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Elaina Wicks

Elaina Wicks is a wife, mother and freelancer. With more than 17 years of marriage (to one hunky man) under her belt, she can honestly say that she knows more than a little about for better or worse, budgeting for a family and credit card debt. With a teenage son, she now knows why you should always knock before entering their room(s...) eh -- and why chicken noodle and colloidal silver help save a lot of money at the doctor.

She has a grand love for dogs and with over 20 yrs of experience in raising them, she knows a thing or two about doggie home remedies and why tile might just be a better option for the home.

As a freelancer, she has done everything from Mystery Shopping, Market Research, Property Management Evaluations, Website and Jewelry Design to Writing for various publications, like Stress Free Living magazine and a variety of websites. She was also a Featured Contributor at Helium.com in 2011.

She prides herself in producing relevant, high quality articles that gleam with integrity, purpose and insight, while humbly acknowledging that there is always room for improvement.

Comments and feedback are always welcome.
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  • The Pedunculated Fibroid That Almost Ruined My Life
    My experience with a rare type of fibroid that landed me in the emergency room. What I didn’t know could have killed me. However, what I learned could save many women with potentially dangerous menstrual irregularities.
  • Luminescent
    Sometimes, you must look deep within the darkness to find the light.
  • How to Keep Kids Entertained on Thanksgiving
    When you have a house full on Thanksgiving Day, the kiddos are bound to get a little restless. Here are five fun and unique activities that will create wonderful holiday memories and get the kids tuckered out.
  • Chaos
    Poetry by Elaina Wicks. Inside the head on a manic day.
  • How We Maintain Stress-Free Holidays
    Creating the perfect holiday experience for our family has always been top priority, but over the years we've learned to alter a few traditions in order to avoid unnecessary stress.
  • Verizon Vs. T-Mobile
    Read how T-Mobile compares to mobile giant, Verizon. Does a huge network mean more to consumers than saving money? Our recent switch enlightened us to some pretty significant savings. Like…$1,200 a year in savings.
  • First Person: Blatant Truth is Guns Help Us Protect Our Families
    It is a Mother’s instinct to protect her family at any cost. As a Mother, I support our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms and firmly disagree with any legislation that could make my family more vulnerable to threats within an unpredictable society.
  • Saki
    Poem in Memory of the late, Saki Wicks, December 25,2001-December 6, 2011 She was our "blossom of hope," but still visits us when we need her the most.
  • Our Time-Keeper, Thorn, Keeps Us on Our Toes
    I suppose we did a good job training our 14-yr-old Retriever-Hound Mix, Thorn, because after years on a specific schedule, this old man likes his routine. Step off course by a simple minute and he’ll make sure to get the entire family back on track.
  • Valentine's
    Valentine's Day Haiku -- Young Love
  • Datura
    A Haiku about these wondrous beauties that fill my garden. At dusk, they do a gentle dance and fill the air with the most enchanting fragrance.
  • Love Infinite
    A poem dedicated to my soul mate (husband for over 16 yrs.) Happy Valentine's Day, My "Mo~D!"
  • When Discipline Becomes Child Abuse
    Several news stories have erupted recently about children dying after “discipline” went too far. Where do we draw the line as parents? Why do some parents equate discipline with tyranny?
  • Fibroids Caused by Hormone Imbalance
    Many women experience difficulties with their reproductive systems. Accurately pinpointing the causes of such difficulties can be more perplexing than the symptoms themselves. Studies are proving that a simple “imbalance” may be the underlying culprit.
  • First Person: Preventative Measures Keeping Us Flu-Free
    This recent flu season has hit the U.S. with a vengeance. We live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and have already heard of several flu-related deaths. My family has yet to be affected by the flu this season, but not without taking diligent precautions.
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  • Best Natural Progesterone Cream
    Natural progesterone cream is a phenomenal product for women with reproductive issues. Out of the three products I have tried, one brand in particular has given me the perfect balance of everything I need.
  • The Right to Bear Arms
    Amidst the most recent tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary in Newtown, Conn., Americans are re-evaluating our current right to bear arms. As a parent, I can see both sides to the controversy. Although, many would be angered at the side I fully support.
  • First Person: Worries About Numbness to School Shootings
    In light of the Newton, CT Elementary School shooting on Friday December 14, 2012, my husband and I not only realized how unpredictable the world can be, but that today’s youth might become desensitized due to the frequency in which violence occurs.
  • Five Chores Your Teenager Should Have
    A family is a team and as a part of a team, EVERYONE must contribute. As parents, we must teach our teenagers the skills necessary to grow into responsible adults. Heck, our guy has been vacuuming dust bunnies since he was two…wink.
  • Apocalypse
    Is the end near or are we wrapped up in hype? My interpretation of the pending days to come...
  • How to Talk to Your Teen
    As the mother of a young teenager, I have found that you should practice a variety of techniques in order to speak the same language. Although any given day can present a new challenge, I've discovered a few helpful tips from my own relationship that can
  • Best Anti-Perspirant for Axillary Hyperhidrosis
    Axillary Hyperhidrosis (excessive underarm sweat) affects many Americans. More than half of my life was plagued by this embarrassing condition. Read on to see how Maxim Anti-Perspirant ended my sweating woes and how it can help you.
  • Brown Sugar Smoked Thanksgiving (or Anytime) Turkey
    Sweet and juicy smoked turkey recipe for Thanksgiving. With proper preparation and ingredients, you and yours are sure to love.
  • Foods to Keep You Healthy During Cold and Flu Season
    Keeping your immune system in tip-top shape is essential during cold and flu season. Here are 5 foods that can not only help to boost immunity, but keep you feeling your best when the weather is at its worst.
  • First Frost
    Winter Haiku: Beautiful morning of first winter frost.
  • War Within My Soul
    The dark side of teenage angst. Written when I was 16, published online in 2008.
  • Faith
    A poem on faith and how despite the angst of life, you are never alone. Originally published in 2008.
  • Lost
    Poem on the struggles of a lost soul. Originally published in 2009.
  • Narcissism: The Decline of a Society
    The birth of a narcissist and the effect on our society. Originally written for Helium.com, 2008.
  • How to Tell If Your Child is Being Abused at School
    Sometimes our children are reluctant, embarrased or even afraid to let us know when they are being abused at school. Some signs may be apparent, while others may go undetected. How to know if your child is being abused at school.
  • Should Dogs Be Indoor or Outdoor Pets?
    Being a responsible dog owner means taking appropriate measures to ensure the safety of your pet. Keeping a dog outdoors, may not be the safest option.
  • The Unseen Fall
    Mother nature knows the perfect harmony to keep nature flowing. Sometimes, it's beauty and knowledge are "unseen."
  • How to Care for Your New Tattoo
    As the wife of a professional tattoo artist and recipient of several tattoos, read on to learn how to properly care for your new tattoo.
  • Colloidal Silver for Dogs
    Not only can homemade colloidal silver clear up infections and viruses in humans, but it works great for our furry canine companions as well.
  • Rhythm of Spring
    Springtime Haiku
  • Home Remedies: Colloidal Silver
    Silver has been shown to possess prominent anti-microbial properties and has been used around the world for decades to kill viruses and bacteria. Here are TEN proven remedies that have worked for my own household.
  • Controversy Surrounding Colloidal Silver
    There are risks associated with all types of medical treatments and home remedies. However, physicians proclaim that the risks of using colloidal silver out weight the benefits. Is the use of colloidal silver truly dangerous or a true miracle cure-all?
  • Summer Drought
    Long, dry summers make for unhappy gardens.
  • Website Review: Progesteronetherapy.Com
    Progesteronetherapy.com focuses on natural remedies for women's reproductive issues. Site owner, Wray Whyte also offers personal help and honest answers to questions that most doctors dance around.
  • Overcoming Obstacles in Everyday Life
    It is what we take from the setbacks of life that makes us stronger and better prepared for each new day.
  • Car Accident Claim Process
    Your insurance company may not be telling you everything you need to know about your claim. Read on to gain a body shop estimator's advice on how to file a "stress free" automobile insurance claim.
  • Consumer Warning: Lowes.Com
    What you see is not always what you get. Read about my recent online buying experience with Lowes.com. Not only did it initially cost me more than $400 in unnecessary charges, but four hours in customer "service" hell.
  • The Importance of Renter's Insurance
    Whether you own or rent, protecting your personal property is a necessity. Even as a renter, you may be liable for more than you think. Read why renter's insurance is so important.
  • How to Know If Your Car's Alternator is Bad
    Troubleshooting mechanical problems can get very complex. However, after personal experience and a little research, I can tell you a few sure fire ways to determine if your car's alternator is causing your mechanical woes.
  • Pros and Cons of Writing for Helium.Com
    There have been many horror stories around the web about the pitfalls of writing for Helium.com, but the pros are really in the eyes of the beholder. From the good, the bad, to the downright ugly, read my (somewhat) unbiased review on Helium.com.
  • Save Water, Go Green: Lawn Painting Alternative
    What if you could have lush, green grass without wasting one of our most valuable resources? Now you can. The same product used in sporting arenas is now available to the general public. Save water, go green and maintain your investment with lawn dying.
  • Enlightenment
    A journey in life; perceptions and reflexions.
  • Wisdom
    We gain this from living life. Whether it be love, loss or simply living, our experiences leave us with the most rewarding gift of all...wisdom.
  • Everlasting
    If you've ever been in love, then you should be able to relate to this poem. I wrote it for my husband, back in 2004.
  • Signs
    Immediately after 9/11, the world to me, seemed a bit surreal. I wrote this poem as a relection of the things we so often ask for, but never seem to see.
  • Pedunculated Fibroids
    A less common type of fibroid that hangs from a stalk outside of the uterine wall. Pedunculated fibroids can cause severe complications like intense pain and/or heavy bleeding. What to do if you think you have a pedunculated fibroid.
  • Illusions
    A poem on my perception of our fruitless struggle for power and status.
  • Managing Fibroids Without Medical Insurance
    There are many options for women that suffer from fibroids. From natural remedies and preventative measures, to obtaining medical care without medical insurance, women no longer have to suffer from fibroids.
  • Dangers of Xenoestrogens
    Xenoestrogens are a synthetic version of the female hormone, estrogen. When any type of synthetic, "unnatural" substance is introduced to the human body or environment, it can cause an unstable domino effect of complications.

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