Kelly Herdrich

Kelly Herdrich

Kelly has a bachelor's degree in elementary education, raises three young daughters, and currently lives abroad with her family.

Since beginning her freelance writing career, Kelly has had work published on almost every Yahoo! outlet, as well as on Vocalpoint, Woman's Day, Life 123, and various other online publications.

Kelly published her first novel, "Scattered," in December 2012. She was one of the Contributors of the Year for 2011. She also won a Yahoo! Contributor Award for her work in Lifestyle in 2011. She was featured in October 2011's Contributor Spotlight. She is regularly a Hot 500 Contributor and has been a Top 1000 contributor for the past four years.

She's a voracious reader and writer, an obsessive knitter and yarn snob and an overwhelmed and energetic wife and mother.
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Has a bachelor s degree in elementary education and is raising three daughters.


BA in elementary education, Wake Forest University


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  • Parenting Guru: I'm Worried that My Daughters Will Be like Me
    I have so many worries for my daughters. But what's the one, big fear that I have when it comes right down to it? My biggest fear is that my girls will be like me.
  • Parenting Guru: I Moved My Family to England This Summer
    When we announced our plans for the summer of 2013, we heard cries of, “What about all my friends?” and “We can’t even go to the beach first?” We spoiled everything with one big, sweeping pronouncement: We’re moving to England.
  • Safely Manage Your Money when Traveling
    What you’ll spend and where you’ll spend it doesn’t matter if your money isn’t there for the spending. What can I do to safely manage my money when traveling?
  • Parenting Guru: When Resolutions Aren’t Enough
    The list of resolutions we make every January looks surprisingly similar to the previous year. This year, we're making more than resolutions--we're making changes.
  • Enduring Skills Students Learn from High School Sports
    hough there are still years to go before my daughter tries out for a high school team, I'm already impressed by the life skills I see her learning on the field. Just what skills can you hope for your child to gain from their high school sporting career?
  • First Person: Smart Financial Moves I Made in My 20s
    The financial choices my husband and I made in our twenties might have labeled us old and conventional, but in fact, they helped set us up for the financial success we're experiencing in our thirties.
  • Winter Break Sports for Dads and Daughters
    Everyone tries to get some special time with Dad when he's home. What are some fun father-daughter activities that will keep the kids entertained and active while creating lifelong memories for father and daughter alike?
  • 10 Tips to Help Your Student Athlete Through a Hectic Week
    As adults, years of practice have provided us with the know-how to manage hectic weeks. Children and teenagers haven’t mastered the skills yet. How can you help your student athlete navigate a hectic week of school, sports, and family obligations?
  • Guide to picking and installing a new backsplash
    An updated backsplash can change the look of your kitchen, giving the impression of a full remodel without all the work. Thoughtful backsplash selection & careful installation can guarantee that your backsplash is both functional & aesthetically pleasing.
  • Parenting Guru: Nothing says Christmas like a chain restaurant
    Our Christmas tradition might seem slightly unorthodox. In a season filled with home-cooked meals and baked goods, is there really room for a chain restaurant? My family thinks so--and our holiday tradition might surprise you.
  • 6 Questions to Ask Before Coaching Your Child's Team
    With our first season ending, it’s time to reflect on my experience volunteering to teach my own children a sport. In the future, should I (or should you) coach or sit on the sidelines? Ask yourself these questions to help you decide.
  • Parenting Guru: I am thankful for you (yes, you!)
    I don’t tell you enough how thankful I am for you. I should. What if there isn’t a tomorrow to say how much you mean to me and how thankful I am for you and for every moment we’ve shared and everything you’ve done for me?
  • Extra seating ideas for holiday dinners and parties
    When we purchased our dining room table several years ago, my husband and I had a bit of an argument about how many chairs we needed to buy. Three kids and a major move later, we've had to focus on practical solutions to our seating problems.
  • Fun Ways to Compete With Your Spouse
    Don't compete on the home field! Instead, find other fun ways to compete with your spouse.
  • Can I find time to be involved with my kids?
    A recent study encourages parents who aren’t able to have regular family dinners to engage with their kids in other ways. How do we find time to stay involved in our children’s lives?
  • 5 decor projects to tackle before holiday company
    While we love the excitement and full house we experience over the holiday season, prepping for holiday company can become a full-time job. Which décor projects do we need to tackle before the first house guests arrive?
  • Parenting Guru: Sneaky safety tricks for trick-or-treat
    We’ve had to become Halloween safety experts. Many of the safety tactics we’ve employed over the years haven’t even registered with my kids. What are some under the radar safety tricks you can try for Halloween?
  • Parenting Guru: Teaching your daughters to love football
    If watching the game hasn't convinced them to love football, maybe learning to play it for themselves will work.
  • Parenting Guru: Best parent in an emergency? Not me
    I can juggle five schedules, a full calendar, work, the kids, and pick up the neighbor's sick kid at school. The minute my family faces a crisis, however, all bets are off. Who wins the award for the best parent in an emergency? Not me.
  • How Involved Should I Be with My Child’s Homework?
    Second grade brings real homework, real expectations, and real preparation for the report card grades that start next year. It begs the question—just how involved should we be in our child’s homework?
  • Parenting Guru: 5 minutes to happier kids in the morning
    I don't want to start the morning with a fight. I’ve had to start coming up with creative ways to keep my kids from whining and complaining on our walk to school. What strategies have worked the best to happier kids on the walk to school?
  • Should I Sell My Knitted Garments?
    You hear the words from friends and family members wherever you go, “You should totally sell your knitting!” You’ve finally decided to give it some thought. Should you sell your knitted garments? You may be surprised by the answer.
  • Is a fall refinance right for you?
    Should you consider refinancing your home this fall? For many homeowners, there's no better time for a refinance.
  • Best Children's Books For Your Little Athlete
    Whether your youngest athlete is two or twelve, there’s a place for literature in the formation of their sports career. What are the best children’s books for little athletes?
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  • Ways to Get Involved in Your Community this Fall
    For many women and families, fall is the perfect opportunity to get more involved with your community. What can you do and where can you do it?
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  • 5 creepy household pests to be weary of this fall
    Which household pests are likely to make an appearance in your home this fall, and what can you do to prepare for and eliminate them once they arrive?
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  • Bad Bedtime Habits and How to Break Them
    Bad bedtime habits can be impossible to break. They can stress out everyone and ruin those peaceful night sleeps. What can parents do about bad bedtime habits?
  • Parenting Guru: The house of too many rules
    Making rules isn't a problem--we have a million of them. But which rules really count? My kids don't know, and frankly, I don't, either. When rules aren't your thing, how can you still teach your kids to learn to follow them?
  • DIY storage closet makeover
    If your storage closet has gotten out of control, it might be necessary to consider a small, DIY closet makeover. Without spending a ton of money, you can make your closet functional, practical, and organized.
  • 6 People Every Knitter Needs to Know
    Not only do I enjoy the camaraderie of knitting with friends, but it’s often essential. Which types of knitters should you surround yourself with? One of each of these, to start!
  • Spray paint 101 for secondhand furniture
    Combine your recent antique store find with spray paint, done right, and your $5 sofa table steal could become a central focus of your living room. What do you need to know about spray painting your secondhand furniture?
  • Creating a functional entryway for your family
    Often, the front hallway becomes a dumping ground when the kids walk in the door. Sports equipment, school gear, shoes, laptops, and more regularly clutter the small foyer in my home. Creating a functional entryway for my family has become a challenge.
  • Outdoor Family Activities for Fall
    The kids are busy with school work and after school activities, but whenever we can, I work hard to get my family outside in the fall. Where do we go and what do we do? The possibilities are endless.
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  • Shopping for home insurance? Consider these 6 do's and don'ts
    If you don't do your research, you could end up underinsured, over-insured, or working with a company that doesn't have your best interests at heart. How should you shop for homeowner's insurance?
  • Things to Do With the Family During a Summer Power Outage
    Staying warm during a winter power outage means extra blankets and a warm fire. Alternately, staying cool during a summer power outage isn’t quite as easy. When the power’s out and the temps are rising, what can you and your family do to stay cool?
  • Should you switch home insurance companies?
    Not only should you regularly take the time to examine the coverage you have, but consider finding a new company if your current insurer no longer meets your needs. Why should you think about switching your home insurance?
  • Getting the best deal on Internet, cable, and phone service
    When you’re moving into a new home, setting up your utilities and service providers can be a potential headache. If you want to get the best deal on your internet/cable/phone service, you may need to think outside the box.
  • Is it time to switch my Internet, cable, and phone provider?
    If you want to make sure you are getting the best deal on your internet/cable/phone service, there’s more to consider than the bottom line. Why else might you consider shopping around for a new service provider?
  • Understanding the hidden costs of Internet, cable, and phone service
    It never ceases to amaze me how much bigger my cable bill is than I anticipated. What are the hidden costs of internet/cable/phone service, and what can you do to minimize them?
  • 7 Things I Do for Myself that Benefit My Kids
    I spend a lot of time with my children, teaching them, playing with them, and doing things with them. Surprisingly, I think some of the best things I do for my kids are the ones I do without them.
  • Parenting Guru: 5 traps we won’t fall into this school year
    Back to school season is almost here. My entire family plans to make the most out of every single one of those days. In order to do that, we need to pinpoint just where we went wrong last year. I have a few ideas.
  • Awkward Knitting Expressions & What They Really Mean
    Some commonly used knitting phrases give even seasoned knitters trouble on occasion. As a designer, I still have to stop to think about a few of these. What do these awkward knitting expressions really mean?
  • First person: How we stayed cool during a 5-day summer power outage
    Temperatures in Maryland topped over 100 degrees and the power went out with the arrival of derecho. With three young children, each of the five days of the power outage was an extreme challenge. How did we stay cool during a power outage?
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  • Unconventional Storage Ideas for Small Bathrooms
    Is your bathroom too tiny for an extra roll of toilet paper, the hair dryer, or that toddler potty? When you're short on space on your bathroom, you have to start thinking about unconventional storage ideas.
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  • New Twists on Gallery Walls
    You’ve got the wall space, you’ve got the pictures, but just how will you lay everything out? Don’t let be leery of hammering in that first picture hanger. These fun twists on gallery walls offer possibilities for every family.
  • 5 Ideas for a Fun, Functional Basement Remodel
    Though our house is spacious, three children are quickly driving us to the garage and bathrooms to find a moment of peace and quiet. “To the basement,” will be our battle cry! Here are five ideas we’re considering for fun, functional basement remodels.
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  • Redo the Kids' Bathroom Before School Starts
    If you’re looking for a fun, manageable family project before back-to-school season starts, consider redoing your kids’ bathroom. The small space makes this the perfect choice for a quick update if you’re short on money and time.
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  • Throw the Perfect End-of-Summer Backyard BBQ
    Don’t let summer days and nights go by without a celebration. Before the leaves start to fall, get that backyard ready for the perfect end-of-summer barbeque.
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  • Parenting Guru: Beating the “It’s too hot!” blues
    While I don’t mind the occasional game on the Wii or movie during the summer, I don’t want my daughters to learn bad habits that will stay with them a lifetime. How can I help them beat the “It’s too hot!” blues and avoid becoming little couch potatoes?
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  • Top ways to save big on home insurance
    You want the right insurance, at the right price, if you want to make sure that your home is insured for the right value. How can you save big on your home insurance?
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  • Personal factors that affect your home insurance
    Your insurance agent will want to know all the details about what they’re insuring. More than that, though, expect your insurance agent to ask questions about personal factors that will play a role in your final insurance rate.
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  • 6 simple steps to a successful summer move
    If you’re heading for a new home this summer, these six simple steps can guarantee you’ll have a successful summer move.
  • First person: 5 pitfalls of DIY moving
    With DIY all the rage, it seemed only fitting that my husband and I assumed we could handle our move without any help from the professionals. How wrong we were.
  • I’m Finally Selling My Maternity Clothes (and You Should, Too!)
    My first pregnancy announcement was met with plenty of well wishes-many in the form of maternity clothes hand-me-downs! I've done the same thing, sharing my maternity clothes with friends & family. It's finally time to say good-bye.
  • Parenting Guru: No, we’re not there yet (not even close)
    Last year my family of five did the unthinkable--we drove from Maryland to Florida and lived to tell the tale. Just how did we do it?
  • The Knitting Kninja: Designer Kristen Hanley Cardozo Knits On
    The Knitting Kninja sounds off about her future as a designer, the design and knitting community, and her favorite knits (today, anyway!).
  • The truth about play dates
    I've invited your child over for a play date. You may be surprised to find out my real motivations. What's the big secret about play dates?
  • 6 surprising places to store winter clothes during the summer months
    With drawers overflowing and closets stuffed to the brim, I started to look for storage options for winter clothes during the summer months. When the attic, basement, or crawl space isn’t an option, where should you put those extra clothes?
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  • Tips for properly organizing a linen closet
    A properly organized linen cabinet is one of the quickest ways for guests to spot a well-organized home. Are you able to open the door to a linen cabinet and put your hands on what you need immediately?
  • What Should You Expect From Your First Postpartum Period?
    Just how “back to normal” is your post-baby body? When will your first postpartum period arrive, and what should you expect when it does?
  • Parent's Guide to Cruising with Kids
    Cruising with kids can be one of the most stress-free travel experiences you’ll ever have, thanks to cruise ship options that are aimed at making the experience enjoyable for families of all shapes and sizes. What should you know about cruising with kids?
  • The Caribbean's Best Beaches
    From sun and surf to adventure and a touch of history, many Caribbean beaches have it all. If you long to spend a summer day (or two) relaxing on one of the Caribbean’s best beaches, you can take your pick between these four phenomenal options.
  • Practical tips for handling professional movers and packers during your next move
    Handling professional movers and packers can be a job of its own. How can you guarantee that your moving experience goes off without a hitch?
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  • Keep Your Family Healthy This Summer
    These ten tips will keep your entire family healthy and happy from Memorial Day through Labor Day. After all, who wants to spend the summer sick or injured?
  • Best London Attractions for Families with Small Children
    If you don’t build time into your agenda for activities that young children will enjoy, your entire trip might spell disaster. Intersperse these family-friendly activities into your London itinerary, and everyone will enjoy your trip to the U.K.
  • The Knitting Kninja: Kristen Hanley Cardozo Talks Art & Design
    Whether you know her as "The Knitting Kninja," follow her popular blog which combines knitting, art, and feminism, or have knit the popular Clothilde, if you're part of the crafting world, you probably know Kristen Hanley Cardozo.
  • 10 Things to Love About Cruising
    No matter who you are, what you want, or where you’re headed, there’s a cruise that’s right for you. What’s so great about cruising with Royal Caribbean?
  • 7 Fun Summer Activities Parents Can Make Educational, Too!
    Since September will be here before we know it, I have a responsibility to spend some time teaching my children, as well as playing with them. Turn these 6 fun summer activities into educational experiences that everyone in the family can enjoy.
  • 5 tips for moving with young kids in tow
    I consider myself a master of all things moving with infants and toddlers. My experience isn’t just specific to overseas relocation—what I learned about moving with wee ones is as relevant to families moving down the street as those moving cross-country.
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  • Parenting Guru: I love summer vacation with my kids (really, I do!)
    Maybe it’s the weather, the pool, or the fact that it seems perfectly acceptable to sit on the front porch with a beer while the kids run through the sprinklers at 4 PM on a weekday. Whatever the reason, I do (really) love summer vacation with my kids.
  • Beach Party Ideas for Memorial Day Weekend
    When just any old barbeque won't do, consider spoiling your party guests with one of these three Memorial Day beach party options!
  • Top 10 Summer Vacation Destinations for Families
    Your calendar for the next 10-12 weeks is already starting to fill up with play dates, pool parties, and summer camps for the kids. No matter what else you do, you always make time a family vacation. Where should you head this summer?
  • Must-Do Photo Ops in Europe
    If you’re touring Europe with the love of your life or your entire family, the photos you take and the memories you make will be joyous reminders of your travels. Which photo ops in Europe should you be sure not to miss?
  • What’s to Blame for Painful Intercourse?
    Painful intercourse doesn’t have to be a part of your life. If it is regular or severe, seeking the attention of a medical provider and determining the cause can help eliminate pain during sex from your life.
  • Easy Tips for Drinking More Water Daily
    Busy women running around all day are often caught off guard by how dehydrated they really are. Are you drinking enough water on a daily basis? Start today!
  • Parenting Guru: She'll be your best friend one day
    We hated each other, yet everyone insisted that we'd grow up to be best friends. I laughed at the thought. But were they right?
  • Tips When Traveling From Manchester Airport
    When you’re departing from Manchester, knowing how to navigate the airport and surrounding area can save you time and money.
  • 6 Mistakes to Avoid in Mother/Daughter Book Clubs
    The benefits of mother/daughter knitting groups are undeniable. But before you plan your first meeting, make sure you don't fall victim to these 6 common pitfalls of mother/daughter book clubs.
  • Best Live Shows on Cruise Ships
    While it can be hard to nail down a specific schedule of performers and performances before you depart, many cruise lines boast spectacular live shows on a regular basis. Which show, and which cruise line, is right for you?
  • Being a Role Model for Your Child Athlete
    The most important role model for a child athlete is mom or dad. That modeling begins long before they set foot on a field.
  • Easy Guide to Spring Cleaning Your Kids' Play Room
    Spring provides just the opportunity I’m looking for to get the whole house in order. The playroom, the room where I most often just shut the door and pretend the mess doesn’t exist, is usually the room that needs the most TLC.
  • Indoor Gardening with Your Kids
    Don’t let a tiny (or non-existent) backyard keep you and the kids from putting together a family garden this year. You can manage to grow your own spices, flowers, and even a fruit, veggie or two without a lot of outdoor space.
  • Don't Cry Over Spilled Milk--Literally!
    I’ve learned to roll with the punches—kids make messes! Thankfully, not every drop of spilled milk needs to turn the night sour.
  • 10 Ideas for Family Time with Busy Schedules
    Your family is busy—think outside the box to create small little niches of family time whenever and wherever you can!
  • 15 Signs I Spend Too Much Time with My Kids
    It's become increasingly obvious that I'm spending too much time with my children (as much as I love them). What are the tell-tale signs?
  • How to Keep Your Summer Whites White
    Don’t let the stain devastation happen to you. These tips can help you keep your summer whites white this year.
  • Simple Ways to Sneak in More Sleep
    Since cutting out sleep completely isn't an option, I've got to figure out ways to sneak in a few more minutes here and there. Just where can we get it, if it isn't in bed at night?
  • 25 things dads should do during baby's first year
    Most of the information about babies is geared towards mothers, since most of the parenting responsibility for a newborn and infant does fall to mom. Well get ready dads. Here’s a list of things every dad should do during baby's first year.
  • Toddlers and smartphones: Smart move or lazy parenting?
    My two-year-old daughter has gotten so adept at using my iPhone that she’s managed to do things I don’t even know how to do yet. Am I preparing her for the new way of the world, or am I simply getting lazy?
  • 25 things every dad should do with his daughters
    My husband is an incredible man. So is my father. So it’s simple for me to put together this list of 25 things every dad should do with their daughter. Can you make time for one of these items with your daddy’s girl today?
  • Is Cell Phone Use Dangerous During Pregnancy?
    If you’re considering becoming pregnant, or are pregnant now, you may be curious about the risks, if any, to your unborn baby from your cell phone usage.
  • Food: Unique Food Markets Across the UK
    Whether you’re shopping to stock the fridge, looking for something unique, or simply hoping to get a feel for the local flavor (literally), farmer’s and food markets are where it’s at. Where should you head on Market Day? The options are endless.
  • Kid-Friendly Activities in England
    Do you and the kids need a break from non-stop sightseeing while you're touring England? Make time for some of these kid-friendly activities and everyone will be happy!
  • Parenting Guru: Win, lose, or quit?
    I was ready for my daughters to hit the field and enjoy their first team sport. Unfortunately, they didn't feel the same way. If I let them quit, what kind of a message is mom sending?
  • Healthy Breakfast Ideas for the Whole Family
    You don’t have to spend hours over a hot stove in order to put together a healthy breakfast your whole family will love. These quick and healthy breakfast ideas can please your entire family this week.
  • Overpriced Paris: 6 Things to Avoid
    Paris may be one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, but it can also be the most overpriced. Skip these 6 staples of overpriced Paris; your budget will thank you later.
  • Knitters Sound Off About the Funny Things Non-Knitters Say
    My knitting has caused a few stares and even some chuckles over the years. No more so than some of the comments I, and my friends, have received from non-knitters!
  • 18 Reasons I Love Sick Days with My Kids
    Sick days aren't all bad. Here are 18 reasons I love sick days with my children.
  • Scotland's 2012 Culture Scene
    If you're heading to Scotland, you won't want to miss some of these cultural events that help make the region unique.
  • Fashion Necessities for Travel to London
    Don’t be intimidated by packing for a trip to London, but do take your time and pack for both the weather and the fashion-scene.
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