Alyssa Murray

Alyssa Murray

I started reading and writing at a young age, which nurtured my love of words and writing. I have been writing about philosophical, psychological and animal related issues for over 15 years, but have only recently started trying to reach a wider audience by getting published. I love working with words, I love the research each job leads me to, and I especially love sharing knowledge and information. Sharing our knowledge is how we learn and grow as a species, and it is my mission to share knowledge in a way that promotes truth, understanding and broader perception. I consider this my responsibility as a writer, as my readers depend on me to give them truth, understanding, and a broader perception.

I have years of college study in writing, psychology, philosophy and religion, and while the formal education has been immensely informative, I have found my greatest insights and understanding through application of this knowledge in my own personal study and experience. I have always been drawn to philosophy, psychology and spirituality/religion because to me, they represent the mind, body, spirit aspects of the human experience as a whole: Mind= Philosophy, literally means love of wisdom , Body= Psychology is the study of mind and behavior (generally starting with behavior), and Spirituality/Religion nurtures the needs of our infinite selves . In all of our differences, we are in this together.. this world, this life.. every person is a unique entity, and we can learn alot from each other by honoring our differences.

Currently, I am writing a series of articles on the animal rescue movement, backed up by a lifetime of owning, training, and most recently, fostering and rehabilitating abandoned dogs and cats.
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  • How to Be a Good Line Cook
    Being a line cook isn't easy. If you are considering cooking in a restaurant, these tips will help you put your best foot forward and set yourself up for success.
  • Breaking Up is Hard to Do
    Breaking up is hard, but sometimes it's for the best. For many, the hardest part is staying committed to the breakup. You CAN do it, and these tips may help.
  • Cell Phone Disasters
    If you have a cell phone, you may relate with some of these cell phone disasters and the advice that follows. Learn to protect your cell phone from disaster and find tips on restoring a water-logged cell phone.
  • Moments in Nature- Part 3: Shades of Green
    Shades of Green is Part 3 of an ongoing series of photos entitled Moments in Nature.
  • NASA Reports: 'Behemoth' Sunspot Continues to Turn Toward Earth
    Sunspot AR 1302 is producing M and X-Class flares which could disrupt satellites and communications as the sun turns the storm towards earth.
  • Full Scale Terrorist Response Simulation in Denver, CO on 9/23/11
    Denver, Colorado will set the stage for a government full-scale emergency exercise funded by a FEMA Homeland Security grant on Friday, September 23, 2011.
  • Moments in Nature- Part 2: Seeing Things
    Seeing Things is Part 2 of an ongoing series of photos entitled Moments in Nature.
  • Moments in Nature- Part 1: Clouds at Random
    Clouds at Random is Part 1 of an ongoing series of photos entitled Moments in Nature.
  • Constitution Day
    Constitution Day may just be the most important holiday to us as Americans. September 17, 2011 marks the anniversary of the birth of the United States Constitution in 1787 and serves as an important reminder to us all.
  • Practice Patience
    This haiku expesses a good reason to practice patience.
  • The Fire Leprechaun
    This photo, taken by Alyssa Murray in 2008, depicts a strange image resembling a fire leprechaun. Photo surfaced amidst a series of normal fire pictures..
  • You Are Me, I Am You
    A poem about a chance meeting, a simple misunderstanding, and a profound learning experience.
  • Replenish Yourself
    A gonzo haiku about replenishing yourself through taking time for solitude.
  • The Fluctuation
    The fluctuation of life, hell, and bliss as illustrated through a gonzo haiku.
  • Canine Companion
    A gonzo haiku about the essence of a canine companion
  • Time Always Tells
    A Gonzo haiku about being true to yourself. Sometimes, the more you try to be true to yourself, the more the world seems to be against you.. In the face of all resistance, when we must be true, we must be true.. we cannot let resistance stop us.
  • Hidden Treasure
    The beauty of the dawn and dusk, and the treasure of each moment illustrated through haiku
  • The Forest Whispers
    A moment in the forest illustrated through haiku
  • Help Save the Pets: Become a Temporary Pet Foster
    Save the Pets is seeking temporary pet fosters to help alleviate the shortage of pet housing due to overwhelming numbers of pets who currently need homes in Lane County. Temporary pet fosters are crucial to meeting the goals of Save the Pets..
  • 4th of July 2011 Fireworks Displays in Eugene, Oregon
    There are many options for cool fireworks displays in Eugene, Oregon on 4th of July. This year, 2011, provides quite a few shows to choose from in the area, and it seems there is something for everyone.
  • Three campgrounds you must visit in Oregon
    If you are considering camping in Oregon, you may be overwhelmed by your many choices. Oregon hosts many spectacular parks and campgrounds, and these are no exception..
  • Willamette Animal Guild (WAG)
    Willamette Animal Guild is a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Organization dedicated to providing low cost spay/neuter services in Eugene, Oregon. Find out how to save money by spay/neutering at WAG. Want to help? Read on..
  • A Community Responsibility: Spaying and Neutering Pets
    Pet overpopulation is a community created problem, requiring the cooperation of the entire community to resolve. We can help minimize suffering in the world by adopting pets responsibly.. and by spaying and neutering our pets.
  • Overcoming Neglect and Abuse in Rescued Pets
    Some tips for those who are adopting a previously abused or neglected dog. From our first encounter with a pet, we set the stage for their rehabilitation. These guidelines are the result of my many successful experiences rehabilitating rescued pets.
  • The Plight of Disposable Pets
    Baby animals are adorable, and it seems natural for humans to fall in love with their cuteness and want to take them home and love them. Unfortunately, with so much quick access to anything we want to buy, there is an epidemic of disposable pets.
  • Perpetuating Coexistence
    Perpetuate: 1. to make perpetual. 2. to preserve from extinction or oblivion. Coexistence: 1. a policy of living peacefully with other nations, religions, etc., despite fundamental disagreements. This is a poem about Coexistence, in Sestina form..
  • Of Mice and Zombies
    On Tuesday, I stopped watching the news.. I was just so worn out from the endless stream of talk about the Apocalypse, Judgment Day and Super-viruses. I don't know why I chose that day, but my timing couldn't have been worse. It started with the mice..
  • Craigslist: Many Pets, Many People- How to Choose?
    Craigslist is a great resource and offers a wide variety of choices.. There are many good people with pets for adoption on Craigslist, but it is still a public forum so it is up to each person to do their research and adopt responsibly..
  • Being in the Moment
    What is the moment? Is it this hour? This minute? Maybe it is only a second.. Being in the moment involves, at the very least, 'not being in the past' and 'not being in the future'.. and realizing this is the first step to Being in the Moment..
  • Bible Verses.. A Gold Mine of Wisdom, Inspiration and Guidance
    The Bible is a wonderful source for inspiration and wisdom, no matter what your religion. I believe it is a wise person that hears wise words and sees the value in them. These verses are especially profound in their wisdom..
  • Lessons in Compassion for America
    In Western society, specifically America, we have sacrificed our very humanity for the "American Dream". We have lost our connectedness.. Some cultures have not lost their compassion or kinship, and we could benefit from their perspectives.
  • 5 Tricks to Help You Fall Asleep
    Sleep. You need it, you want it, but it won't come. It dances around you, teasing with it's promises of restfulness and a new day.. yet leaves nothing but exhaustion and frustration. These techniques may help..
  • A Mix of Many Things
    I am a mix of many things, I can't quite be defined Not the same, specifically, as anyone you'll find It's not that I am something special, in comparison to you, Because you also are a mix of things that make up you...
  • Be True to Yourself
    We hear it a lot, "Be true to yourself", but what does it really mean? How do you "be true to yourself"? If you are already true to yourself, bravo.. if you aren't being true to yourself, you CAN be..
  • Look & Find
    ..Look at your life, Look deep, Look with your eyes, Look at both sides.. ..Find yourself, Find a niche, Find peace, Find a way.. ..Be true to yourself, Be aware, Be fair, Be free, Be happy..
  • 6 Reasons to Adopt a Pet from a Rescue or Shelter in Oregon
    Some shudder at the thought of a rescue or shelter animal, but this is an outdated response. Due to the tireless efforts of the rescue community, there are now standards in place in shelters and rescue organizations that offer guarantees..
  • Defending My Life with a Road Flare
    This is a brief adventure in the story of my life.. it is the account of how I defended myself with only a road flare, against a group of thugs trying to rob me and my friends in Tucson, Arizona. We had originally hopped a train in from Montana...
  • The Painted Earth
    The earth is brilliant in it's display of life, beauty and color. This sonnet is an ode to the colorful magnificence of nature.
  • Contemplating the Meaning of Life
    "What is the meaning of life?" This is no simple question and there are no easy answers, but there are ways of considering that can help us proceed towards at least some sort of understanding..
  • Desiderata by Max Ehrmann
    "Go placidly amid the noise and the haste, and remember what peace there may be in silence..." Desiderata by Max Erhmann is not just a beautiful collection of thoughts, it holds secrets to being happy and positive...
  • Earth Day 2011 Celebrations in Eugene, Oregon
    A guide to Earth Day celebrations and festivals in Eugene, Oregon. Activities for adults and children alike, centering on environmental consciousness and sustainability.
  • The Earth Smiles Back
    Earth Day reminds us to take time out of our busy days to appreciate the natural beauty that surrounds us. Go somewhere in nature where you can breathe in the cool, crisp air, smell the damp moss, pick out the different shades of green.
  • Understanding the Meaning of Pet Rescue Rehoming Fees
    What is a rehoming fee? Are all rehoming fees the same? If you're looking to adopt a pet, you may be asking these questions. Rehoming fees are a necessary fact of life, but it is important to know that all re-homing fees are not the same.

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