgy traditions and giddy family antics. As a newcomer, the former Kate Middleton can win over her royal in-laws AND have a great time by following just a few simple suggestions.
  • If Diana Had Lived
    While many writers have speculated about what the late Princess Diana's life would have been like today, this article focuses on more concrete facts about things that would be different had she survived that car crash in Paris.
  • What Does a Princess Do?
    After Kate Middleton marries Prince William and Charlene Wittstock marries Prince Albert of Monaco this year, they will give up all career options. So, what will their jobs be?
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  • Is Camilla Kate Middleton's New Best Friend?
    After decades of relentless criticism, Camilla Duchess of Cornwall has managed to keep a smile on her face. Hers may be the best example for Kate Middleton as she joins the royal family.
  • Five Things You Don't Know About Prince William
    As with most weddings, the center of attention for Britain's upcoming royal wedding is the bride. But, what about the groom, Prince William of Wales.
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