Kathryn Weber

Kathryn Weber

Kathryn Weber has over 18 years of feng shui study, practice and professional consultation. Her witty, no-nonsense style appeals to audiences, making her a popular speaker and radio show guest. She is often called on by media to explain feng shui in down-to-earth terms, and has been featured in Seventeen, Woman's Day, First for Women, Faces, Conceive, Martial Arts Professional, and Natural Health magazines, and on websites around the world.

She is a certified master practitioner, having studied with feng shui masters in Asia. Kathryn has also attended the prestigious International Feng Shui Convention in Singapore where she has met some of the brightest stars in the world of feng shui. Kathryn practices classical Chinese feng shui and her clients include homeowners, high-powered executives, manufacturing firms, real estate companies, and business owners.

In addition to her ezine, Kathryn offers phone and in-person feng shui consultations, seminars, and workshops. She is a frequent radio and teleseminar guest because of her lively and fun take on an esoteric study.

Kathryn's feng shui e-zine, the Red Lotus Letter, is one of the longest-running and most popular feng shui ezines on the Internet and has been published for over seven years and is registered with the Library of Congress. She's best known for bringing tips and easy to implement ideas to help her readers create wealth and prosperity.
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