Laura Cipriano

Laura Cipriano

Laura Cipriano is a high school librarian and instructional coach at Riverside Beaver County High School in Ellwood City, PA. She is a former English teacher, has served as a Classrooms for the Future and instructional coach, and is certified as a K-12 Principal. She is currently studying Curriculum and Instruction in a doctoral program the University of Pittsburgh. Ms. Cipriano has previously presented at state conferences on librarianship, interdisciplinary collaboration and the impact of coaching in the elective areas, as well as on other various instructional coaching topics.
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  • This Modern Love is Enough:
    Matt Nathanson's 2011 album release, Modern Love, is an experience in contrasts and a labor of love.
  • Wistful Thinking
    This pithy poem addresses cherished memories and past nature through the theme of transience.
  • Naive Ambition
    This poem is a comment, in hindsight, on the lofty ideas toward which we sometimes work. In the end, we look back and realize we lacked experience, talent, or preparation.
  • No Rotten Apples!
    While there is no ONE way to be a successful teacher, there are some strategies EVERY teacher employs. These five student-centered guidelines offer practical advice and anecdotes for making the best of a challenging, yet rewarding and fulfilling profession.
  • Outside the Lines
    About appearance and reality, this poem's imagery hints at hidden agendas and secret ties.
  • You Are What You Write
    A teacher's conceptions about student writing and the teaching of the writing process are challenged time and time again by her teenaged students' creations, which inspire her to become a better writer and a better teacher.

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