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Ever since I was a small child, I loved to write; I love holding long conversations about politics and the state of the world. I believe that a person's opinion is a truly unique thing and I consider it an honor to be able to share it.
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  • First Person: For Parents, College Wasn't the End-All, Be-All
    So while the importance of a college degree has greatly increased, so too has the anxiety on students who find themselves facing mountains of debt.
  • Why Cristiano Ronaldo Will Win the Player of the Year Award: A Fan’s Opinion
    I laid out at four major milestones Cristiano Ronaldo would have to successfully overcome in order to cement his status as the world’s best: win the Champions League and/or La Liga, beat Barcelona, keep the goals coming, and win Euro 2012.
  • Why Barcelona’s Loss Is a Good Thing: A Fan’s Opinion
    Tuesday, April 24, 2012, our eyes were glued to the screens in disbelief as FC Barcelona crashed out of the Champions League, thanks to goals from Ramires, and, of course, Fernando Torres.
  • Why Lionel Messi Is Not a Legend: A Fan’s View
    "Messi is great but for me to become a legend like Zidane or Maradona, he must achieve success with the national team. We can not compare him with these great champions," Ronaldo told Bundesligapremier.it
  • How Cristiano Ronaldo Can Win the Player of the Year Award: A Fan's Take
    Still, as we’ve seen this season, Messi and Barcelona are not unbeatable. Here are some ways that Ronaldo can ensure that he takes home the coveted accolade for this season.
  • How Barcelona Lost La Liga: A Fan’s View
    In committing the ultimate no-no in sports, Barcelona may have just lost themselves La Liga.
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  • La Liga Isn’t the Best Football League in the World: A Fan's Opinion
    It houses arguably the world's best and brightest football stars, but contrary to belief, La Liga is not the best league in the world ... in fact, it's quite far from it.
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  • Fabio Capello's Departure from England a Good Thing: A Fan's View
    Capello's resignation couldn't have come at a worse time, yet it is, perhaps, the best thing to happen to England's National squad for years.
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  • Does Romney Have an Unfair Advantage?
    On the heels of an AFP report that Mitt Romney won fifty percent of the vote in the Nevada Caucus, I thought to myself, “He’ll be the GOP nominee, for sure.”
  • Why Thousands More Will Die in Syria
    While it would have shown international unity had it been passed, a part of me wonders how much Mr. Assad cares for the U.N. ...
  • Will Egypt Rise Again?
    Not even a year has passed since the historic toppling of Mubarak, but already an image of the new Egypt is beginning to emerge. And, sadly, it’s not a pretty picture.
  • Cracks Starting to Show in Real Madrid?
    As Jose Mourinho's team try to clinch a crucial league title, could inward bickering be their own worst enemy?
  • Paterno Leaves Mixed Legacy Behind
    Sure, the internet is littered with articles of his passing, highlighting his illustrious career as Head Coach of Penn State, but right next to those credentials are the footnotes about the Sandusky scandal.
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  • Like it or Not, Romney Will Be GOP Nominee
    The GOP will have to decide if they want to hold to their conservative principles and risk losing the election by choosing a traditional candidate, or if they are willing to sacrifice some of their principles for the sake of winning November's election.
  • What’s Happened to Mitt Romney?
    Romney will have to seriously evaluate several key factors if he wants to stand a chance of winning the Republican nomination.
  • Ways to Help You Sell Your Home
    Though selling one’s property is a daunting task, here are a few tips that may boost your chances of attracting buyers and closing a deal.
  • Simple Everyday Ways to Save Money
    With economic times still hard for regular folks like us, here are a few tips that can put some extra money in your wallet.
  • Too Many Debates for the GOP?
    This time around, when all is said and done, the candidates will have slugged through 27. Of course, it’s just an increase of six, but there are several reasons why I consider this an unwise idea.
  • Income Inequality: Is it Too Late to Save the Middle Class?
    While I understand that $100,000 a year is by no means a king’s fortune, these statistics give a very interesting insight into the growing divide between the haves and have nots.
  • For Penn State, Too Little, Too Late
    If Penn State is truly serious, truly remorseful about this, then they ought to clean house indiscriminately.
  • Occupy Wall Street Rolls On
    They’ve been camped out in Zuccotti Park for over thirty days now, and show no signs of leaving. They’ve even had celebrities lend support to their movement.
  • Doubt Lingers in Knox Case
    I, for one, expect them to get off, and to be hailed as something akin to heroes by the press. I’m not saying this is a bad thing…provided, they are innocent.
  • Should Troy Davis Have Been Executed?
    I think every person is of the knowledge that there are “mistakes”, aka people who are wrongly convicted and executed for a crime they did not commit.
  • International Community Will Not Bring Peace to Israel
    If I may keep drawing on scenarios, it would be like the U.S. and Russia coexisting in a single nation during the Cold War—or, more currently, with Iran. If this was the case, would diplomacy really be that easy?
  • Will the Tea Party Cost the GOP the 2012 Election?
    These people seemed to come from absolutely nowhere. Discontented with the way Washington is being run, they began to form something of a grassroots movement in an attempt to make their voices heard by the elected officials.
  • How This Year's Budget Crisis Could Harm the GOP in 2012
    While the U.S. certainly isn't Greece, I think it should take note of two things from the birthplace of Democracy: while they had someone to bail them out from their financial troubles, the U.S., really, has no one who will help take on the load...
  • Why Casey Anthony Was Acquitted
    The real anger should fall to the prosecution who somehow let a surefire case slip through their fingers. Their failure to procure justice for Caylee's horrific death is the real crime, not the jury's.
  • How Sarah Palin is Harming the GOP
    So the question is, why does she want this attention? Though she hasn't made any formal statement, the only viable reason is that she's putting a presidential bid together.
  • Why Cracking Down on 'Illegal Immigrants' Won't Work
    But really, one must ask themselves, what average American would be willing to harvest produce in fields for a slavish pay? Are these the jobs that Americans feel threatened of losing?
  • What Bin Laden's Death Really Means
    I was just a kid on September 11, 2001, when my family and I turned on the TV and saw the World Trade Center buildings smoking. It was amidst the images of chaos and carnage that I came to know Osama bin Laden.
  • Ten Ways to Save Money at College
    Unless you become one of the lucky 1% who are filthy rich, you could end up shackled to school debt for the rest of your life.
  • Are Facebook and Twitter the Last of Social Networking?
    So, in light of the fact that the previous social juggernauts Friendster and Myspace are now little more than toothless in comparison to Facebook and Twitter, one can't help wondering what will happen when the latter two start to decline in popularity.
  • With Obama's Birth Certificate Revealed, is Trump's Bid Over?
    But now, the distinct leverage that Trump held has been evened out. Just today, the White House released Obama's official birth certificate to quiet the growing speculation that he was not, in fact, born in the U.S.
  • Why Barcelona Lost the Copa Del Rey Final
    Shock rippled through the international sports community: What happened? Is Barcelona losing its touch? Has Jose Mourinho figured out their tactics?
  • How I Follow the Royal Wedding Online
    It's from the web that I learned what time I'd have to get up to drag myself in front of the TV for the ceremony, as well as interesting facts about the soon-to-be royal couple.
  • History of Marriages at Westminster Abbey
    Westminster Abbey. We know that it is the place where Prince William and Catherine Middleton will be married, but how much do we really know about some of the weddings that have taken place there?
  • The Current Athlete I Want to Meet
    At first, I didn't really pay much attention to this footballer with the long black hair, goofy smile, and number 10 jersey. His name was Ronaldinho.
  • Life After the Royal Wedding
    The Royal weddings is, without a doubt, one of the most anticipated events of this spring. But once the wedding has come and gone, what will life for William and Catherine be like?
  • To Mom: For Mother's Day
    For this and all things I say thank you, Not just on this Mother's Day, Though there's never been a mother more true. No, you're not mother just for a day, But I call you mother every day.
  • Happy BEARTHday!
    We've only got one planet, and we only get one day to say, Happy bEARTHday!
  • My Redeemer Lives!
    With Easter approaching, this poem reflects on the matchless sacrifice and resurrection of Jesus Christ.
  • Why 'Harry Hunters' Are Making a Mistake
    Young women are putting their lies on hold and flocking to England where they are doing everything in their power to charm Prince Harry, who seems to have become England's most eligible bachelor. But are they making a mistake?
  • Pros and Cons of Credit Cards
    The credit card has swiftly evolved from a mere payment option to a requirement for many companies--especially online retail. But there are some things you should take note of before applying for one.
  • Middle East Revolutions Will Not Solve Problems
    As Gadhafi looks likely to be overthrown, the Middle East is facing key changes. But will they be for the better?
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  • Is the Kate Middleton Frenzy Getting Out of Control?
    With the royal wedding drawing closer, the frenzy over Kate Middleton has reached a fever pitch. But, in light of Diana's tragic life, is it too much, too soon?
  • Signs of Spring
    Guess what's coming...Spring is near! From the sights, to the smells, to the sounds, Spring offers us much to look forward to! The sweet time of Spring is approaching/ Life returns to Earth again.

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