Andrew Lubin

Andrew Lubin

Andrew Lubin's spent much of the past seven years embedded in Haiti, Afghanistan, and Iraq, or wherever one finds our Marines and soldiers. From Ramadi, Fallujah, Garmsir, or north of the Khyber Pass, he's out in the field with our 0311's and 0811's. Wherever America has Marines and soldiers in the field, you'll find Andrew covering the stories of our "boots on the ground" who are taking the fight to the enemy and helping the women and children in their struggle for a better life.

An author and independent foreign correspondent, Andrew writes on current events and international relations. His work appears regularly in such professional magazines as "Leatherneck", "The Gazette," "Jane's Intelligence Review", and USA TODAY Magazine, and recently served as the military consultant to Stephens Media Group for their "Valor Series."

A member of the Marine Corps Combat Camera Association, Andrew's embedded 12x spanning 17+ months with Marine, Army, and National Guard troops in Haiti, Afghanistan, Iraq, Guantanamo Bay, and Beirut since 2006.

His first book, "Charlie Battery; A Marine Artillery Battery in Iraq" won the 2007 Gold Medal for best Military Non-Fiction from the Military Writers Society of America, as well as Best Memoir from the University of Virginia's "Festival of Books." He was a co-author of both "American Valor" along with the popular "Uncle John" series of books for "Uncle John Salutes the Armed Forces", which was nominated in 2009 for "Best Anthology" by the Military Writers Society of America, and. His latest book, "Keep Moving or Die; Task Force Tarawa at An-Nasiriyah" is due out in 4th Q 2011 (Naval Institute Press)

He's appeared on ABC, CNN, FOX, and Patriot Media, as well as late-night radio's "Joey Reynolds Show," the Hugh Hewitt Radio Show, and Patriot Radio. In November
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