Rick Boozer

Rick Boozer

Rick Boozer has a Master's degree in astrophysics and is currently pursuing his PhD in that field. He is a retired industrial software engineer who created and oversees the public service science education website called Singularity Scientific and writes astronomy and space travel related articles for his Astro Maven blog. He has numerous professional computer science certifications as well as a bachelor degree in geology. His Master's degree was awarded with High Distinction. In 2010 he was the recipient of the University Medal for outstanding academic achievement at the Masters level. Currently he is doing cutting edge astrophysical research while teaching mathematics and physics part-time. An astronomy and space travel enthusiast since childhood, he avidly keeps up with issues involving NASA and human spaceflight. Rick gives many public presentations on his scientific endeavors to encourage widespread interest in science and technology. The presentations include exhibitions of some of his most spectacular award-winning deep space photographs.
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B.S. Geology, Master of Astronomy in astrophysics


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