Tameca L Coleman

Tameca L Coleman

It could very well be that I am a Jill of many trades and master of none. I have had more than fifty jobs, which upon first look may seem pure and utter irresponsibility. I have found that this detail about my life has in fact given much experience that I might not otherwise have gleaned if I had proved myself with longevity at any one employment.

Most recently, I have finished a course of study in massage therapy, which I love. I have more than a year of massage therapy practice under my belt and I see myself continuing with this work.

I have also completed a yoga teacher training (2006) and am currently working on a certification in Vedic Studies. I own more than 2000 books and I have logged them all at librarything.com. I am an itinerate nerd and yogini. My iPod shuffle causes headaches for most of my significant others. I have a penchant for non-profits, volunteering, educational programs, and self-help books.

I am also a singer, although I have not had a regular professional gig since 2006. I mostly sing jazz and I have even studied a little bit of music at three different college institutions.

I am told that I am very good at social media networking. A friend made me look up what companies charge for this type of thing, and I wonder how I can employ myself instead of just volunteering what I do, if I am in fact good at it.

I am a writer, mostly known in my community for poetry but I am told that I should try to write everything. This is what I am doing in part here, writing about things that interest me, being a tourist in my own town, participating in yoga and spirituality meetings, music shows, taking part in bands, poetry readings, community works, and looking at people and art.
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Metropolitan State College of Denver (BA Writing, Minor: Linguistics), Samadhi Center for Yoga (Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Alliance Certified) and Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado.


I build bridges.



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