I have a BA in English with a creative writing emphasis and a BA in History with a Latin American emphasis. In 2010, I graduated from my MA in English program, emphasis on Chicana Literature. My thesis is titled: "Multiple Consciousness and Chicana Falsa: Ripping Heads off Mexican-American Barbie Dolls."

I'm a critical thinker with a variety of tastes. I'm also an eclectic individual who tries anything at least once. When I finally find something I like, I usually don't stray from that path.

MY RATING SCALE: (+5 through -5) versus Amazon, Goodreads, Shelfari, Yelp, and Epinions (+5 scale)

+5 = +5
+4 = +4
+3 or +2 = +3
+1 or -1 = +2
-2 through -5 = +1


I review at a couple of different sites. Lunch is my place to review anything and everything under the sun, which ranges from television shows, music, books, and movies ( I review books at two additional sites: Goodreads ( and Shelfari ( Friends are welcome to add me as a buddy at either.

I recently joined Epinions and Yelp, and I will cross-post many of my reviews to both sites as applicable. My profile at epinions is My profile at Yelp is

My latest reviewing endeavor is to cross-list my reviews on Amazon. Please remember that it takes 48 hours for reviews to list on Amazon, so it will take time before I am able to post everything live. Here's my profile for friends who want to connect with me on Amazon:

I've joined Yahoo's Contributor Network site where I hope to post reviews and other publications in the near future:
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  • Dramatic Retelling of a Classic Fantasy Tale
    This review is about the American Published BBC Dramatization of "The Lord of the Rings" by J.R.R. Tolkien. I give additional information about the quality of the CDs that I listened to.
  • A Second-rate Romance, Nothing Personal
    This is a tepid romance with a boring and rather annoying female protagonist. Weak presentation, writing, and storytelling, especially when compared to other romance giants that I've read.
  • Illustrations Bring Stone to Life
    Overall, it was an "ok" story with the soft pencil illustrations stealing the show. The illustrations brought Stone Fox to life. The ending will shock and upset some children.
  • Enchanting Illustrations, Lackluster Story
    A Review of "The Dragon and the Unicorn" by Lynne Cherry: The illustrations make this story. Children will enjoy getting lost in nature through the beautiful pictures. They might be bored by the blatant propaganda.
  • Reads like Poetry
    A review of "The God of Small Things" by Arundhati Roy: The language is complex, and the novel reads like poetry. Recommend multiple readings and group discussions with others.
  • A Mystery Wrapped with a Pretty Bow
    This review is about "You Belong to Me" by Mary Higgins Clark. I have reviewed the abridged audio CD and found the story predictable.

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