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Jennifer Rose Griffin

I truly believe in the power of clothes to tell a story and let people know who you are. Fashion should be fun, personal and stay within your budget. I live in a small house nestled between reservoirs and hills outside of NY city. While you might think this would make me far removed from the world of fashion, I stay current on what’s in style (though I adapt trends to suit my idea of fashion) through my magazine habit and Internet addiction. I tried playing by the rules and then found out that the rules I was living by were from monopoly, so I tossed them out and made my own rules. I enjoy reading, writing, not arithmetic. If I can do one creative activity a day I am content, if I can make one person a day laugh I am overjoyed. If you enjoy my quirky classic style please follow my blog. For more random thoughts, fashion related or otherwise, follow me on twitter @jrosestyle.
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M.A. Art Education, College of New Rochelle. B.A. Studio Art, Fordham University.



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  • Beauty Guru: Simplify My Beauty Routine
    This year I am determined to find and stick with the most basic beauty necessities, less to store and less time spent during my daily routine.
  • Beauty Guru: Building an Arsenal to Combat Winter Dry Skin
    A how to article on how to stay hydrated and keep your skin moisturized during the cold winter months. Includes product recommendations and tips.
  • Beauty Guru: Guide to Getting Rid of Dark Spots
    Dark spots and discoloration are a frustrating skin problem, but I am not without resources to combat these ugly marks. This is run down of my tips and tricks to fighting and preventing dark spots.
  • Beauty Guru: My Beauty Idols
    My beauty idols are three stylish, confident and successful women. They all have a positive outlook on life which makes them all real beauties in my opinion.
  • Beauty Guru: What's in My Makeup Bag for a Summer Getaway
    What summer beauty essentials does this writer/product fiend pack for a summer getaway? Read on for the top 5 beauty products that are on her summer packing list.
  • Beauty Guru: Summer Beauty 101 - Preventing Makeup Meltdown
    Time-tested tips for preventing makeup meltdown, from an oily girl who dares to wear makeup in the summer.
  • Broke Girl Style: Updating Your Spring and Summer Wardrobe
    A practical, money savvy guide to updating your spring wardrobe. Written by one broke girl.
  • Beauty Guru: My Skin Care Routine for Combination Skin
    I have classic combination skin with a few added issues; dark spots and acne. Here is how I cleanse, purge and battle the forces of evil on the surface of my skin.
  • Beauty Guru: Beauty Advice from the Future to My 16-Year-Old Self
    A beauty writer's open letter about beauty do's and don'ts to her 16 year old self. If only I knew then what I know now.
  • Beauty Guru: Beauty Inspiration Drawn from Mad, Mod 1960s
    An makeup look inspired by the mad, mod, youth quake of the 1960's. Simple steps and drugstore beauty products.
  • Beauty Guru: Resolutions for a Beautiful 2013
    Every January resolutions are made for a better, more productive year. This year I have some specific beauty resolutions that I would like to abide by this year. No new beauty products needed, just an outlook and attitude adjustment.
  • Beauty Guru: Worst and best beauty trends of 2012
    In this humble beauty writers opinion these are the unforgettable best and the lamentable worst beauty trends that happened this year. Read on to see if you agree.
  • Beauty Guru: Dear Santa, please stuff my stocking with beauty products
    A beauty junkie's open letter to Santa Claus
  • Beauty Guru: Nail art for people with no coordination
    A simple nail art tutorial that fun and fancy in just a few simple steps. Perfect for those with limited patience or hand eye coordination.
  • Beauty Guru: Fall beauty trends
    Jennifer Rose fearlessly test drives dramatic looks from the Fall 2012 runways. From wine tinged lips to gold rimmed eyes, check out the results and read about the products used here.
  • Beauty Guru: Shhh! Summer beauty secrets
    Beauty tips for surviving any cruel summer.
  • Beauty Guru: The girl with the shiny forehead
    Tips from a super oily girl on how to keep your face shine free this summer season.
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  • Beauty Guru: Beauty product true love
    A roundup of my top beauty picks that I would buy again and again. Written by a woman with beauty product commitment issues, who very rarely buys the same product twice.
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  • Winter Wonderland Nails
    I had a lot of fun creating this winter inspired nail art and I have gotten quite a few compliments on the look since. I think this is the perfect look to try for the holiday party season, the white color is a bright, beautiful background for the fun and festive sparkles. Here's what you will need.
  • Baby Lips? You Better Believe It
    When I received Maybelline's new lip restoring balm, Baby Lips, I glanced at the hefty claims on the product and scoffed. All this and it's only $3.99, we'll see about that. So what does the product claim to do? Baby Lips promises immediate results with lips looking smoother and more supple. Lasting
  • Braun Satin Hairbrush Review
    This month I had the pleasure of reviewing the Braun Satin Hairbursh for Yahoo Shine. The anti-damage hairbrush has active ion technology which smooths the hair shaft and adds shine. Instead of doing my usual write up of the product I decided to do a video review so you could see some of the feature
  • VENUS Pro-Skin Moisture Rich Razer a Smooth Shave or an Epic Fail
    When I found out that I would be testing Venus ProSkin MoistureRich razor, I was giddy. The reason for my excitement was the razor was designed and dermatologist-tested for women with sensitive skin, that is me to a tea. Maybe there will finally be a razor that I can use, that will give me a smooth
  • Hair Donation Update!
    Table full of ponytails. I have been growing my hair out for two years. The random photographs and memories in my mind are littered with images of me with long straight locks. About a year ago I made the decision to continue growing my hair to donate it to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. Beautiful L
  • User Post: Major Hair Makeover
    In exactly one week I will be cutting my hair, now I'm not talking a trim, I'm talking nine inches lopped off at once. I will be donating my hair with a group of former co-workers to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program. While this kind of change is a little nerve-wracking I am excited by the prospec
  • User post: Product Review: Revlon Illuminance Créme Shadow
    Happy Friday! Are you in the mood for a little weekend makeup experimentation. Have you ever used cream eyeshadow? Did you like it or was it just okay? I found a cream shadow that I really like, and I just have to share. Read on for my review of Revlon's Illuminance Créme Shadow.Last week I went in
  • User post: DIY Natural Lavender Facial Scrub
    I have a wonderfully diverse group of friends who I can call on for their expertise on a myriad of topics; anything from finance, to real estate, to tattoos and beauty. One of those terrific people is Eduardo, who also happens to be a blogger and wellness guru extrodinaire. He recently posted on his
  • User post: Get The Look: Retro Beach Style For Under $150
    Photo: myvintagevogue The spring in New York has so far proven to be windy, rainy and cold. While the rain beats on my windows my mind wanders to the warmer more tropical reaches of the world. What would I be wearing if I was walking the beach somewhere south of the equator? I would
  • User post: An Eye for White Eyelet Under $50
    I don't know if it has to do with getting older, but I feel that recently my taste in fashion has drastically changed. For example as recently as a year ago I would have recoiled in horror at the mention of white fabric of any kind. My past aversion to white was because black was my go-to neutral fo
  • Can Soft Soap's Body Butter Strawberry Smoother Get My Dry Rough Ready for Springtime?
    This month I am test driving Soft Soap's Body Butter Strawberry Smoother (whew that's a mouthful). The product promises a rich lather, natural exfoliating beads and a delicious fragrance, does it deliver or is it still rough around the edges, read on and see.Packaging: So the initial impact of the p
  • DIY: Leopard Print Maxi Skirt.
    I am still working my way way through the "fix it" bag of clothing that I started after my closet clean-out. In this bag there are a few items that I made in high school when I was attending a fashion design vocational program. Some of these items are really hideous or outdated, but I held on to the
  • DIY Dose: Peasant Dress Updated
    Free People Peasant Dress. Perfect for channeling my inner flower child. I recently undertook a massive closet clean out (read the details here) and have begun sorting through the wreckage. The wreckage was anything that didn't make the editorial cut to stay in happy closet land. I had a bag of
  • User post: Trying out Spring's Hottest Shade On my Nails!
    I very rarely indulge in a manicure, maybe twice a year. When I do go I choose a nail color that is soft subdued and neutral. Well, I went yesterday and decided enough with neutral! Maybe it was the faint taste of spring in the air, the unseasonably warm weather (it was 60 in NY), the appearance of
  • How to Create Soft Bouncy Waves on Super Straight Hair
    Whenever I see women with soft siren-like waves I am filled with hair envy. I have super straight hair that doesn't hold a curl. I have tried braiding wet hair at night to achieve those enviable waves, but wake up in the morning to hair that looks slightly crimped instead. I have also put my hair in
  • User post: How to Create A Milkmaid Braid Hairstyle
    Right now the east coast, from North Carolina to Maine, is dealing with some sort of snow accumulation. My little corner of the northeast received about 16 inches of snow with drifts anywhere from three to five feet. So being stuck indoors today I did some aimless internet searching. Aimless until I
  • Confessions of a Toothbrush Abuser and the Toothbrush that Saved Me
    This is hard for me to admit, but I'm going to come clean about it...I abuse my toothbrushes. It's true, every single toothbrush I use after three months looks like the Red Sea after Moses got through with it. Split down the middle. How do my brushes end up looking like this, well I chew on them, ho
  • Need a Beauty Pick Me Up - Try A Little Kindness
    Okay I know the title sounds a little out there, but bear with me for sec. This month we were asked to write about the best beauty advice we have received. While I have received a fair amount of advice over the years, I couldn't think of any that would be earth shattering or new to Shine readers. I
  • My Must Have For Summer - Skin Life Preserver
    Ah the joys of summer; cold ice cream on a hot day, taking a dip in the pool and sitting out on the steps to enjoy those extended daylight hours. With most things in life though there are unpleasant things to balance out those joys. The inexplicable need for every part of my body to sweat profusely,
  • Secret Clinical Strength Waterproof Formula = No Sweat
    Confession: I have never used an antiperspirant before. Body powder, body spray, and deodorant, yes, antiperspirant, no. Now before you get all judgey and assume I am not someone you would want to stand down wind of, let me just say I am a mild sweater and I don't stink (that I know of). While I hav
  • Making Over My Makeup Bag
    Spring has definitely sprung in the New York area. I've finally got the sunshine and warmer temperatures I could have only dreamed of this winter. Spring is funny though, the nice weather makes me want to get outside, but at the same time it makes me want to clean out my space inside. I certainly ha
  • User post: How Did You Find Your Hairstylist?
    In my previous post I mentioned I was growing my hair out to donate. I also mentioned that my hair was painfully overdue for a trim. I know a trim is essential to keeping strands split free and healthy, so what's keeping me away from the salon? Well the truth is I am currently without a stylist. Abo
  • Growing My Hair Out To Donate and I Want To Know...
    Most of my adult life I have kept my hair short, ranging in styles from bobs to pixie cuts. I am currently in the process of growing my hair out to donate. Most organizations accepting hair donations to make wigs for children and adults with hair loss require 8-12 inches of healthy strands. Growing
  • CoverGirl's Smoky ShadowBlast; a Knockout or Up in Smoke?
    My eyes are usually behind a pair of frames, my glasses and I are inseparable, I even forget that I am wearing them. The point is that when I apply eye makeup it is usually very subtle so as not to compete with my quirky plastic frames. When I learned that the Shine Guru's were going to be testing C
  • A Nail Polish with Special Effects
    I love the look of freshly painted nails, they look so pretty, polished and lady-like, but I never exert the effort when it comes to prettifying my own nails. Part of the reason for this is that painting my nails requires me to sit still, not move, not doing anything for a few minutes after painting
  • Obsessed with Natural Beauty Remedies
    Around 9:00 on any given evening you can most likely find me raiding the kitchen, but I'm not searching for a snack. I am searching for ingredients for my latest obsession, natural beauty remedies! The kitchen may seem like an unlikely place to turn to when your hair is dry or a giant zit has reared
  • An Open Letter to Foundation Makeup
    Dear Foundation, It's be a tumultuously love-hate relationship from the start. I should have stopped seeing you long ago,but your alluring promises of perfect porcelain skin kept me coming back for more. There were days where we worked great together. Like when you made my ruddy complexion look even
  • A New Addition to the BLAST Family - Are Congratulations in Order?
    First Impressions I am a sucker for packaging (just thought I should get it out in the open)! Clean lines and great design always catch my eye. I was immediately drawn to the packaging on the new ShineBlast Lip Gloss from COVERGIRL. Its sleek silver handle, tapered plastic body(revealing a glimpse o
  • User post: A Brief Flirtation with Makeup Colors
    How many of you out there have recently cleaned out your makeup bag? I recently dumped mine out and here's what I found. Loads of lipstick, eyeshadow, blushes and bronzers, that were past their expiration date (yes I know gross and dangerous) and most of which were only half used. This got me to thi
  • Winter Clothing Crisis: Update
    The last time I wrote about winter clothing - I was freaking out because it was freezing cold and I was seriously lacking in the winter clothes department. After a multitude of helpful suggestions from Shine readers (thanks everyone) and some serious searching I have found some basic, and not so bas
  • Morning Beauty Rush
    I like to present my best self when I go to work. Something that says "I care about my job and my co-workers, so I take the time in the morning to make myself presentable". Then there are some mornings where I can only say "Ahh, where did my eight hours of supposed sleep go!" I have been working two
  • User post: Winter clothing crisis
    I am having a winter clothing/style crisis! It's the second week of January and winter is in full swing here in the Northeast. Snow, wind and bitter cold all make me want to stay home and hibernate. Unfortunately my job does not offer hibernation days so I have to go to work and brave the cold.So he
  • The No Shampoo Method
    In Hair News:I know this may sound crazy, but there is a movement where people are giving up shampooing their hair. Okay take it all in, after getting over the initial ew gross factor I found myself intrigued. Apparently people are giving up shampoo for many reasons, some key ones being the harsh de

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