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Doug has been researching and writing nonfiction works for more than 20 years. His books have been distributed worldwide and his articles have been featured in numerous websites, newspapers and regional publications. His diverse background includes aviation, meteorology, computer science, emergency services, the ministry and the military. Doug manages several blogs and, along with his wife, is the owner/operator of a billiard league. He's been married to the love of his life for nearly two decades and together they have four beautiful children, two troublesome dogs and an occasional stray cat.
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  • Christian Discipleship 101: Running Your Spiritual Race to Win!
    Did you know that, if you are a believer in Christ, you are in a race? Discover why the goal of every Christian should be to run their spiritual race to win '" to be disciples worthy of obtaining the prize!
  • What Are the Different Views Regarding the Inspiration of the Bible?
    The Bible is the most unique literary work in all of human history, containing the divine revelation of God. Discover the different views that have been advanced regarding the inspiration of the Bible and the divine truth contained within it.
  • 5 Keys to Improving Your Spiritual Health
    Everywhere we look today, we are bombarded with messages warning us of the importance of heart-healthy choices. What about the health of our spiritual heart? Discover 5 keys to improving your spiritual health.
  • 3 Keys to Help You Survive and Thrive Through the Storms of Life
    Are you in the midst of a terrible storm in your life? Not sure if you are going to make it through in one piece? Discover 3 biblical keys to help you survive and thrive through the storms of life.
  • 5 Biblical Keys for Achieving Spiritual Success as a Christian
    In today's tumultuous world, many Christians find themselves struggling to effectively apply their faith to their life. However, it does not have to be that way. Discover the five biblical keys for achieving spiritual successful as a Christian!
  • The 10 Costliest Hurricanes to Strike the US
    Hurricanes are among the costliest of all natural disasters, combining destructive winds, storm surge, rainfall and tornadoes. Discover which hurricanes rank among the 10 costliest hurricanes to strike the US.
  • The 10 Primary Types of US Navy Ships
    The U.S. Navy fleet consists of a wide variety of ship types, each with a specific function. Navy vessels are grouped by a classification system consisting of four basic levels. Discover the ten primary types of U.S. Navy ships in current operation.
  • Are There Any Clouds in the Stratosphere?
    Cloud formation and development within the stratosphere is a rare event. Discover why this meteorological fact holds true and learn what types of clouds are up to the stratospheric challenge.
  • The Seven Strongest Hurricanes by Wind Speed
    Tropical cyclones are one of nature's most powerful forces. Combining high winds, torrential rains and powerful storm surges, these tempests leave a path of death and destruction. Discover which hurricanes produced the most intense winds.
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