Patricia Campion

Patricia Campion

As an avid political junkie, Patricia Campion was the first contributor in Yahoo! history to be honored simultaneously with a Rising Star Award and the prestigious Yahoo Contributor Award for content in the category of politics.

In January 2011, she won an award for Content of the Year.

Her articles have been featured by other news websites such as The New York Times, The Dallas Times, Huffington Post, The Wall Street Journal and Drudge Report. Patricia also covers politics for and has written for The Tampa Tribune.

As a Detroit area transplant, Patricia now lives in Florida. While in the Motor City, she owned a retail business where she served as President of the Merchant s Association, Events Chair for the Downtown Development Authority and Vice President of the Chamber of Commerce. Before leaving the area, the mayor of Berkley passed an official Resolution in recognition of her contributions to the city.

In 2010 she was nominated and awarded the honor of Everyday Hero by Bay News 9 in Florida for her contributions to her community in Hernando County.

Patricia is also the co-owner of the financial consulting firm, Smart Money Consulting, LLC. Smart Money is a minority investor in HTwoO, LLC (the operating manager for Tomah Water, LLC), a Native American owned entity dedicated to producing premium, bottled spring water and creating jobs for the benefit of the Passamaquoddy Tribe in Indian Township, Maine.
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